1. kinny says

    Poppy, we like this topic of discussion because of the shock value: We are simply shocked that beautiful parents have ugly genes! These are parents that have been renound and photographed the world over for their beauty. We expect, naturally, they would have beautiful children. Yet when they don’t give birth to physically beautiful children, the public just sits there with mouths a-gape.

  2. Dee says

    And Jessica Alba’s daughter is not remotely cute, I’m so sick of people sucking up to celebrities and acting like their children are so wonderful when they aren’t.

  3. bec says

    nice comments ladies. just wait, that little girl is gonna grow up and be as beautiful as her mother….if not more. that’s the way it usually happens folks. good looking people usually have good looking kids…its not rocket science. women who make fun of babies and toddlers only reveal the insecurities they have about themselves and the looks of their own children. otherwise, why else would they do it if they weren’t lacking some self esteem, self worth, etc..issue?

  4. bamswife7 says

    I think all of you people who say rotten comments about children aren’t “cute” at all. What’s wrong with you? I guess this just depicts the entire idiocracy about America today. All the children are cute, even Shiloh, who’s admitted bisexual mother is a disgrace.

  5. Elizabeth says

    According to Perez, Heidi Klum had her baby girl “Lou”, 2 days ago. Why no update web-mistress?

  6. Posh says

    I dont think she looks like Honor or Levi, I think she looks like Valentina, she’s a beautiful little girl, and Iove how Salma is such a devoted mum!

  7. SbK says

    What a gorgeous little girl, this is the first pic I have seen of her since she was a baby and she is beautiful like her mum

  8. morvicaud says

    Wow! Look at these comments!!! Valentina is a cuty and so is Honor Marie … some people here are having a bad day! … or a bad life!

  9. Lilibet says

    I always shake my head at adults who talk about a
    child’s looks. She is a cute kid, who will become a lovely
    adult. And I don’t think she cares much who thinks
    she is cute or not. She can buy and sell all of you. LOL

  10. Chelle says

    my first thought was “is this the same child?'” because I was a firm believer in the lack of cuteness in this child; however, she is most assuredly turning into a beautiful girl–kinda weird actually–ever notice how the not so cute baby girls turn into beautiful young ladies and the really pretty babies seem to go through a very awkward stage…

  11. Sharrie says

    I think she is starting to look more like her daddy. Valentina definately does not look like the Honor. Honor is not an attractive child.

  12. Gbaby says

    i was gonna say the same thing she looks like levi identical but girly version but i do have to disagree, she is a cutie to me it just looks like shes making a funny facial expression

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