Suri & Her Squirrel!


Katie and Suri, 3, were snapped on the North Fork of Long Island on Friday during the production of Katie’s new movie. Suri was snapped clutching a stuffed squirrel friend and was clearly excited for her play date with another little girl.

OMG! Are the girls wearing matching heels? Cute!

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  1. Analyse says

    One more thing, my dog has a squirrel that looks nearly identical to Suri’s. Can we get her on Babyrazzi?? Promise she’s more interesting.

  2. Analyse says

    They need to just go away. Neither parent has a career and the pimping of the kid is out of control. You know, if I continually had my child out in cold weather without proper closing, some busybody would probably report me for child abuse. Oh to be rich, famous and have the protection of a cult…

  3. Kassie says

    #5 tight2def….i dont understand what your issue with playdates is. playdates are extremely common and its just a way to get children together, playing and doing fun things. And often cases (if both child has a parent available at the same time and they go together with the children) it can be a great way for parents to mingle as well.

  4. Randi says

    Oh, Suri is cute but ridiculously spoiled. They are going to have a monster teenager on their hands.
    The shoes are awful, they remind me of those poor little girls forced to compete in beauty pagents. Bizarre.

  5. Randi says

    Geez “MYOB”, what a spazz you are.
    You sound just like a $cieno trying to tell everyone here how they should think and post, control freak much?
    This site is for people to post their opionons, not to mind their own business.
    Get used to it.

  6. Amanda says

    Tom and Katie are wonderful parents. They are a bit strange in many ways but its clear they love Suri very much and she is well taken care of. Katie actually seems a lot happier lately as well.

  7. MYOB says

    Enough already people! Stop judging these people and mind your own business! Look at that beautiful little girl, she is happy and healthy. Let tom and katie raise their own child and you guys mind your own business! There are kinds dying of disease and hunger all over the world and you guys are busy worrying about Suri Cruise wearing heels! Come on!….. Suri looks very cute and happy in this pic. (that’s how you comment on a picture of a CHILD)

  8. Kassie says

    Ok, I don’t like the heels for a child her age, but other than that, I think Suri looks adorable in these pictures! I love her hair like that! Soooo cute!

  9. tight2def says

    There’s two things I don’t understand or agree with. One, heels on a child? What? Her feet are not developed enough to be walking at an angle. And secondly, playdates? What happened to having friends and letting them come over and play normally. I know her parents are celebs and this is popular among celebs, but still. Playdates seem so detached and abnormal for children’s social development.

  10. Lisa Serosi says

    YOU KNOW THE SONG ALL BY MYSELF…well that is the title
    of Katie on any set she is doing ..we will never see the other
    cast members just her of course..walking in the park doing absolutely
    nothing to do with making a movie well she was a nobody ..until
    she married a rich and famous movie star…That is the only reason
    she is famous today!! MR. TOM CRUISE..ENOUGH PLEASE OF

  11. Linda M says

    She has these shoes in more than one color, so the “dance shoes” may be true, but overkill (then again, they are megarich, she can have them in every color).
    I am appalled they don’t put a coat on her. Of course, red carpet appearances don’t warrant a coat, and she is always on display. At least she is smiling occasionally. She always looked like the sad, lonely little waif with the stringy hair (nice ponytail!). Maybe she has a new nanny – there is a sweater in the pic with the woman who looks like Katie but has lips.

    Poor child – no coat, ruined feet – but she has her bottle, she will be just fine. (In my neighborhood Mexican little girls do sometimes have real heels for party dresses.)

  12. Renee says

    Wow I wonder if the other little girls parents, whoever they may be, will get all kinds of flack for letting their daughter wear the same heals as Suri. I guess Katie isn’t the only mother who should be based. Not like I care if they wear heals or not. But everyone else on this board will.

  13. sara says

    look at katie’s big thick jacket and drinking what appears to be a hot beverage. yet no coat for suri. i bet she’s also wearing those heels too. tom’s dwindling fanbase will tell you that suri only has worn her heels once or twice. not true. she practically wears them every time we see her.

    how hard is it raise this child properly?

  14. Amerie says

    Ok this little girl wears heels on a regular basis and still sucks a bottle and in diapers anybody find this strange.Tom and Katie are lazy parents.

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