Celine Dion's Husband Confirms That She Is No Longer Pregnant


Celine Dion is no longer pregnant, her husband has confirmed.

Rene Angelil told Canadian newspaper Journal de Montreal that the latest in vitro fertilization treatment she underwent last month was unsuccessful.

“We’re living the reality of the majority of couples who face these procreation techniques,” he told the paper.

Celine, 41, who was due to give birth in May, confirmed this past August that she was expecting.

Celine and Rene have an 8-year-old son, Rene-Charles, who was conceived by in vitro fertilization after six years of trying. While trying to conceive her first child, she had her embryos frozen in liquid nitrogen.

When she finished her concert run in Las Vegas in 2007, she consulted Dr. Zev Rosenwaks in New York City about trying to conceive again.

Celine (who is the youngest of 14 children) has long talked about wanting to have more kids.

“We’d love to extend the family,” she said on CBS’ The Early Show last December.




  1. Analyse says

    Didn’t her husband have cancer during that period of 8 years or was the prior to their son’s birth? If it was during, that could be part of the reason to delay another child. Also, we have no idea if she had health issues that could have delayed it as well. Why the reason to judge their choice when it has zero impact on any of you criticizing?

  2. Teagan says

    It’s a bit odd really. After trying for six years for baby one, you’d think baby two would have been the priority while she was younger – not a stage show in Las Vegas. Her career can be picked up and put down (with her profile), but at 41 she’s pushing the limit for another child. Strange that they left it 8 years (unless of course they have been trying the whole time, in which case perhaps it is time to look at other options).

  3. says

    It is sad because they tried really hard to get pregnant the first time and they dream of having another baby.
    just because the treatment didnt work does not make it less sad it’s even more sad because they are trying so hard and it is upsetting when it doesnt work.
    so dont say thats its not sad because it is you will find out if you ever had to go through this or someone in your family has to.

  4. oriana says

    I would love to see her have another child, and I hope she does. She can always adopt but obviously that isn’t what she wants to do. I think her son is very cute. Good luck to her!

  5. Tam says

    #5 she was never even pregnant to begin with… the fertility treatment never pulled like she thought it did.. so why exactly is this sad? she can do fertility again..

  6. Niloofar says

    Why should we be so sad for them? I don’t think it’s a sad story, they already have one child, if they didn’t have any child then that was sad, and why become pregnant at this age? if they want more kids they can ADOPT.
    And this child’s hair does need to be cut, I think Celine secretly wanted a girl!

  7. says

    aww bless her i wish them all the best in the world and i hope someone is looking down on them at this time and bless them with a baby. xxxx

    Tam this is not a time to be picking on her son!


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