Is Angelina Heading To Syria To Complete Her Rainbow Family?


(In the above pic Angelina was snapped out with Zahara and Shiloh in October)

Rumor has it that Angelina is set to adopt another child to add to her growing brood. Reportedly, she is looking at adopting a baby from Syria to complete her rainbow family.

However according to OK! magazine Angelina, 34, is doing so alone without partner Brad Pitt ,45. Brad is apparently not keen on adding another child to their family.

OK! magazine said that Angelina is intending to head to the Middle East to rescue a girl after three previous adoptions from Africa and Asia.

A source said: ‘[Brad] has made it clear that six children are more than he can handle.

‘The idea of one more seemed ludicrous, but Angie is determined to complete her rainbow family.’

And it appears when Angelina sets her mind to something, no one can stop her. Angelina adopted son Maddox, now eight, from Cambodia while still married to actor Billy Bob Thornton, but received sole custody following their divorce. She has two other adopted children, Zahara, four, and Pax, who turns five later this month.
And she has three biological children with Pitt, Shiloh, three, and 16-month-old twins Knox and Vivienne.

A spokesman for the Immigration and Naturalization Service in DC said that ‘only [Angelina’s] name [was] on the [adoption] papers’.

Meanwhile, Angelina’s father Jon Voight, 70, has confirmed that he has reconciled with his daughter. Jon admitted that he and Angelina have got back in touch after they fell out in 2001.

It is also being reported in the new book ‘Brangelina: The Untold Story of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’ that “they’ve broken up so many times it would make your head spin.”

The book also claims Angelina “has a temper like a cobra.” The book even alleges that she confessed to hiring a hit man to kill her in 1998 because she was so distraught.

Us magazine reported that Angelina still has her battles with Brad, 45 – especially when it comes to their six children.

“They fight all the time about the kids – where to put toys, saying the wrong thing to a nanny, not cleaning up,” one source told Us magazine. “Like cats and dogs.”

Uh oh! 

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  1. Bella says


  2. oriana says

    Congrats on the new coming baby! It is such a blessing indeed. I am so happy to hear the kids are doing fine. I will pray for Lia that she and her family are OK. I always liked her so much. You have a nice evening and take care of yourself honey!

  3. Tia says

    Oriana my dear! I know what you meant and no, I have not heard from Lia. It worries me actually, she dosnt even write on her blog anymore. Im sorry you were sick! I hope you feel better soon! Believe it or not, we have not had one lick of snow yet!!! It’s been actually quite nice here! It’s been about 14 about 54 degrees for you guys. Usually around this time of year its about 2 degrees.

    The kids are getting so so big. Luca just turned a year! Can you believe it? He’s so, so cute and is quite the little man now. Alyssa will be 4 in February and then will be starting school next September..where does the time go? We also just found out we’re expecting again!!!!! We were so, so excited. Baby #3! Im about 9 weeks along 🙂

    Talk to you soon!!

  4. oriana says

    I meant do you ever hear from Lia and wrote Tia instead, getting senile! I hope she is doing OK. I know she has her hands full with small children at home as close in age as hers are. If you are in contact with her please tell her I asked about her. I do hear from Deeds, Granny and 5littleones mommy, Abbe from time to time, haven’t heard from Nicki in a while but we keep in touch. It’s not like the old days on here, and I miss them.

  5. oriana says

    Tia my Dear, it has been too long! I had a bout with Strep Throat, I feel so sorry for small children that get it, very painful and I know they don’t understand. Still hanging on in San Jose. I guess the snow has hit up there by now, guess your hubby is having fun with his Snow Plow! Do you ever hear from Tia? I have thought about all of you so often. I imagine the kids are really getting tall now. Hope you have a wonderful holiday season. I did read where Celine isn’t pregnant, I think of you when I read about her, I do like her and hope she conceives very soon. So happy to hear from you sweetheart, always a favorite of mine! You know, I was thinking about Xena the other day, I miss her too.

  6. oriana says

    I’ve always thought Angie was a weirdo nutcase and I haven’t changed my opinion at all. I think she has deep rooted emotional problems and needs mental help.

    Shiloh is cute as can be, all the kids are, Zahara looked like an Alien baby to me when she was little but she has really gotten pretty the older she gets.

    I think they will stay together, never marry, and Angie will eventually cheat on Brad, if not already. He is so dumb and whipped by her he will stick around for the kids sakes. I think he is still head over heels in love with her and thinks he has the grand prize.

