Trista Sutter Loses The Baby Weight…Again!


Trista Sutter is very proud to have lost the nearly 43 pounds that she put on while pregnant with her second child! Trista was anxious to get back to her normal weight of 110 pounds after welcoming daughter, Blakesley, in April. Currently, she’s rebounded to a tiny 108 pounds!

In an interview given exclusively to PopEater by Life & Style magazine, Trista says slimming down after her second child was way harder than the first, and that she’s back to feeling “confident – well, at least sort of confident – in a bikini.”

“It was harder to lose weight this time around … I gained 10 more pounds this time,” Trista told Life & Style. By “this time,” she means during her pregnancy with her second daughter, 6-month-old Blakesley, as opposed to 2-year-old Max.

Trista said it was tough getting back to exercising due to her Caesarian section surgery with Blakesley. “For obvious reasons, my abs were the one area that didn’t jump right back into position after I had Blakesley, so I’m still really focused on working on them and getting more toned,” Trista shared.

Trista also revealed that her eating habits have changed dramatically.

“I had gestational diabetes with Max, so I really had to watch what I ate at the end of that pregnancy. With Blakesley, I didn’t have diabetes, so I went all out – I ate everything.”

Trista said when it comes to her diet, she’s all about moderation.

“I really believe that you shouldn’t deprive yourself – just getting a taste of something sweet keeps away that urge to binge.”

Even though she admits she hasn’t “really struggled with my weight all my life,” Trista told Life & Style that it was “definitely a struggle” dropping the weight the second time around.

“I’m definitely my own worst critic … I’m very critical of how I look and feel, mainly because I want to feel sexy for my husband,” Trista said, referring to her ‘Bachelorette’ husband Ryan Sutter

“I feel confident – well, at least sort of confident – in a bikini… And I’m proud that I’ve gotten to the point where I can fit into my old clothes!” Trista declared.

Congratulations to Trista…she looks amazing!



  1. susan says

    dont like her either she screwed everyone on the bachelorette before she decided on Ryan luckily the kids look like him

  2. Could it Be says

    At least she admitted that it was hard to drop the weight but god, what an awful name she gave her daughter.

  3. Niloofar says

    I have no idea who is she but I ADMIRE what she did, what’s the matter if she loses several pounds, I think it’s great that she cares alot about her body, she proved that she’s so strong, to be mom of two kids and do such this hard work…Some women, after giving birth to their child try hard to be a great mother but they forget that they have to be a great spouse too! but some women like her are good at both! Congratulations to her…( her boobs are still abit big, though!)

  4. amy says

    She got this way with the help of a diet pill…i can’t remember the name of it, but she advertises it…….

  5. Alison says

    Gawd I hate this woman. We don’t care about you anymore. Get off the magazine covers and focus on your kids you skinny hoe

  6. Lilibet says

    Trista should know that “sexy” is a state of mind. I so
    hate the way that word is overused. And I’d bite Ryan for
    shaking his finger at me.
    Just take care of your kids and stop all this weight
    pontificating. It drives me nuts.
    She really turned me off when she was on Dancing with
    the Stars on the first season. She complained and complained that she didn’t want her dance partner touching her, only RYAN! Gah! That’s the art of the dance.
    Her 15 minutes of fame is up!

  7. morvicaud says

    Who cares about these Hollywood freaks who are eating crazy for their crazy weights?? And they think they tell us “Hey look, if I can do it, you can do it too!!” “Yeah right, I reply! I can’t eat three raisins as an afternoon snack, I actually need more calories than that ’cause I happen to take care of my baby MYSELF”
    Sorry I react this way but I think that kind of article is pure crap … and I’m not even overweight …

  8. KMS says

    Dnice – exactly my point! So true! That last article about her weight loss after Max was awful! I recall how obsessed she was with her weight and getting back on the stairmaster after having him. She even said something about Ryan shaking his finger at her when she’d go for sugar. Please.

  9. Dnice says

    I agree KMS – No one can deny she looks great but her obsession with her own looks drives me batty. I never see her talking about the joys of raising children but rather her body and what Ryan thinks of her body. The last pic/article with her and Max like this it was the same thing practically verbatim. Her kids are adorable though.

  10. ASM says

    She looks great! Good for her! I think they are an adorable family. I also think she is very smart, she has worked the media enough that she can get some extra jingle on these photo ops and baby showers opportunities but yet they maintain their private lifestyle. I hope they keep it going strong….KUDDOS!


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