Angelina Jolie With Shiloh & Zahara In France


Angelina Jolie, 34, was snapped outside of a French supermarket on Monday with daughters Shiloh, 3, and Zahara, 4.

What a cute pic!

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  1. hey Kassie! says

    hey Kassie where did you get that word “tomboy”

    “tomboy” is Filipino word for lesbian!
    am I right?

  2. B says

    Leave Angie and her family alone. There is nothing wrong with Shilo’s being a tomboy. Kids her age are hard to dress. They want to choose their own outfits. What do you want to do? Bully the kid and not let her make her own choices? Let a kid be a kid. They’re blessed by God. Don’t be mean to them. Shortly, their attitude will change. I have a niece the same age as Z. She doesn’t like her hair to be done at all. It does not mean Angie does not know how to take care of hair. Maybe Z does not like her hair to be combed or braided,because at that young age it can hurt a lot. I’m 24 years old. I don’t like my hair to be fixed. I like being afro. And I know how to braid my own hair very well.

  3. DeniseF says

    Listen, if you have never dealt with African American hair, then don’t comment on it. Little girls hair will tangle VERY BADLY and become damaged if not combed and conditioned properly. Our hair get very dry and we have to add a moisturizer to it on a regular basis. It doesn’t look combed. We braid our daughters hair not just because it’s cute, but also because it supports healthy hair growth. The thing that bothers me is she that these kids never look as good as the mother and I hate seeing parents dressed nice, but the kids look like crap. They always look unclean and trashy like their grooming is not a priority. I don’t have her money, and alot of my children’s clothes cost $8 or less for an outfit, but my kids are still dressed better and look neater than theirs. I let my 3 yr old pick out her clothes at times, but I still make sure she looks nice. I am her parent and it is my job to guide her. So if your 3 year old wanted to dress like Paris Hilton or some other half clothed celebrity, would you still say that she is just expressing herself and it is okay? By the way, I was a tomboy growing up, but I was still always dressed nicely it pants and dresses and my hair was combed daily. She never has to wear a dress, but she could still look better than what she does.

  4. METOO says

    I agree with you Diane – it would seem that Angelina is jealous of her daughters beauty…I wonder if she still thinks that she is just a blob as she said when the child was born

  5. Anne says

    The whole brad pitt family are screwed up. The kids are moved from one state/country to another without an identity or roots. When they are much older, the whole lot of them will be so confused and mixed up that they will likely get into some kind of trouble and have problems.
    Shiloh is dressed more often like a boy and that is a start. Wait until the other 2 babies are older. Brad made a mistake joining up with Angie and now is burnt out with all the responsibility. No wonder her last bf ran as fast as he could from her.

  6. parker says

    oriana – just becuase you let your child express his/her independance doesnt make you a bad parent in fact i think it makes you a good parent, and it will make your children more rounded people in the future, whats the point in making a child unhappy by putting him/her in something they dont like??!! maybe in just not so hung up on appearances than others beauty is skin deep.

  7. Not True Anne ^^^ says

    Try googling Shiloh Jolie-Pitt. You will see page after page of her wearing dresses, including 2 magazine covers. So from day one she was dressed in pants as well as dresses you moron.

  8. Anne says

    The original Anne:

    People stop making excuses for Shiloh. From day one she was never dressed like a little girl. What a shame that Angie never let her dress pretty like a little girl should be dressed-e.g. Suri although overdressed. What about her other little girl?
    We have another Chastity Bono in the making and time will tell.

  9. Elizabeth says

    I am not a psychologist Oriana, I’m an artist and a mom with an opinion.
    The fact is, you cannot tell that the kids are dirty from this small picture. It doesn’t matter how many ex-whatevers were quoted, that is still hearsay.
    You seem rather angry in your post. I’m sure you were being sarcastic, but just in case you weren’t: no I did not write my husbands name in blood on my shirt on my wedding day. As for whether or not that is normal, what is normal? There are many levels of normal and what’s normal to one might not be normal to another. I have friends who are Christians, Wiccans, Atheists, gay and more. They all have their own ideas on what is normal. Also, may I remind you that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so I don’t have to see different photos from what you have seen to from my opinion that they do not look like bums. They look happy and comfortable to me. Oh, and clean too.
    But your post did pretty much prove my point about projecting your dislike for the parents onto the kids, so thanks!

