Hugh Jackman & Wife Take Ava Out For Ice Cream


Hugh Jackman, 40, and wife Deborra Lee Furness treated their daughter, Ava, 4, to some ice cream while out for a walk in the West Village on Tuesday.

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  1. kinny says

    You can tell these parents are genuinely enjoying every moment with their very happy child.
    Is Deborah Hugh’s mother or wife? She looks ancient.

  2. Deborah says

    Hahaha…I love how everyone is so critical of everything, why are her tights torn? What shoes are they wearing? Why is a 4 year old being carried around? Geez….Can’t we just appreciate that they are a beautiful happy family and leave our criticisms to ourselves??? They don’t know who we are and we certainly do not have any liberties to point out their faults or lack thereof!!

  3. Tia :) says

    pushchairs? that’s funny!

    And a little stroller like this is fine. My daughter has used hers and she’s 4.

  4. claire says

    the scooter is a mini micro, in the uk they are £40-£50! brilliant though! my Son has one!! so durable!

  5. METOO says

    can’t they afford new pants for the little girl – holes in both knees! I can see if she is playing in the backyard at home, but to take her out in public like that is shameful

  6. BLssd says

    We have that same grey stroller. It’s about 19.99! It’s refreshing to see celebrities with realistically priced products! LOL!

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