An Expectant Jillian Reynolds


An expectant Jillian Reynolds, 43, was snapped out shopping on Robertson Blvd in LA on Thursday. Jillian and her husband, Grant Reynolds, are expecting their second child. The new addition with join big sister, Ruby, 2.

She is brave to be wearing those shoes! Yikes!

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  1. Niloofar says

    Oh I see! I just read back, you’re right…but, you know my “get the hell over it” comment was because I’d read from #6 up to #32 together and in one time and then it really was necessary to say that! haha…Sorry, don’t be mad at me, take it easy…You’re students are so lucky to have a good teacher like you, I wish I were them! 🙂

  2. Kassie says

    Niloofar, dear, I have clearly already stated that I was moving on from it, so your “Get the hell over it” comment is really quite unnecessary at this point. I have even admitted it was childish to allow myself to get involved with others on here… Of course it was just a thought that she was a moron. All I ever meant in response was that I was actually referring to her appearance. I am sorry, but there is nothing wrong with that! Anyways, if you’d like to dwell on it further, that’s your choice, but in my mind it was already over.

  3. Niloofar says

    OMG!!! Get the hell over it people! It was just a thought “She is a moron”…and yes I was thinking the same too!
    Elizabeth helped alot with being the peacemaker here! None of us know each other…how can you direct so much anger at someone you have never met? Lets try to have healthy debate…This goes to you too, Kassie!

  4. Kassie says

    The whole lot of people on this thread are nuts, including myself for even getting sucked into the childish-ness, although i still stand by my own opinions (i still cannot even begin to fathom why people care so much that i do not think she looks like a moron!) and am fine with others sticking by theirs as well. time for me to agree to disagree with certain people and move on, its not worth getting into it with some people.

  5. Elizabeth says

    Ummm, Kasha, I am pretty new to posting here but I can assure you that am definitely not Kassie.
    I was actually sticking up for YOU, but next time I will try to mind my own business.

  6. Bella says


  7. be nice says

    Ladies. Please try to chill out. Obviously you both feel like you have valid points and have been misunderstood – but please let it lie for your own sakes. Getting this stressed is not good for either of you.

  8. Kassie says

    and elizabeth didnt even stand up for me! she was defending YOU so how would that make ANY sense at all??? wow

  9. Kassie says

    and i did not make up elizabeth, haha, only someone as much free time on their hands as you would even think of that, lol!

  10. Kassie says

    wow you’re dumb. i SAID “All i said before that was I didn’t think she looked like a moron.” so obviously i know that i referred to that. but i never really wrote a whole post
    FOR you SPECIFICALLY until after your second one. Get a brain. and a life. and i dont mind being called mentally challenged. i am a special ed teacher and my students are some of the most wonderful people i have ever had the pleasure to meet! 🙂

  11. Kasha says

    Try following the post from the beginning. Try. I will say it slowly….go back and follow the thread and what you said in your first post. Who you were responding to and what you were responding to. I am glad that people of all mental abilties have access to computers. It makes me happy. “Happy” = yeah! me smile! big smile on my face! Understand?

  12. Kasha says

    Yes, Elizabeth and Kassie are not the same person lol
    Sad and pathetic that you create new people to defend you. And I stand by what you said. It is sad that you are mentally challenged.

  13. Kassie says

    i see what you’re saying, the point is however, that my comment regarding LOOKS SPECIFICALLY was made after Kasha’s 2nd post, not 1st. In fact, none of my comments were directly geared to her until she made her 2nd post. All i said before that was I didn’t think she looked like a moron.

  14. Elizabeth says

    For petes sake Kassie, Calm down! Kasha’s first post clearly said she IS a moron, not she looks like one. But is it really worth getting so worked up over?
    By wearing those ridiculous heels she is putting herself and the baby at risk for injury. She couldn’t wear a 2″ heel? She would still look fashionable yet be so much more stable. Let’s face it, anyone who has been pregnant knows how off balance the belly alone makes you. And it’s not even like she is going to a special event, she is just out shopping in a pair of jeans.
    The tight fitting clothes I have no problem with, they are cute.

  15. Kassie says

    By the way you said “implying that my post said that she looked like a moron; which clearly it did not.”

    ummmm…actually you did. here’s another quote from you in which you actually say EXACTLY that. Way to contradict yourself. YOU SAY:

    “that by default makes her look and appear to be a moron”….clearly it DID. haha

  16. Kassie says

    And DUUUUUUHHH you effin loser…you say “The person who is the moron is the person who acted like my comments were in regards to how she looked” are you REALLY that fuc**n stupid???? I said that MYYYYYY comments were regarding looks not yours. God, you must have literally no brain at all

  17. Kasha says

    LOL! @ Kassie. The person who is the moron is the person who acted like my comments were in regards to how she looked; when in fact my comment was not (and anybody with the ability to read at a first grade level would have been able to understand the context of my comments) even aimed at how she looks in the heels. You were the one who used my word “moron” and said quote, “She does not LOOK like a moron” thus, implying that my post said that she looked like a moron; which clearly it did not. Too funny. Talking about someone else not being able to read comments correctly; when you are not able to yourself. And I stand by my comments. If what you are doing is moronic; then you “look” moronic. When I see a woman who is so selfish and such a slave to fashion that she insists on putting her baby at risk; then I think that she looks as dumb as a brick.

  18. Kassie says

    agreed. the shoes are ugly, but she still looks great to me. just not a fan of her fashion choices here. however, i still dont think theres anything wrong with it, its just not what i would personally choose for myself

  19. Wow! says

    You can wear heels if you don’t have any back pain while pregnant but I think those shoes are just horrible… If you only look to the feet she looks like a drag queen!

  20. Kassie says

    In response to Kasha–I wasn’t referring to whether or not the high heels were in fact a smart choice. I was talking about LOOKS. She could hypothetically BE a moron (although I don’t believe that she is), but that doesn’t change the fact that she looks great. I was referring to her physical appearance. You can ACT like a moron and LOOK fantastic. (and SHE can also look great even if you don’t like her choice of shoes…She has a great body even while very pregnant, pretty face, nice hair, etc) But yeah, I was referring to appearance nothing else. If you can’t read my comment correctly, then perhaps it is you who is the moron.

  21. Kasha says

    If it is “risky” to mom and baby to wear heels while pregnant then that by default makes her look and appear to be a moron. For the sake of fashion……yeah, smart.

  22. Dnice says

    I think she looks good. I don’t think I would wear heels that high even if I wasn’t pregnant.

  23. Kassie says

    Well I think she looks amazing…It may be a little risky to wear high heels while pregnant, I’d be worried about falling, but it doesn’t look “silly” or like a “moron.” And what’s wrong with a pregnant woman wearing a fitted shirt for crying out loud??? This notion that a pregnant woman should run around in flowy, frumpy clothes for nine months is just stupid. More power to her for looking better pregnant than most people who aren’t. She looks great!

  24. Mami says

    she doesn’t look 43 in that picture. She looks in her ealry 30’s. The shoes are a bit too high, but her belly is not that big, so she should still have good balance. Plus she’s probably not doing a lot of walking anyway. I wish i looked that good at her age!

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