  7. Kati says

    carol – I naturally don´t know the JPs personally. Just stating my opinion. I hate all those outrageous lies that have been – and unfortunaterly will always be – published about this beautiful family. Shiloh is a very beautiful little girl. I don´t see anythiong wrong with her wearing Mad´s old hand-me-downs. She looks cute no matter what she wears. There is no law which says how a girl should dress. I had many girlfriends who used to dress like a boy and now they are very feminine. So let Shiloh wear whatever she wants!

  8. Christina says

    Papers always report that they are adopting from somewhere… not to mention, whenever there is little interesting gossip about other people; they go for the sure thing, Brad and Ang and Jen to sale mags. Lastly, I’m in Hollywood (36 years) and if you only knew how many actors/actress are bisexual, have weirder devices than cutting, etc. Ang is a cake walk! She has stated it herself, she shared her problems in hopes that it might help younger women feel that they are not alone. People, get out of your bubble. Thousands of men and women have far worse personal habits, outlets, cooping mechanisms, etc. We only hope that everyone grows up and learns from their mistakes. It’s been over 8 years since she’s acted out of the “norm” – get over it already.

  9. Tia says

    I don’t believe this load of you-know-what story! How many times has Brad been in an interview saying that he wants more children, or they hope to adopt next. He’s never said ” six was enough” Come on now WM. This is like reading something from the tabloids!

  10. Lisa says

    I think Angelina and Brad are good parents… and they have wonderful kids. Shiloh is just beautiful, more beautiful than most “celeb” kids. And if she wants to wear her big brother’s hand me downs, so what? I can’t stand the fact that some celebs dress their kids in designer clothing. And who says how a “girl” should dress? Grrr. Don’t read the tabloids or those trashy magazines. They make money on lies.

  11. Traveler says

    I’ve looked into adoption from the Middle East and it’s virtually impossible. Any country with Sharia law does not allow adoptions. Period. So the likely hood that the Jolie-Pitts are adopting from Syria is about zero percent. Besides, they have stated in the past that they wanted to adopt another Asian child and another black child so that Maddox and Zahara will have family members that resemble them. They’ve already accomplished part of that by adopting Pax. I would look for them to adopt from an African country next (most likely from Ethiopia).

    Both she and Brad have stated that they’re open to adopting and having more children. So the statement about Brad not wanting anymore kids is ridiculous. We’ve heard from his own mouth that he wants more.

    As for the stuff in those books? I don’t believe any of it. I don’t believe any book written about any celebrity that isn’t endorsed by that celebrity. To many people are out to make a buck and know that “tell alls” on famous people will sell like hotcakes. Why should I believe any of it? They never give any proof that the accusations are true, so I don’t waste my time or money on them.

  12. Ketty says

    Our children teaches us to be a better person, we do things wrong, nobody is perfect, nobody, and don’t exist good person in the world, not even me or you!

  13. Ketty says

    I think Shilo is a gourgeous girl, as all the childre in the world, and who said that is her mom that choose her clothes, she was playing some character, fantasies like all children, and Angie just let her be, we cannot broken their imagination, if my daughter says the sun is blue, what can i do? the children are lovely and they care about them, the problems between angie and Brad is another thing. Tabloids and more tabloids, just for money!

  14. Sunny says

    Wow, this is just shocking–this couple who cheated to be together is falling apart and will be dragging all of their publicity stunt childrent through the mess. Poor kids.

  15. Okay then.... says

    So according to some of you people cannot change, if they made mistakes in the past, then they should be reminded and punished for them for all time, and Oh if they are different, or you don’t agree with them they are worthless? Have I missed anything? Wow could you people be any more judgemental? I suppose you are all perfect? and have perfect lives too! Cause you sure are acting like you are!

  16. says

    I am from Kuwait and I agree on the adoption issues! Niloofar is wrong.. There is actually VERY hard conditions for adopting a child in the MENA region, not free at all. The child, IF adopted (which is highly unlikely) cannot have his last name changed to his adopting family’s name! Its a big issue with the laws and restriction of Islamic Sharia! Adoption is permissible but much conditions that will make it hard for them to take the child abroad!

  17. bambamswife says

    The worse thing Brad Pitt could have done was to get involved with this lunatic. From her own mouth, she admits to cutting herself, being bisexual, and loving knives just to mention a few. WOW! what a lunie bin. jolie is a nut case by far.

  18. Niloofar says

    Obviously you guys don’t know anything about Arabs specially Iraqi people, so instead of jumping on me go and learn how not to be very judgmental!

