Suri Makes The Rules!


Katie Holmes receives style guidance from Suri!

At Elle magazine’s Women in Hollywood Tribute Monday night in Beverly Hills, Katie, 30, confirmed to Us magazine that her fashion-forward daughter, 3, helped pick out her clothes for the night — as is usually the case.

“She did!” she told Us magazine on the red carpet. And what did Suri think of her Alaia gown, Hermes bag and Givenchy shoes? “She gave me a big thumbs up!”

“She loves clothes and picks out her own,” Katie said of Suri, who also takes after her mother’s favorite workout routines. “She loves running and she loves dancing,” Katie said.

Sources close to the family have noted to Us magazine that girly-girl Suri “hates jeans” and favors dresses (with heels!) from labels like Juicy Couture and Polka.

“Suri makes the rules and Tom and Katie go along with it,” a pal said.

Added another: “She is not a spoiled brat, but she is the center of their universe.”


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  1. me-me says

    Yeah, that’s the whole Scientology thing…. let the kids do WHATEVER they want….
    Remember a couple of yrs ago when fellow scient. Leah Remini was on (Oprah?) and saying how they let their daughter drink something like 8 glasses of water at night, then freaked out b/c she was up all night peeing….
    Nutty…… but, that’s Tom’s Scientology nonsense for ya…

  2. Could it Be says

    This explains why Katie always looks like she got dressed in the dark– her three year old is picking out her clothes!

  3. it's*me says

    Natural consequences… I’m fine with that, but the problems start as soon as it comes to the health of my kid.
    Katie isn’t the one who has got to sit next to her sick child all night long when Suri’s got a cold. Those people have nannies for things like that.

  4. julz says

    She’s a spoiled brat!!!omg 3.5 million wardrobes for that damn kid?too luxurious maybe Katie wants suri tobelong to a-list celeb children…that’s why…she’s only on d-list…

  5. Lilibet says

    I was just trying to err on the side of sanity.
    Firstly Suri is wearing playshoes. I have seen them
    at the Disney store. They may not be appropriate for
    all situations but I hardly think they look like they
    come from Fredericks of Hollywood. The dresses?
    Ok not appropriate for all weather, but I have never
    seen her in a skimpy dress. I am not on the Cruise
    family payroll, but the comments here can sometimes get out of hand. AND MY KIDS ARE THE BEST. 22 and 18 and never
    been in trouble. I AM THAT GOOD!

  6. Trisha says

    Goodness…that looks like a nightgown my daughter would wear to BED….very odd how Suri is dressed given the obvious weather outside…whatever!

  7. Paulina says

    And then again – what’s so WRONG about someone’s kids growing up to be bisexual? So what? Where’s the harm in that?
    Sexual preferences are not copied from parents, they are what they are. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

  8. ok says

    She is obviously spoiled, what celebrities’ kids aren’t? but that doesn’t necessarily mean she’s a brat.

    Another thing- maybe Tom and Katie prefer that Suri learn through natural consequences. If you insist on wearing a sleeveless dress, you’re gonna be cold all night. Eventually she’ll learn.

  9. What the.... says

    To Lilibet: Yes, she looks and dresses like a hooker. Who the heck would dress a 3 year old in high heels with a skimpy dress on? She reminds me of JonBenet Ramsay and we all know how that turned out. I have 6 kids and not one of them would leave the house looking like that. That’s called poor parenting. How have YOUR kids turned out?

  10. moo says

    How come every Fall and Winter, when we see Katie (and the people dressed in the background in thick jackets), Suri is again in a sleeveless summer dress? Bizarre!

  11. Kassie says

    This THREE YEAR OLD CHILD prefers Juicy Couture??? Oh come on…lets get real. Maybe she prefers dresses and girly-girl clothing, but it is her MOTHER prefers these extremlely expensive brands, not Suri. A three year old does not know the difference between a Juicy Couture top and a Target brand Top…they may prefer certain colors or decorations such as sparkles/buttons…but they are not concerned with brand names at this age.

  12. Lilibet says

    #3 and #9
    Knive throwers? bisexuals? Hookers?
    How can one talk about kids that way. While we may
    not agree with how the Pitts and the Cruises dress
    and rear their children, we have no idea how they will
    turn out. I think they will turn out just fine. They appear to be imaginative
    kids. Yes, they do need a little more parental intervention,
    especially Suri wearing summer clothes in the cold fall,
    but other than that, lets not become armchair quarterbacks.
    How have your kids turned out? How do they dress?

  13. What the.... says

    I totally agree with Just a Thought – this kid is a spoiled brat and she can thank her parents for that. It’s almost like they’re grooming her to be a hooker. I don’t know any 3 year olds that wear high heels. She’s a cute kid but I can’t look at her anymore – it’s very disturbing. These 2 should not reproduce anymore. It’s very obvious they don’t know how to parent.

  14. Dnice says

    Suri is beautiful but she is spoiled. It has been reported that Suri’s wardrobe is estimated at costing 3.5 million. That is absolutely absurd. I am all for letting children be their true selves and expressing individuality in their personalities, but too often I see Katie and Tom bundled up and Suri wearing the bare minimum. It’s just stupid. I wish Tom and Katie the best, but I often wonder if Suri is the only thing holding them together. Seems to me the thrill has left their relationship. I really hope Suri doesn’t go down the Paris Hilton route.

  15. arianna says

    She is not a spoiled brat, she wears Juicy Couture Polka marc Jacob at age 3. In my book she is spoiled.

  16. vicky says

    I’m all for giving children a bit of independence and letting them have choices but I limit it to 2 choices. I pick out 2 outfits and let them pick out of those so they aren’t wearing a bikini in the middle of winter. Same with food. Do you want a ham sandwich or a chicken sandwich. It doesn’t always work but it does most of the time.

  17. Niloofar says

    “She is not a spoiled brat!” if she isn’t a spoiled brat, then what should we call her? a wise little girl, who can wear whatever she wants? wearing summer dress even in a cold weather! that’s amazing!
    A 3 yr old girl shouldn’t decide for herself ALL THE TIME! then what are parents for?… go on Katie…be proud of having a 3 yr old indepedent girl! and oh, be proud of how dumb you and your hubby are! LOL

  18. bamswife says

    Better than shilou picking out her wardrobe. At least Suri looks so beautiful as a little girl. Some kids are just indepedent from the get go. My grandaughter always wanted to wear what she wanted at an early age. I’d rather see a spoiled brat than what jolie’s kids are probably going to grow up as_ knive throwers_bisexuals? Who knows? All of us try our best, but nobody knows how are children are going to be. At least don’t give them any bad ideas that will influence them.

  19. sweetie says

    She looks like a spoiled brat. At 31/2 she is already diiciding for her parents imagine when she turns 15.

  20. Just a Thought says

    “She is not a spoiled brat, but she is the center of their universe.” – Oh how ironic.

    So who decided that a 3 1/2 year old should wear a summer dress while everyone else has long sleeves and/or jackets? Who’s the parent here, Suri or Tom and Katie? Children only like what they know, if they are constantly exposed to a certain style of clothing that is all they will want to wear/like. Don’t blame the baby, blame her clueless parents.

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