  10. lolanne says

    I love how people are trying to refute gender stereotypes. I hate how most of you conservative fools are so hung up on our “socially constructed” and therefore ARTIFICAL gender binary that we have created. Boy/man and girl/woman are labelled as a result of one’s sexual organs, however, gender- maleness and femaleness and what constitutes it, are all artificial. And look around it varies culture by culture. Wearing dresses and liking pink are only considered qualities that WOMEN can only possess because that is how this country has constructed femininity. What you wear has nothing to do with what your biological sex is. She is still a girl.

    Also, as for the person who said that men do not have a feminine side. Please get educated. Might you all be afraid to learn that both men and women both have estrogen and testosterone…just in varying amounts. Read a book sometimes and stop getting all your information from celebrity tabloids.

    Both children are beautiful. Both children are expressing a healthy interest in exploring all facets of thier being.

  11. Niloofar says

    OMG…Some of you are just so dumb! Brad is a slob, Shi always dresses like street urchins! A.j never do something with Z’s hair! and so onnnn…these are some facts that nearly everyone knows! and for those guys who said how can we judge form just one pic….! Wake Up…probably you don’t watch TV or check the blogs…not just ONE pic!

    And I TOTALLY agree with Oriana…She has said many GOOD points in her comments!

  12. Anne says

    I am not the Anne in #4 and would not say what she said.
    Use a different name please as I frequent this forum.

  13. oriana says

    Elizabeth, are you a psychologist? No, I don’t like the parents, I have made no bones about that for the past five years, Brad is dirty looking, even some of the people he dated said he smelled and would only take a bath every now and then, she is a weirdo and has been ever since she was a teenager, or maybe you had your husband’s name written in blood on your shirt when you got married too? Maybe you think that is normal! I don’t have to grasp on straws, all I had to do was watch Biography channel, CNN and her on TV giving her interviews.

    The whole family look like Bums most of the time or maybe you have seen them in different pictures than what I have, and the rest of the world.

  14. Elizabeth says

    Perfect age to begin to express yourself through play & dress-up exploration. There is not a damn thing wrong with letting a pre-schooler choose their own clothing, or letting them leave the house dressed as they like. Both girls look very cute in their own way.
    To the one who said the kids don’t look clean… give me a break! How in the world can you tell from a small photograph the the children are not clean? They look clean to me. You are projecting your dislike of the parents onto the children and it is pretty obvious you are grasping at straws here.

  15. Isha says

    And for those African American ladies making reference to Zahara’s hair, I think its cute. Its in its natural form. As a culture, we worry way too much about our hair….talking about how she’s in America and she’s gotta make her look as such. Shame on you. Maybe Z likes her hair out and not in a bow. I’m sure Angie could bring her to a stylist when ever she feels like it, but not every kid has to be dressed up and primped like a doll. Her kids look like happy go lucky children, who just enjoy being kids.

  16. Isha says

    Ugh leave the kid alone….i see alot of her dressing influencing is from the way her father dresses, maybe she just wants to dress like daddy. I did that as a little girl(as I was raised by my father) and I grew out of that phase. Kids are kids…jeez.

  17. Nina says

    I really don’t care why Shiloh is dressed the way she is dressed, I just think it’s ugly no matter who dressed her. Not a big deal!

  18. cassie says

    Well Cher dressed Chaz Bono in frilly dresses . She was forced to dress like that I say let your child express them selves be unique not a conformist, The girl had on dress a few months at that grocery store with her parents at Shiloh. So obviously she is dressing like Brad with the hat

  19. oriana says

    Naiya, I am not being critical to the kids, although they do look bad most of the time, I am critical of Angie and Brad. It is up to the parents to dress children appropriately, these kids don’t even look clean to me most of the time.

  20. Josie Bonaparte says

    Well I’m the little girl’s stylist and I’m sorry but you are just so 2008 in your attitude ladies!

    Now be dears and off you fuck…

  21. oriana says

    traveler, I read where you said you don’t force gender types on kids. Shouldn’t a boy dress like a boy, and a girl dress like a girl? If that is their gender, isn’t that how it should be? I like you but I don’t get this way of thinking, sorry! And I would NEVER put a Tutu on a male child, that is ridiculous to me! No wonder so many kids these days are growing up confused and messed up. Parents, WAKE UP!!!!!

  22. oriana says

    Cindyo, I do believe it was an accident, I just think a three year old is too young to lose one naturally. I feel bad about your little boy knocking his tooth out so young, poor little tyke!

