Alessandra Ambrosio Gives Her Daughter A Kiss


Alessandra Ambrosio, 28, was snapped giving a kiss to her baby daughter, Anja, 1, on Monday after shopping at American Apparel in the West Village, NYC.


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  1. kinny says

    Yes, you are missing something, Nicole. This baby is not very cute as far as babies go. Mom is beautiful.

  2. Kassie says

    yah, and at least she can always pluck/wax/thread (so many methods out there!) her eyebrows when she gets older..she’s a cutie!

  3. Elizabeth says

    I think the baby is adorable, but I do think her eyebrows are a little intense for her baby face. Let’s hope she grows into them.
    I think it’s great when moms are super affectionate and give lots of hugs and squishes and kisses. I never got that growing up, once in a while I got a stiff hug but that was rare. I always make sure my kids are hugged, kissed & snuggled on a daily basis because of it.

  4. Dnice says

    Anja’s features seem very mature. She looks like her mother but has never really had a baby face. I think she’ll start to grow into her cuteness like Honor.

  5. Niloofar says

    Anja is not the cutest baby, but her features show that she will grow to be just gorgeous…considering who the mama is!

  6. Caroline says

    This is a nice picture but the funny thing
    is that you see someone putting his or her
    hand in Alessandra handbag right behind
    her back.

  7. Chelle says

    seems like her birthday wishes are starting to come true==the jeans are so cute rolled up and the shoes–the fur coat is questionable–most likey faux–just not my taste–looks great with her hair though

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