Sarah Palin: Bristol's Pregnancy "Devastated" Me


In an upcoming interview with Barbara Walters, former GOP vice-presidential contender Sarah Palin says that she did not know her daughter, Bristol, was sexually active with Levi Johnston.

So when Bristol, then 17, told her mom she was pregnant, “I was shocked,” Sarah, 45, told Barbara Walters in the five-part series of interviews to begin airing on ABC’s Good Morning America Tuesday. 

“Truthfully,” Sarah added, “we were devastated.”

Bristol, now 18, gave birth to son Tripp in December. She and Levi Johnston, 19, split shortly after.

Levi, who posed in Playgirl this past week, said he plans to file for joint custody of Tripp because the Palin family won’t let him see the baby.

In her Oprah Winfrey Show interview airing Monday, Sarah said Levi is still “part of the family” and is even welcome over for Thanksgiving.

But during Levi’s Playgirl shoot, “He said ‘ … she was full of it,'” Daniel Nardicio, Playgirl’s marketing director, told Us magazine.




  1. frd says

    Dee i think The granny is talking of the general break down of family communication when she says they never ate dinner togther. This family is lucky in that it does have money and love to offer this new baby but so often these babies born to young teens are brought up in poverty.

  2. Dee says

    Some things my clients have said about WHY they got pregnant: “My parents had given up on me”, “My Mom cared more about her boyfriend (or her job) than me”, “No one cared enough to set curfew or ask where I was going or who I would be with”, “We never ate dinner together”.

    “I got pregnant because I didn’t have dinner with my parents!’ Give me a break.

  3. Niloofar says

    California Grammy – However, I agree with most of your statements but I think not ALL teen pregnancy happens “in context”, it happens cuz some of teens are so stupid and don’t know they should’ve used birth control…And again not ALL of teens have sex because of JUST those reasons, I’ve got wonderful parents who do care about me and I’ve had sex for several times too!

  4. Katie says

    I was having sex when I was 18, but my parents weren’t stupid fundies and they taught me about condoms, birth control, etc. I didn’t end up pregnant because I knew what to do!

  5. What the... says

    You can’t follow or be with your kid 24/7 and things do happen. I don’t condone it but things happen. But they still seem like a devoted, loving family.

  6. California Grammy says

    Interesting discussion! I raised children and have teen grandchildren and surely know parents can’t be with their teens every minute! I have also been a parenting coach for more than 20 years and have worked with many, many, many people who were teen parents. As to it just “happening” – I’m not sure any more. Some things my clients have said about WHY they got pregnant: “My parents had given up on me”, “My Mom cared more about her boyfriend (or her job) than me”, “No one cared enough to set curfew or ask where I was going or who I would be with”, “We never ate dinner together”. So, does teen pregnancy “just happen” or does it happen in context? Of course you can be the most hands-on and caring and wise parent and your rebellious teen may still look for love or acceptance elsewhere. I return to my question about the Palins – were the careers, the racing, the hunting and fishing more time consuming and interesting than the (perhaps) lonely daughter?

  7. Niloofar says

    Come on, teen pregnancy is common these days as #8 pointed out…but certainly, protection should have been used.

  8. adysmom says

    though im not a big fan of sarah palin…i have to agree with most people on here. you cant be with your kids 24/7…getting pregnant in high school is nothing new…and bristol seems like a good mom .as for the baby’s daddy levi. he is a scumbag who’s 15 minutes of fame needs to go away.

  9. Granny says

    I thought I was a part of my children’s anatomy when they were growing up and that they were protected from doing anything i didn’t know about. But every so often one of them spills the beans on what went on that I didn’t know about. If there is a will a kid will often find away.

    Oh yeah. Took my kid to see colleges, and each one of the three picked one not in the mix.

  10. MVA says

    After reading the first two comments.. what ignorance!! None of us know her personally, so we can’t judge her.

    California Grammy– Unfortunately teen pregnancy is somewhat common these days….

    They seem like a great family.

  11. Analyse says

    What a surprise, negativity and harmful wishes towards the Palin family. Funny how someone who isn’t a threat to the left is still being attacked, including her children. Demo Underground send you all or Huffington? You would be demanding legal action if your own words were said against the big O and his “ilk”.

  12. jmee says

    I have a “special child” and as a mother was wondering where the baby is in the family picture?????? And i don’t mean bristols new baby……

  13. Dee says

    California Grammy, get a grip. You can’t be with your teenager every second. This stuff happens in real life.

  14. Dee says

    I love her, and people shouldn’t judge. I could have easily ended up pregnant at that age, and my parents had no idea I was ‘active’ in that way. People in glass houses shouldn’t throw atones!

  15. amber says

    Not like I am a fan of Sarah Palin…she is a twit as far as I am concerned…but, there are plenty of parents that don’t know that there teens are having sex. That is what happens when you don’t have those conversations with your child from a young age and when you have the unrealistic expectation of abstinence. I answer any question my 13yo son asks me…and when it comes to sex, I tell him that in no way I support him having sex but I don’t want to be naive and think that there is no way that it will happen, so I educate him about safe sex. Parents need to take off the blinders and realize that this is what is out there in the real world and that they are going to be curious no matter what “they” want for their children.

  16. California Grammy says

    What were Sarah and Todd sooo busy doing that they weren’t paying attention to Bristol’s life? Where did they think she was? AND, junior year of high school — aren’t most parents helping kids prepare for the SAT’s and taking them around to visit colleges. Surely Sarah and Todd could have given Bristol a tour of the five colleges Sarah attended or maybe some nice choices like Stanford or Brown or Smith! That would have been a way of showing Bristol that they had loving expectations for her and were willing to help her toward a challenging future.

  17. chloe4ever says

    I don’t usually wish bad things to happen to people; like say a bear eating them, but I will make an expection for this ilk.

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