    Parker, Sorry, but these kids all looked like street urchins way before she had the twins, she has had mental issues for years, well documented, and Brad is a big wimpy Bum. I bet his parents are apalled at how those kids dress but won’t say anything over fear of her not allowing them to see the kids. I have never seen Shiloh but one time dressed like a girl. That was when she was very young, in a pretty white dress with flowers on it, and Angie was out of the country. And for anyone to let a two year old or a three year old for that matter, to pick out their own clothes is silly. Ladies, be Mothers, they are not thirteen, they are three!

  23. parker says

    im sorry but who cares she is a child! angelina has said in interviews she lets her kids pick there own clothes every day, i do the same with my son and i dont see the problem. so what if she looks like a boy she has chosen the outfit herself give the kid a break! and her mother she has 6 kids im sure them looking like little princesses all the time is the last thing on her mind. she looks like a perfectly normal happy kid to me

  24. Jen says

    My goodness…can’t believe so many people have a problem with Shiloh dressing in boys clothing. And I’d like to challenge whoever said that 3 year olds don’t have a “style.” My youngest sister manages to cut off all her pretty curls at 3 years old (she climbed up to where our mom kept the hair scissors, as she was the one who cut our hair) and cut all her hair off herself because she “wanted to be a boy.” Furthermore, she wore nothing from the girls department (aside from underwear!) until middle school…she just would flat out throw a fit and refuse to wear it. She’s 18 now and there’s been no damage done. She’s still a bit tomboy-ish but she gets her clothes in the girls’ department now, does her hair and make-up and makes comments to me about which boys are cute. She’s just not a pink-and-purple type of girl…and that’s my own expression for girly-girl (although I am not either)

  25. Cindyo says

    I agree with you on everything, Oriana except losing the tooth thing. If they can walk they are old enough to lose a tooth. Heck if they can roll or crawl they are old enough. My son fell right in front of me when he was 13 month old and knocked his tooth clean out, poor little guy. Accidents happen and sometimes so fast you have no time to react. But on the rest you are bang on.

  26. Cindyo says

    How are we not behaving like adults? You people are unbelievable. So holier than thou, and in the same breath do the same thing by critizing a poor child’s hair. Hypocrite. Why should Angelina do something about that but? What if Zahara likes her hair that way, like you claim Shi like to dress this way. It’s not hard to see we are critizing the parents and not the child. You are the one who needs to grow up.

  27. oriana says

    All these kids look like they are homeless most of the time. Angie as usual, it is either black, gray or white. She has dressed the girls like that for years, with a few rare times of some color. I think the world is Dark for her and that is how she is expressing herself. Shiloh looks terrible to me, and she is way too young to have lost a tooth unless by accident. Zahara is getting prettier to me the older she gets. Brad is a slob and always has been so he could care less about how these kids dress. Angie doesn’t have a problem with how they dress, she dresses them, and obviously she doesn’t have a problem with how their hair looks either.

  28. Naiya says

    thats basically impossible since most of u guys arnt even behaving like adults… they r kids 4 God’s sake so what if she wanna dress like a boy how does that affect u guys…. but i do agree with zahara;s hair thou….with hair like hers it easily gets damaged and it need special care they need 2 do sumtin bout that

  29. Dnice says

    I agree Cindy. I have made a conscience effort to not be disrespectful when I don’t agree with another poster. Nilo helps alot with being the peacemaker here. None of us know each other. How can you direct so much anger at someone you have never met. Lets try to have healthy adult debate.

  30. Dnice says

    To #69 So because it’s cumbersome and a pain in the butt to comb a child’s hair you shouldn’t do it? The kids shouldn’t be suffering because Brad and Angie want so many children. Each child should be able to be tended to and if that can’t happen then it’s time to stop having or adopting more children . And please like they don’t have nannies who can help out.

  31. Cindyo says

    I wonder why some people here get so freaked out by other people’s opinions. Like #69 lola did, they resort to nasty name calling and insults; all because they disagree. Funny how the people who have been acting like this are the same ones who think there is nothing wrong with Shiloh looking like this. The majority of people think it’s ridiculous, interesting. No surprise though.

  32. lola says

    good god let kids wear what they want to wear!!

