Katie Holmes & Her Mother With Suri In Boston's Quincy Market


Katie, 30, and her mother, Kathleen A. Stothers, were snapped out shopping and getting ice cream with Suri, 3, in Boston’s Quincy Market on Wednesday. 

Suri has some of the cutest and funniest expressions!

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  1. Haylie Lynn says

    I love the long hair on Suri, I mean it is so adorable. And, please remember the girl is three; this is an age of independence, she probably likes to dress herself and like to wear her hair down. Its cute. She is a normal child with an active personality. It seems that no matter what Katie or Tom do with their daughter they are going to be criticized in one way or another, which is terrible. But this comes with the package of being in the constant spotlight.

  2. w3ndy says

    Wow.. Suri is growing up into a gorgeous little girl! It’s nice to finally see her in some kid friendly, weather appropriate clothing (and no heels!). Also nice to see her running around like a normal 3 year old instead of being carried everywhere 🙂

  3. oasis says

    its a bit weird the contrast between how suri used to be dressed (baby couture) and the way she dresses now…someones fired the stylist.

  4. All grown up Suri says

    Katie is a lot happier when she is not with Tom..and SANS THE
    WEDDING RING..NOTICE LEFT HAND THIRD FINGER.. (It is me) Angie does not need to take lessons on her daughter
    since Katie likes it when Suri has her greasy hair in her face
    and her clothes don’t match…but that 5 dollar white undershirt
    is what gets to me..

  5. It's Me says

    Suri looks JUST like Katie! WOW!!
    Angelina shoudl take note, that this is how a little girl is SUPPOSED to be dressed.

  6. Mommy*of*2 says

    Cute pictures…little Suri looks so happy with Mommy and grandma!!! Love the little sweater!!!

  7. Dnice says

    Suri is a cutie and seems full of personality. I think it’s cute how she and Katie are matching.

  8. Trisha says

    Nice family…I think as Suri is getting older, she looks more like Katie. They look really happy here, Suri is wearing a coat and shoes…THAT should make some of you happy today! :o)

  9. Niloofar says

    Katie is abit thin, in my opinion if she can put on weight, just some pounds, she could be back in her best look!

  10. kirby says

    ce koi ce look sur cette petite fille , et dire que d ‘après les médiaPAP se sereait la plus belle
    on direz une grand mére de 40 ans
    voyons ketty votre fille et trés trés mal habillée, aucune couleur entre elle se marie
    et encore je passe sur l ‘épisode talons haut
    peut etre se les conseille de la scientologie
    lol lol
    vraiment laidre telle Schrek

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