Jude Law Takes His Children Out For Lunch


Jude Law, 36, was snapped taking son Rafferty, 13, daughter Iris, 9, and son Rudy, 7, out to lunch in NYC on Thursday.

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  1. Anne says

    If she didn’t want to get pregnant, why didn’t she insist on protection or take birth control pills to protect herself also. Wake up people, she wanted to get knocked up for the money-beats working for a living. There are many like her out there being supported by sport players, actors etc.
    Jude was stupid and all this for a one night stand for some sex. The victim is the baby because she will have no bio father to be there for her, so I blame the mother. Jude will pay and support her just like she wants but he will not be a father to this innocent baby like he is to his own. Sad but it happens far too often.

  2. Natalie says

    Iris, Rudy and Rafferty are gorgeous. Jude seems like a very dedicated father… We should leave his love of woman out of this, Jude is working and very busy right not his kids can basically take care of themselves and each other for an hour babies are much harder. I am sure Jude will be a part of Sophia life once the custody and money issues are settled give him so credit its shocking if you discover you have a woman 7 months pregnant with your baby then gives back shortly after its alot to take in and i feel even pretty bad for his other children they need extra attention

  3. tight2def says

    His oldest son is beautiful. Anyway, what we need to realize is that we are only afforded moments in time of these celebrities and pseudo-celebrities’ lives. Maybe he has since reached out to her about Sophia. Who knows? I hope he does and takes care of her like he’s suppose to. I’m not a fan of his womanizing ways, and to call her a whore is ridiculous considering the fact that Jude is the one that can’t keep his penis out of multiple women. We don’t know anything about the mother’s life to call her such a name. This baby is a blessing. Jude needs to realize it, and hopefully he will. He has two daughters that need him, and that he needs to get his act together for. And two sons that need to be taught how to manage their penile area better than daddy has.

  4. sheryl says

    Yes, guys, but have you considered that perhaps the way Samantha is behaving by making this “news” all over again every few weeks, that he is going to somehow have to keep her at arms length? The very fact that he’s doing the play has a lot to do with it, I think, but also the fact that she obviously intends to milk it. I’m sure selling the child out didn’t sit well with him, and so what do you think would happen if he arrived in Florida? Well, it’d just be more tabloid garbage with everybody and their drunk aunt making more and more comments with their kneejerk reactions. He doesn’t have to react to everyone’s expectations, and just because he hasn’t arrived on the scene yet isn’t the teller of the whole story, either. There’s nothing to indicate that he won’t “step up” as everyone likes to say. He’s WORKING. What, he needs to go change a diaper to prove his worth? He’ll work it out but probably has to be careful, because quite frankly, I think the woman is on a fame high and lusting after every bit she can get. This should have all been kept between them anyway.
    And no, I’m not PR, I’m a person that tries to look at things fairly instead of just reacting with the village mob (alias, the internet people)

  5. Dnice says

    Morvicaud I completely agree with your point. I have seen women who have children with different fathers and have seen the children be treated differently because the mother may have had a good relationship with one and a bad with the other. At Sheryl – Are you his publicist? He is in New York acting true enough – But how hard is it to book a flight to Florida to see your kid? Like Nilo said he should have strapped up if he didn’t want any more babies. I think some of you are being naive into thinking that Jude is some kind of stand up guy. This is the same guy who cheated with his children’s nanny while he was engaged. You really think he is going to step up to the plate? It’s been 5 weeks and the paternity test has proven that he is the father. If he hasn’t reached out by now then he probably won’t. Yeah he may be a great father to his other kids, but they were produced out of love..not some one night stand. Face it…the guy is a jerk.

  6. violetsky says

    Time, distance and logistics more than likely have a lot to do with his not having seen the baby yet.
    Oh, and its half term holidays in the UK, so that is probably why his elder children are in NYC with him.

  7. Ronnie says

    My thoughts exactly Rafferty is really striking!!

    And i think we really cant comment on whether or not this Samantha lady is a golddigger but i think we can all agree that it is not baby sophia’s fault and no matter who he rmum is Jude should still be involved in HIS daughter’s life.
    It takes two to make a baby people, ever think that maybe it was Jude’s responsibilty to put a sock on it??

  8. sharrie says

    I do not particularly care for Jude as a person or an actor, but he seems to be a very involved and loving dad and his kids are beautiful.

  9. Amanda says

    Beautiful children…but why does Jude look so weird??
    Is it because he’s afraid to take responsibility for yet another sweet innocent baby girl….i despise this dude

  10. Denise-Switzerland says

    his children are adorable, especially his oldest.

    i´m not a big fan of jude, but i think he is doing a good job as a father and will step up and be a father to his youngest daughter.

    i really feel for this little baby. she has a mother that uses her to get publicity.
    just like boris beckers little daughter, getting dragged in front of the camera by her mother.

  11. Niloofar says

    Dolorescraeg – This woman tricked him, yeah that’s right, but I think he deserves some money grabber like her to come along and do just that, because he IS stupid, he should’ve worn a condom, NOT HER!
    Jude Law is a womanizer and Samantha Burke is whore…End of the story.

  12. samsmom says

    How do you get “tricked into having a child” when you are having sex with someone? I don’t believe there is anyone out there who is having sex that doesn’t know the consequence. Jude needs to step up and be a father if he is indeed the father of this baby.

  13. Like A Virgin says

    please dolores! Are you still living in the 1950’s?
    There is no such thing as “tricking” a man into having your child.
    Any reasonable man would just put on a da*mn con*dom – problem solved!

  14. Like A Virgin says

    please dolores! Are you still living in the 1950’s?
    There is no such thing as “tricking” a man into having your child.
    Any reasonable man would just put on a damn condom – problem solved!

  15. dolorescraeg says

    jude doesn’t have to apologise to anyone. he is a very devoted father….this woman tricked him into having a child. he has said he will support the child…..he didn’t have a relationship with the mother…he’ll do what is necessary….in the meantime he spends every minute with his kids when not working.

  16. morvicaud says

    There is a big difference between children you actually had in a relationship and children who are thrown at you like Sophia. Sorry but I get why he is not around her …
    Meanwhile, that Rufferty boy is going to break som hearts like his daddy for sure! What a handsome young man! ^^

  17. Cindyo says

    Harsh…why can’t people just state their opposing opinon without the insults? Seriously, why so nasty? It’s not even like your opinion will be the majority’s, I think it’s pretty even. Anyway, play nice.

  18. sheryl says

    Yeah, CG, and there’s a lot of stupid in the world. Ever think that maybe he’s working and can’t have his infant daughter carting her around NYC? And there’s a lot of kids with fathers that could really do without them because they’re mean, abusive, and detached. Stop being so melodramatic over something that’s not that big of a deal. Jude and Sophia will be just fine when details of the support and custody are settled. You don’t need to worry about it. He’s always been devoted and involved with his kids, and he’s not going to stop now just because brainless twits like you have an uneducated opinion.

  19. cg says

    See that man got some time to spend with his other children.He just doesnt have time for Samantha Burke’s daughter.He could careless,maybe because he wasnt married to her,when she got pregnant.Some people do think like that.Thats why there’s alot of fatherless children outthere.Poor baby.

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