Katie Holmes & Suri Shop For Halloween


Katie Holmes, 30, and Suri, 3, were snapped out shopping for Halloween in Boston on Monday.

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  1. oriana says

    Tom is a nut job, totally brainwashed and I think could be a dangerous person. Katie, not very intelligent and a puppet to Tom. Suri is a big brat and will always have issues. When she gets older she will be totally immersed in the Scientology Cult, used to getting her way and will be a pain in the ass. I can only imagine Katie’s parents feelings about this family in this nonsense.

  2. Neveah says

    For real emily- u need to think again……i dnt know thse pple and neither do u guys but from what we have seen these parents havent practiced proper parenting techniques and i honestly feel sorry for Suri when she grows up she is gonna be a spoilt melodramatic brattish drama queen and she has only her parents to blame for overindulging her!!! …..and for all you people who said u dont see anything wrong with Suri wearing High heels i also feel very sorry for your kids!!!!!!!

  3. Niloofar says

    “…I still say it didn’t kill her because here she is again.” LOL
    OH Carol you too, get yourself please, you have some ridiculous opinions!

  4. carol says

    You are missing the point. I don’t care what she wears or dosen’t wear and if she got sick last year from not wearing a coat in freezing weather, I still say it didn’t kill her because here she is again. I didn’t say they are bad parents what I was saying is you reap what you sow and if she is a dificult teenager when she gets to her teens, that is their problem. I think saying she is going to drink and drive, use cocaine or kill people is a big streech. No I am not bipolar and I am sticking to what I think. You can think what you want.

  5. Army says

    Everyone is just talking about the shoes, shoes, shoes story BUT I think even her dresss is AWFUL! but what can I say, BLAME IT ON SCIENTOLOGY……
    Every one who is against the shoes and the way this young girl is being raised is a Blessing from God

  6. gloop says

    Thats her third pair of high heels in several days…this is not a child who is only wearing them occasionally and its RIDICULOUS. Gag double gag.

  7. Emily says

    Suri and Katie are just the cutest mother – daughter team. I think that other mothers posting here were just jealous. Suri, Kate, and Tom make the most wonderful family. Tom and Katie must feel blessed to have such a beautiful daughter.

  8. Kassie says

    I didn’t even think about the damage she could be doing to her back/feet/etc..I was concerned about her falling however. Not the best choice for a three year old, but then again she’s not my child, so it’s not my business..

  9. Leea says

    I usually think people should be allowed to make their own parenting decisions without criticism from other parents, but I just have to agree that those shoes are crazy for a little girl to go out in. Maybe for playing at home for a little while, but not for very long. And it’s true that little Suri never seems dressed appropriately for the weather. Katie says she doesn’t WANT to wear a coat? Whose child does want to wear a coat in the wintertime? That’s just one of those things that should be non-negotiable.

  10. What the... says

    #31 Carol – from your comments, I guess you don’t have kids and if you do, you’re probably a bad parent too. And as far as her not wearing a coat in the winter and according to you “it didn’t kill her”, you don’t know if she got sick with the flu, pneunomia etc.

  11. Niloofar says

    These two are Scientologists , How could we expect more?yeah, that’s the whole Scientology thing, let the kids do WHATEVER they want! As we see in Carol’s comment (#31)…OMG, she doesn’t see any problem if a 3 yrs old girl wears a summer dress in a FRIGID wheather!!!

  12. Tam says

    i THINK if i let my almost 3 year old dress herself to leave the house.. she would leave wearing a dress, no tights and ANY high heel shoe she could find, not to mention adding lipstick and eye shadow.. so what suri wears i dont find bad, they just let suri pick it out

  13. Alicat says

    What are you all worried about with the leg/foot development?!? How will the kid ever get these medical issues when she does not even walk on her own…she’s always being carried like a baby. Suri is going to be a real piece of work in a couple of years when the hormones kick in-yikes!

  14. METOO says

    Cindyo – I laughed when I read your comment – multiple personalities get together – what a hoot!

  15. Cindyo says

    carol – do you have multiple personality disorder? One minute you are reprimanding people for not minding their own business, then you go into negative talk about Suri and Katie and Tom’s parenting, then back to crapping on people for doing exactly what you just did in the same message. Maybe you should get together with your other personalities and get your story straight.

    Granny – something disturbing can always be compared to something more distubring…and yes, it is disturbing when parent do not consider their child’s physical and mental well being, which Tom and Katie clearly do not.

  16. Granny says

    These shoe may not appeal to a person, but they are far from disturbing. War, poverty, and abuse are disturbing. She doesn’t wear them all the time so I doubt her feet are at risk. We’ve seen her in other shoes and I imagine she has a good pediatrician to keep check on her feet. And since there is a difference between indulged and spoiled maybe she is just indulged I doubt pictures will tell us that she is poiled.

  17. kinny says

    Suri’s shoes cannot possibly be good for growing developing feet, muscles and bones.
    Wise up, Katie!

  18. miapocca says


    TO some extent , the parents have to live with wahtever the outcome of their parenting. HOwever, we have seen time and time again that children like these grow into adults who reek havoc on society. ..drunk driving , cocaine , misbehaving…do I really have to go one.. The person who pays the price is the one whose kid gets runover by a coked out hollywierd kid!!

    Parents can do whatever they want with their kid SO LONG AS THE KID will be locked up in their home and not come out into society!! nuf said.

    We all know holmes is STUPID …what else can I say..

  19. Helen says

    The shoes are cute, they are made for 3 year olds so they are OK. If they were dangerous, they would be banned. Back off people.

