Heidi Klum & Seal Welcome Lou Sulola Samuel!


After some confusion, Heidi Klum and Seal did indeed welcome a daughter on Friday!

Heidi, 36, and husband, Seal, 46, welcomed Lou Sulola Samuel on Friday in L.A.

“It’s difficult to imagine loving another child as much as you love your existing children,” Seal wrote in a statement to Us magazine. “Anyone who has a family will tell you this. Where will one find that extra love? If you love your existing children with all of your heart, how then can one possibly find more heart with which to love another?”

At 7:46 p.m. on Friday, he continued, “the answer to this question came in the form of our fourth child and second daughter… From the moment she looked into both of our eyes it was endless love at first sight. She is beautiful beyond words and we are happy that she chose us to watch her grow over the coming years.”


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  1. ronnie says

    our daughter’s middle name is louella; my mother-in-laws name- and we call her by her middle name generally, so lou or louie is usual i dont think its masculine at all and louie is perhaps the cutest name for a baby girl!

  2. Wow! says

    I think they are a lovely family! I don’t like the name so much, but at least is a name and she won’t be embarrased when she grows up! Some of the names these days sound more like a joke than a real name 😀 I can’t wait to see the pictures!

  3. Stella says

    To #5 and #24, LOU is not only a boy’s name. In France, it’s a fashion name for a girl and very class !!

  4. it's*me says

    Leni is an old German GIRLS name (short for Helene) – and by the way the name of Heidi’s grandmother. It has absolutely nothing to do with the male name “Lenny” (pronounciation is just like Sarah said).
    Love Lou!
    Seal’s words are sooo beautiful and moving.

  5. sarah says

    um….no – leni is not pronounced lenny, like the male name…it’s pronounced laney, like the common girls’ name. heidi came on ellen once and spoke about her kids – that;s how i know. and leni is actually short for helena. or maybe helene, like lily said, im not sure. either way, lou is ok. maybe it is short for louise or louella or something, which you gotta admit is pretty. either way, i bet she’s adorable….gorgeous like her big sis….congrats

  6. lily says

    Congratulations! to Heidi and Seal. i don’t like the name lou. Leni is not her given name its nickname her given name is helene.

  7. Elizabeth says

    I agree with Tia. Sulola Lou sounds nicer. I love the unusual name of Sulola but I think Lou is so-so. Though I don’t hate it by any means.

    And June makes a good point, but I always thought Leni was pronounced Lanie (rhymes with Janie) not Lenny. But Lou & Lanie still sounds cute together.

    After reading Seal’s statements I like him even more than I did before, what a tender & romantic guy!

  8. Ashley says

    The name is ok, but I wouldn’t choose it. Sulola is nice, maybe if they did something like Sulola Atttleheid Louise Samuel, it would have a cool ring to it. 🙂 congrats on the baby! cant wait to see how beautiful she is 😀

  9. june says

    Lou makes sense, after all their other daughter’s name is Leni, which is more often a male name. Lou and Leni sounds cute. They needed a name that worked well with their family and I think it does.

  10. morvicaud says

    Sharrie, Magnus is a very very common name here in Scandinavia.
    Ella, can you be more narrow minded??
    Lou is cute I think and the love this family expresses in everything they do is inspiring. Congrat’ to both parents and Lous siblings <3

  11. Sharrie says

    Seal is so romantic. What a wonderful thing to say about your family and new daughter. I love Heidi…she is so sweet. Congrats to the family on the birth of Lou. It is a diiferent name, but a lot better than some of the others…Story, Ever,Moxie Crimefighter, Magnus…etc.

  12. ronda says

    I love this family. I like the name they chose for THEIR baby. Whatever choices they’ve made for their family always seems to be the right one for them. I’m super happy for them and wish them all the joy in the world.

  13. Dnice says

    What a sweet and enduring statement. I don’t love the name, but I think this family is so cute. Seal and Heidi are so devoted to one another. Bring on the pics!

  14. Tia :) says

    Sulola is a nice name. It’s too bad they didn’t name her Sulola Lou.
    Oh well…to each his own! Congrats to the happy parents!

  15. calli says

    I don’t like LOU at all. That is a MAN name. Lou Reed, Lou Dobbs, Lou Diamond Phillips,Lou Ferrigno (Incredible Hulk). Lou is not a female name at all. Heidi is so cute- I wish she would have picked a very feminine name for her daughter.

  16. Helen says

    I love the name. I wonder if Lou is Louise. Sulola is Nigerian, Seal is from there originally. Glad to know he keeps his roots. He is deep and I have a deep respect for him. Those words he wrote are beautiful. Can’t wait to see her.

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