Michelle Williams & Matilda In NYC


Michelle Williams, 29, was snapped out on a coffee and breakfast run in NYC with her daughter Matilda, 4, this morning (October 30th).

Splash News Online



  1. oriana says

    She has always looked just like Heath, a mini of him. I bet she will be just as talented also.

  2. Dee says

    Wow she is the spitting image of her dad! Seems like a normal little girl, hope she stays that way!

  3. Neveah says

    this site is getting so boring , same pictures up 4 days at a time , come on webmistress!!!!

  4. Hannah says

    By the looks of it, Matilda is so far growing up as a normal child and not spoilt like so many would whose parents are in the film industry. If so, Michelle is doing a great and tough job of implementing the right values in her daughter. I think that is what Heath would have wanted. Well done, Michelle!

  5. KMS says

    Cute picture – she’s adorable! On a side note – I never realized how teensy tiny Michelle is!

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