An Expectant Jenna Elfman: "I Like Stuffing Food Down My Face"


(In the above pic Jenna and her husband were snapped at the Los Angeles Philharmonic opening night gala last month)

Jenna Elfman, who is pregnant with her second child, has been doing a good job of balancing food cravings and exercise.

“You know, the main cravings are done with,” Jenna, 37, told People magazine at the P.S. Arts “Express Yourself” charity event in Santa Monica, Calif., on Sunday. “Now it’s just eating in general. I like stuffing food down my face.”

Despite her indulgences, she has managed to stay in shape.

“I try to just get on the treadmill three times a week and lift some free weights,” said Jenna, who’s due in March with another boy.

Jenna’s pregnancy is going well, but her son, Story Elias, is eager for it to be over – and to have a new playmate.

“He’s wonderful. He gives the baby hugs and kisses and he says ‘Out!’ like he wants the baby to come,” she said.

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