  20. carol says

    Quite frankly it is nobody’s business what they allow the kid to wear. And it is part of Sciencetology to let the children make their own decisions. As you saw last winter the kid was living in NYC with her mom and it was freezing but she never had a coat on. I guess it didn’t kill her. She is going to grow up a spoiled brat and her parents are going to have to live with that. I also appears that she is going to be their only child and she will be very indulged all her life. As far as ths shoes are concerned who the hell cares, we have much bigger problems in this country to be concerned about and it’s called WAR and HEALRHCARE.

  21. CJAY says

    I think those heels for children are made for those “gypsy” children in Augusta, GA who marry at really early ages. I saw pictures of them several years ago in an article about how they are really young child brides.

  22. Dee says

    You can see they treat that child like a mini adult. Put the kid in some sneakers and let her do something other then go shopping! She may be a rich but what a sad little life she leads. And she always looks so disheveled! I read somewhere these are very pricey dresses Suri wears-they look like rags.

  23. Sara & Trisha are the same person says

    So, according to Sara & Trisha anyone who has a different opinion than them regarding Suri is a “wackjob”? Interesting that you both used “wackjob” and not the more common, nutjob. So telling.
    Sorry to say but you two “wackjobs” seem to be in the minority.

  24. Neveah says

    Why does a 3 yr old need 2 wear heels?, better yet why do the parents allow their child to wear heels??? its shocking to me how they let this child run her own life. Like she is some mini woman newsflash: she is a child not a young woman!!!!

  25. Neveah says

    Why does a child need 2 wear heels?, better yet why do the parentsa allow a 3 yr old 2 wear heels????????? Katie need 2 shape up

  26. Beth says

    She is very cute but I agree the shoes are a no no.
    There are many,many years ahead when she grows up for her to wear heels if she chooses.
    On a 3 year old it’s just silly and can’t be good for her growing feet.
    At 3 she can’t have said oh all my friends have shoes like that I want them..no it would have to be the parents that chose them.
    Let little children be little no high heels.
    Everyone is in a rush to grow up today whoever made those shoes for little girls I can’t believe it!

  27. Allie says

    My 5 yrs old is a very girlie girl, she would kill for shoes like those, but the point is, what kind of parent lets his child wear ridicoulus shoes wich are gonna cause damages to her back…..

    Her parents have no brain at all..

    Sorry for my english, I’m italian

  28. Cindyo says

    The shoes are NOT aadorable! She is 3, not 23…what the heck is Katie thinking? Absolutely ridiculous! Plus, kids like rules. It makes them feel safe and loved. I know because I didn’t have rules ever growing up and I began to think it was because my mother didn’t care about us.

  29. RDGL says

    Her shoes are horrible. I saw those when I was shoe shopping for my 3.5 year old and was stunned!!! So very bad for her feet. As for the blanket – apparently Suri refuses to wear jackets so Kate brings a blanket to wrap her in when she gets cold. My daughter went through the same thing, but I brought a jacket that she had to put on when she got cold, she didn’t get cuddled in a blanket (and basically rewarded for being stubborn). It worked very well and she doesn’t fight me on the jacket, hat or gloves anymore.

  30. Trisha says

    My first thought was I that the shoes were adorable and her dress was so pretty and hello…last I checked she’s practically a preschooler, not a toddler. I agree with Sara…lots of wackjobs start commenting whenever this family is posted. Stop saying such hurtful and mean things people!

  31. lolla says

    What’s with the blanket all the time she’s not a baby anymore. However Suri is a cute little girl the shoes sucks

  32. Marnie says

    Oh good… I barely comment about any pics, but this one shocked me! I’m glad to see others so appalled at Suri’s high heels. Just terrible!

  33. Sara says

    I always LOVE when their is a Suri post because ALL of the SAME wackjobs come out of hiding to spew their cr*p! LOL! All I see is a lovely, HAPPY little girl and all the crazies see is something to hate. Such a combination of sad ande hilarious. Somehow………Suri has survived all the EVIL things her parents do to her……to her shoes to her bangs to her not wearing coats…….how ever did she survive and live to be seen SO HAPPY in another pic…..one of our modern mysteries I say!

  34. Sara says

    Katie has said before that Suri picks out her own outfits as well as helping Katie pick out her outfits. I agree that heels on a toddler is a poor decision. As for the comment about suri not dressing warm enough. I was actually impressed she looks like she is dressed warmer than usual!

  35. ady's mom says

    i always wonder why katie and tom are always dressed warmer than suri.. just a thought..sure is adorable sorry her parents suck

  36. Nicole says

    Those shoes make me laugh. Who does she think she is? I just find it really funny. They’re not offensive, just funny.

  37. Natalia says

    Suri is so spoiled so she do whatever she wants.I was reading another day at magazine Tom and Kate never said no to Suri.That’s ridiculous.

  38. What the.... says

    i agree with every post on here. I can’t believe they let their 3 year old wear high heels all the time. They are pathetic as parents. I can’t look at this kid anymore.

  39. Chris X says

    I can’t believe that any grown woman who has worn heels knows that after a while they all make your feet hurt or legs feel tired, Why would she actually let her girl risk hurting her little feet?

  40. anya says

    This little girl is going to have major foot and leg problems as she grows up. Proper alignment of feet and legs happens during these early years. I’m shocked that anyone with any brains would put these on a child. They must also be awkward to walk in and she’ll end up eventually with a sprained ankle….unless they continue to carry her and she isn’t allowed to run around like a normal child this age. Oh well….

  41. anonymous says

    those do not look like dress up-play shoes. those look like high heels for kids!!!!!!
    disgusting parenting by tom and katie. why don’t they let this child be a child?

  42. RubyJackson says

    Those shoes are ridiculous, I can’t believe anyone makes high heels for children. It’s actually kind of gross.

  43. babyrazzi junkie says

    horrible outfit on suri and ridiculous shoes! but maybe she was allowed to dress herself?

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