John Travolta Finally Admits That Son Had Autism


In his first interview since son Jett’s tragic death last January, Scientologist John Travolta says he and his family are relying on almost daily religious counseling sessions to help them cope.

Since Jett, 16, died following a seizure, “We’ve been working very hard every day as a family to heal,” John said during a round-table interview (per USA Today) with the cast of his latest film, Old Dogs (out November 25th), which also stars wife Kelly Preston and daughter, Ella, 9. “We have our own way of doing it, and it has been helping.”

John, 55, said he has been overwhelmed by all the support.

“You need your friends a lot in times like that,” he said.

Kelly, 47, added that the “outpouring of love from, really, worldwide has been extraordinary. It’s been our friends, our family, our church. We partake in spiritual counseling pretty much daily.”

Still, she said, “It’s a tricky thing. Sometimes, something that’s right for the moment is not right the next day. Being with people who are important to you, being with people that you love, I think that’s what has primarily helped us the most. Sometimes, being alone, too.”

Though the family has been in relative seclusion, John said he is speaking out now to draw attention to his daughter’s film debut in Old Dogs.

Said John, “We decided it was OK to come out and promote, to introduce her to the world and to give her a beautiful future in film.”

John and Kelly declined to comment on an extortion case involving a former Bahamian senator and a paramedic who are accused of demanding $25 million from the family with information about Jett’s death.

In his extortion trial testimony, John admitted for the first time that his son Jett had autism. He is believed to have kept his son’s condition a secret because of the way Scientologists view illness.

A mistrial was declared this past October. A retrial has been ordered.

So sad…




  1. Tanya says

    I feel so sorry for John, Kelly and Ella. I can`t think of anything worse happening to a parent than loosing your own child! Loosing your mother or father would be devastating, but loosing a child like that, I feel sad just thinking about the pain they`ve been going trough.
    As for Jett being autistic, I always knew he was an autistic child by looking at the photos of him, you could see that there was something special about him. He did not look like a normal sixteen year old kid. Something with his eyes not looking right at the camera, and the photo were he was holding both mom and dads hands while crossing a street. No normal teenage boy would do that. So its good that John finally admits to the world that his son was in fact autistic. Why deny what the whole world already knows? But I understand that they wanted to keep it private, even with speculations surronding them, because when his religion deny that autism exist, its hard to say that your son got it anyway, and still believe in your leader.

  2. Analyse says

    I don’t like either of these people, though I do on occasion watch his movies, and I detest their cult. However, I can’t help but feel for them having known too many people who have lost a child and losing one myself.

    Having said that, I believe there is a strong possibility they are responsible not only for Jett’s lack of a quality of life due to their denial while he was alive of his autism , but also his death.

    Can Tom, Katie and L. Ron’s ghost help them look at themselves in the mirror daily? And before anyone decides to attack me, I would think that if they were associated with another “religion” that denied a child proper health care.

    It’s a terrible, tragedy the whole situation and that poor boy suffered the most.

  3. oriana says

    I like John, I always have. Kelly, she has never been my cup of tea. I think if Jett was still alive, they would still be denying he was autistic. Too bad, but the wacky occult they belong too teaches against it. Autism is serious and should be addressed.

  4. Kassie says

    for example “admitting” sounds like they have done something bad…it would sound more positive if phrased “Jon Travolta recently announced his son was autism” …just as an example. Obviously his DEATH was not a positive thing, but having autism was not a Negative thing either.

  5. Kassie says

    btw, i have no problem with keeping it confidential for privacy and the fact that it was no one elses business, i just dont think we need to be ashamed of autism. i think the wording of the posts title, and the way the article referred to it as a “secret” just sounds bad and has negative connotations.

  6. Kassie says

    “finally admits that his son had autism?” I understand that scientologists have a certain outlook on illness, but autism is not something to hide or be ashamed of. It is a way of life for a growing number of individuals in todays society. Admitting it is actually a good thing, bc once you can admit it, you can address it.

  7. Niloofar says

    I do not think it was wrong to keep Jett’s autism a secret because of the lack of privacy and the fact is no one’s business.
    What I do mind is that the Travoltas treated the public like idiots. To deny that your child has autism in today’s world when there have been so many documentaries, books, movies, and internet information detailing the signs is ridiculous.
    Just say he had it…..No one thinks it is a shameful disease!

  8. frankie goes says

    What is the scientology view of illness? Sounds like it is pretty harsh if you have to hide it.

  9. nosoupforyou says

    Autistic symptoms are usually noticed at the age a child receives his vaccines….that does not imply a causal relationship.

    Jett could likely have been alive if his parents had treated his epilepsy. John said they tried Depakote and that didn’t work so they took him off of it. There are hundreds of anti-seizure medications.

    I work with autistic persons and their families as part of my profession.

  10. Beth says

    No one can say with 100 percent certainly if autism symptoms come on from immunizations,something in the enviroment,technology,etc.
    But my nephews symptoms DID come on a few days after having his shots-that is all i am saying.

  11. Denise-Switzerland says

    it sad that he had to admit to something he obviously didn´t want to.
    i hope they continue to heal. i can´t imaginge there being something worse then losing your child. my heart goes out to them.

    btw, autism is not caused by immunization. this has ben disproofen many times over. and was actually withdrawn by the doctors who came up with it.

  12. Carol says

    Parents need to look at their familyl and illness- not let religion dictate what they will do. This child could be still alive today- if not for control of the church.

  13. Beth says

    My heart goes out to this family too.
    I also want to say regarding autism- you can’t imagine what autism can do to family.
    My nephew has it -he only repeats some words at age 5 and can say Hi or Cookie and has probably a lifetime of therapy needed-
    (His symptons started coming on after he got 2 immunizations at once when he was a little over a year old)
    and it really is a tragedy in itself.
    But John and his family have been through the worst and now I wish them much healing and peace.
    God bless

  14. Dnice says

    My heart goes out to his family. I don’t think you can ever get over the death of a child. Wishing them continued healing.

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