Official Photo Of The First Family


This gorgeous official White House photograph of President Barack Obama, 48, First Lady Michelle Obama, 45, and their daughters, Sasha, 8, and Malia, 11, was released today. The photo was taken by Annie Leibovitz on September 1st.


  1. Jadee says

    They’re all the same. All corrupt and all about themselves.
    They promise things and don’t deliver.
    This one will be the same.
    #21 That has been mentioned in the news some time ago but this hasn’t come into force. I’d like to see them try, this is what council tax is paid for! The UK likes to tax the hell out of us 🙂

  2. Kristin says

    I guess you people don’t really follow politics…….the “mess in the white house” came after the Democrats took over the house. The economy was BOOMING before that.

    Obama IS A SOCIALIST and there is NOTHING good about that.

  3. Leea says

    What a beautiful family they are! One of the nicest things about Obama is that he genuinely seems to be such a good family man, such a devoted husband and father. Lots of times people in their position try to fake that, but he really seems to be that way. You’ve got to respect that.

  4. Niloofar says

    You guys should kill yourself for having such this president, that’s exactly what we are doing in my country! haha
    I also am wondering if he becomes president for the next 4 yrs, however Blacks will make him president again as they did last year!!! LOL

  5. Lovie says

    This is so amazing to me its a picture of them on a baby site. Everbody has so many opinions about this country If you know so much then why don’t you run for President. Some people may not agree with your views but you are intitled to it. Iam a white lady but I will not tell a lie the problem with you people is his skin color. Because when dumb Bush was President no one had much to say he started the war.

  6. Nicole says

    Ha ha ha…of course my comment is awaiting moderation. That figures. I wouldn’t want to ofend anyone with my anti- abortion views. This is one f-ed up society.

  7. sidjazz says

    Melissa R…your forefathers also didn’t think blacks were human and wanted to enslave that race FOREVER so please lay the “what our forefathers intended for this countries” to rest. There’s nothing wrong with monitoring your unrecycled waste. Americans are always the first to cry about leaving their country debt free for their children,what they don’t realize is if we don’t take care of the planet there won’t be a world to leave for their children. Please know that America is a part of a larger world and if the UK and other countries goes belly up so will your precious BACKWARDS America. Thank God for President Obama, the smarstest American EVAH!

  8. Nicole says

    ctl- judging from the intent of that comment, you’re the hateful one. You mention God. Would God say something that hurtful to us?

  9. Melissa R. says

    Nilofar, I am still a family person. I am a mother of 2 kids and I can appreciate a beautiful family when I see one. I just don’t agree with his values and beliefs.

  10. Melissa R. says

    ctl, I don’t hate the president. I said after election I would open my heart and mind to him. But what I have seen so far…I do not like. He IS a socialist, and that is not a philosophy that our forefathers had in mind when they came together for our country. I bet they are rolling in their graves!!!!

  11. Dnice says

    Um Nicole – the man hasn’t even been in office a full year. It’s going to take more than that to clean up the mess that Bush made. How naive and stupid could you be?

  12. ctl says

    Oh, Nicole, Dee, Melissa and “almab”… You have tiny brains and hearts so full of hate. God bless you.

  13. ady's mom says

    i think it is a great pic. and i dont believe obama is a socialist…he is chaning the country yes for the better…..he had to go into a country already ruined by pres. bush.. but then again not matter who is in the country there is always gunna be haters….and to racheluk yes you are entitled to your own matter what anyone says. and the uk is a great country too.

  14. Nicole says

    Dnice- what has Obama done? I thought that he was going to get us out of the war? What’s going on with that?

  15. Dnice says

    Everytime a picture of the president is posted we have to hear about all this socialist crap. @ Melissa – so where did Bush lead us? If not down a path of ruin? Give me a break. Beautiful picture of the first family. Geesh!

  16. Melissa R. says

    If Obama was green, I still wouldn’t have voted for him. It is his policies and beliefs that scare me…not his color. I did hear that in England there is a some sort of register at the bottom of people’s trash cans. If you have too much unrecycled waste, you are charged by the pound?? Is that true??? Sounds like Big Brother to me… If we are not careful that may be the sign of things to come for our country.

  17. Nicole says

    #17- I totally agree with you. I also read a poll that 97% of blacks voted for him JUST because he’s black.

  18. Nicole says

    RachelUK- you have no idea what you’re talking about. You don’t even live in the US. Shut your mouth- the only thing that comes out is ignorance. When you have 3000 innocent men and women who died in the World Trade Center, then you can talk. Until then, keep living in the UK and mind your own business.

  19. almab says

    No, he is not a million times better. He is the worst president we ever had. Never thought there would be one worse than Carter

  20. Niloofar says

    None of them are not good in my book (Bosh and Obama) but Obama is wayyyyyy better than that dumb-crazy man!

    And oh I enjoyed Melissa’s comment, however she doesn’t agree with him but she also doesn’t deny that this family is really nice and the pic is nice too! if it was in my country you would see how do people deny the good points of their oposite party…here, if someone disagrees with the president or someone else it means she/he disgrees with him/her COMPLETELY and won’t see the good points AT ALL!!!!!!!

  21. Melissa R. says

    This is a nice photo of the 1st fam. However, I do not agree with his policies and believe he is leading our wonderful country down the path of ruin. I would not be surprised if one day we find our country dividing into 2 countries.

  22. marti says

    One of the better pictures I’ve seen of the First Lady. She can look rather *hard sometimes, IMO. The girls are very cute.

  23. Kassie says

    #3–analyzing much?? Seems like a nice looking, happy family to me, and I find them to be very well dressed.

  24. NYCGIRL4EVER says


  25. traveler says

    What a beautiful family portrait. They all look very happy and the children look relaxed and at home.

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