Larry Birkhead & Dannielynn At The Pumpkin Patch


Larry Birkhead and daughter, (with the late Anna Nicole Smith) Dannielynn, 3, were snapped visiting Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch in West Hollywood on Sunday. The pair carefully inspected the pumpkins and Dannielynn had her face painted like a cat! 

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  1. oriana says

    She is just beautiful. I like Larry and he is very cute. I think she look just like Anna. I really admire him for I think he has been a wonderful devoted father.

  2. Lila says

    I agree with Tia (#6) Dannielynn’s a combo. I see both her parents.

    I recently saw them featured on EXTRA. Dannie seemed very happy and close to her daddy (who calls her Deebee – for Dannielynn Birkhead, I’m guessing. Cute) And her eye does look better,Elizabeth.

  3. Elizabeth says

    Oh wow I’m so glad to see little Dannielynn! What a sweet photo too.
    I wonder how her eyes are doing now? It’s been a while since she had the surgery.

  4. Dnice says

    Danielynn is so beautiful. She looks alot like Anna. I am glad to see Larry has taken such an active role in her life and not done anything to exploit her. I didn’t know what to expect after that fiasco in the beginning. Glad to see them at the pumpkin patch.

  5. morvicaud says

    It’s so nice to see her there. Yes she’s a beauty and she is very well dressed. It’s also great to see she’s having a good life regarding her poor start on this earth. I love this!

  6. Kassie says

    awwwwwwwww! its been a while since pictures of her have surfaced! she is TOO CUTE, and always so well dressed! i always loved going to the pumpkin patch as a child, i hope she had fun! Larry seems like such a attentative and awesome father 🙂

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