    Daniella – Maybe it’s like what you said in Syria and Egypt, (both of them are Arab, so how could we expect more?) But I’m sure it’s not like that in countries like Turkey, Iran and Israel.

  19. carol says

    Kati, you seem to know this couple personally. I am glad you came forward, you are the voice of reason and truth. I don’t buy or read the tabloids you mentioned because they are doing exactly what you say, making money and that is the bottom line. So hope did Shilo loose her front tooth. She is to young for a visit from the tooth fairy? She is also to cute to dress like a little boy. WHY? Is this already a precursor to her becoming a MAN like Chaz. Not that there is any thing wrong with that.

  20. Kati says

    I don´t believe this adoption story at all. They certainly will adopt a new child into the family later but not right now. Knox and Viv are still very young and despite the fact that they´re starting to be self-sufficient in some things they still need their mum and dad for a long time. Brad certain ly wants to have more children but right now they – he and Angie – have their hands full with the twins. The older children also need their help and guidance although they manage many things by themselves already. And as far as that story in Us Weekly is cencerned they should get their facts straight first before publishing all these outrageous lies. Like any parents Brad and Angie sure have their disagreements about the upbringing of their children but that´s only normal. That doesn´t mean that they fight like cats and dogs. Both of those so-called revelation books are just a way to take money from stupid people. If I were Brad and Angie I would sue those authors – Ian Halperin and Andrew Morton. Hopefully they (Brad and Angie) have already hired good lawyers to prevent these books to be published. Personally I really don´t want to read either one of them. I really wish that this story about JOn Voight and Angie finally reconciliating is true. Her children deserve to now their other grandfather too. They love their papa Bill (Brad´s dad) a lot but they sure wonder where their other grandpa is.

  21. Daniella says

    Niloofar – I know this for a fact, due to me knowing two couples who attempted to adopt children from the Middle East, Syria and Egypt to be specific. Both couples were Muslims, however, the process of international adoption in the Middle East for foreign nationals, even though their extended families were from these countries, proved impossible. Maybe it’s different domestically, but from what these couples told me, it was made practically impossible for them to adopt from either country.

  22. Joanne says

    I don’t believe a word of this. First of all, Americans cannot adopt from Syria. Second, how many times have tabloids said Angie and Brad were breaking up? Doesn’t everyone realize by now that they are not fighting like cats and dogs, Brad is not going back to Jennifer, and they both enjoy their children!

    Gotta love those unnamed sources. I think that is tabloid speak for “we made the whole bloody thing up!”

  23. me says

    Angelina was in Syria recently visiting the refugees from Iraq, the homeless victims of this horrible war that Syria is helping give shelter to. So it would be an Iraqi child most likely, which will probably be allowed given our involvement – if story is true.

  24. morvicaud says

    I think she is a loving mother as her own mother was but there is no doubt that she is deranged. Money can buy everything but it can’t buy happiness and this woman will never be truly happy …

  25. Helen says

    This story may be rubbish, but they got it right when they said she was adopting from Vietnam, however, you have to realise that this is Syria, the adoption laws are much much stricter. She is a celebrity, is not religious, is not married, her life thus far has been scandalous, I don’t think any country in their right mind can give her a child apart from those that can be bought.

    The story about a hit man is old and you can watch an interview, I think it was with Ryan Seancrest where she told it. It was typical Angelina trying to get attention.

    This back clash has long been overdue, this woman thinks you can be a vampire on moment and a (fake) saint another and the world does not see through you. It was only a matter of time before people saw her for the mean, attention seeking Dracula that she is. Hopefully, she can split with that brain dead Pitt and the world can move on from the Brangelina circus machine.

  26. Granny says

    Highly doubt anything put out by this magazine. Not to mentioned the infamous unnamed “scources.”

  27. Daniella says

    I very highly doubt they’re adopting a child from Syria due to the fact that Syria does not allow for international adoptions. I do not even think they allow for domestic adoptions. Most Islamic countries do not as far as I know & I believe that it’s the religious courts of Syria who would oversee an adoption (if it ever happened). I’ve heard before that some Middle Eastern countries may allow foreign nationals to adopt Catholic children, but that’s only if the parents can prove their activeness in the Catholic Church. Any adoption from the Middle East would take religion into very high consideration. In this case, not even Brad & Angelina’s star power could help them here.

    All of these magazines should really get their facts straight, especially ones as simple as these, right before posting anything like this.

  28. Alison says

    She dresses poor Shiloh like a boy punk. I do think all the kids are precious but I agree with Brad. Enough is enough.

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