Photo Of Elisabeth Hasselbeck's Newborn Son


On Monday, nearly three months after welcoming her third child, Isaiah Timothy, Elisabeth Hasselbeck returned to ABC’s The View. She couldn’t help but gush about her new son!

“He’ll never be able to spell his own name, but that’s fine,” she joked. “He’s almost three months or so. He’s good.”

Elisabeth, 32, also showed off a photo she took shortly after Isaiah’s birth on August 8th.

She then recalled a mishap she had while taking another picture on her iPhone.

“I had just been feeding him, so I took this photo … he had the cutest smile,” she said

It wasn’t until she got home and looked at the photo again that she realized: “No wonder he’s smiling — my nipple is in the photo!”

What’s worse, she said she had already sent it to her husband Tim’s family!

“Awkwardly, my father-in-law and my brother-in-law saw it,” she said.

Elisabeth warned viewers taking photos after nursing “is not something you should do. It’s worse than drunk dialing!”

Elisabeth and Tim’s latest addition joins big sister Grace Elisabeth, 4, and big brother Taylor Thomas, 21-months-old.



  1. Lauren says

    Aww. Isiah Timothy is soo cute!!! Grace Elisabeth, Taylor Thomas, and Isiah Timothy are all cute! I love their names!

  2. Niloofar says

    Oh my…what a pity! those men saw her nipples! LOL
    Then, what about her NUDE pics, or having sex with the men who weren’t his husband??? I think you would see more than a nipple there…!

  3. nicole in paris says

    I agree it is just a nipple – so what?

    It’s really people like her that perpetuate the breast is something to be ashamed of.

  4. sarah says

    exactly…it’s one thing for the mother to look at it – but for the picture to be shared with her brother-in-law and father-in-law? No way. I wouldn’t like that either. That doesn’t make me a moron, and it doesn’t make her a moron. Jeez…it’s HER body and they are HER photos. You people act like if given the chance, you’d show photos of your boobs to everyone!

  5. Lilibet says

    #2 and #4. I don’t think she was saying she minded
    the breast shot, but it’s her body and she didn’t
    want to share her nipple with family members. What’s
    so wrong with that.

  6. bec says

    Call me weird, but I enjoyed taking pics of me and my babies when they were nursing. For me, its nice to look back in those photos and see how precious those times were.

  7. sharrie says cute…I bet he looks totally different now. Its amazing how fast their features change.


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