    And have you ever tried to comb the tangled hair of a 4 year old? when you have 5 other kids?

    judgemental idiots the lot of you

  33. Dnice says

    @#61 As a black woman I have to disagree with you. I too have natural hair and it needs special care. It needs to be brushed and moisturized and treated. Which in my opinion doesn’t look like is happening with little Z. Black hair has a completely different texture than that of a caucasian. If you don’t treat it and let it just be wild you will experience breakage. Z’s hair should be combed and in barrettes or ponytails. Even Madonna knows to braid Mercy’s hair.

  34. Niloofar says

    #61(SR)- I am wondering if you realize that you’re contradicting yourself in just one comment.”what you think is attractive is not what someone else might think is attractive and that’s OK”…take your own advice! maybe they think Shi is more attractive when she dresses like that…LOL…don’t gather from my words that I like Shi’s outfit! no, I certainly disagree with it.

    Shi’s outfit and Zahara’s hair look awful…End of the story!

  35. Niloofar says

    Cindy, I caught a cold today, that’s ok actually, I know I’ll be completely fine tomorrow…and school is fantastic I’m really doing great at it 🙂

  36. Kassie says

    To nosoupforyou….i have a bachelors degree in early childhood education from Kendall College. But i was actually agreeing with you and disagreeing with what i was taught…i dont put boys in tutus either.

  37. SR says

    For people referring to Zahara’s hair —- Zahara’s hair is lovely. She’s a black child with natural hair. It should be no other way. It’s fine if it’s not like yours or if it’s not like mine. If you’re a different race or whatever, what you think is attractive is not what someone else might think is attractive and that’s OK.
    As for Shiloh —–Her parents shouldn’t let her dress like that. They need to realize that it’s OK to parent. Put your foot down and say no, you’re not going to go out dressed like a boy, because you’re not a boy. It’s OK to like a character, but there’s a limit to everything. Gosh, what’s wrong with saying no to a child. They’ll get over it and thank you for it in the long run.

  38. traveler says

    Well, I don’t think it’s right for adults to force children into certain gender stereotypes. I grew up a big tomboy and turned out just fine. I still don’t really like to wear skirts, but I’m not on a list for a sex change operation and I haven’t needed therapy, so obviously it didn’t negatively affect me. I like that my sister had no problems with what her son was wearing. He was happy, so she let him be. No harm done. People are to concerned with what others will think and that’s not healthy.

    I plan to let my children be who they are and as long as it isn’t an event that requires a certain dress code (i.e. wedding, funeral, etc.), I’ll let them wear what they want. Its a way for children to express creativity, so who cares if they don’t match or decide to wear a fedora and a necktie.

  39. Granny says

    The kids look happy, healthy, content. Mom looks fine. Not inappropriately dressed for a paticular event such as school or church. So all in all, I’d say things appear just fine.

  40. Dnice says

    @ EW EW EW – If we disgust you then get the hell off this board. All comments are welcome here and the general consensus is that this is a contrived effort on Angies part to get attention and Shiloh looks ridiculous. Don’t like it? Peace (Throwing up 2 fingers)

  41. Cindyo says

    Thank you Niloofar and nosoupforyou…some people, ay?

    How are you, Niloo? Hope school is going well. 🙂

  42. nosoupforyou says


    I would not hire you as a nanny. A girl who wears six layers of clothing would send up a red flag to me, unless she lives in the arctic.

    That you would let a child wear underwear in public (even on the outside of jeans) seems quite odd.

    Thank you Cindy for some common sense.

  43. Cindyo says

    #52 – I too used to be a nanny. I guess you just don’t know how to manage children very well. Are you trying to say Angelina isn’t eccentric? Are you also trying to say it isn’t eccentric what Shiloh is wearing? I guess you are eccentric too. To each his own I guess… and by the way, you are the only one being “disgusting” here by calling people that who are just giving their opinions. Don’t like it, then leave!

  44. ew ew ew ew ew says

    I completely agree with R U Serious. You people are unbelievable! So ignorant and close-minded.
    I’m sure Shiloh chose to dress this way. Obviously she is wearing her brothers’ old clothes, her parents aren’t running out to buy her tons of boy’s clothes. Regardless, dressing like this won’t do any harm, and will not turn her into a lesbian, but if she does happen to be a lesbian, or identify more with the male gender, who cares? Cindyo, I don’t know what 3-year-old girls you deal with, but I have found kids to be the most strong-willed at that age! I was a nanny to a girl that age last year and she routinely would wear 6 layers of mismatched clothing if she picked out her own clothes, and would throw a huge fit if I didn’t let her wear whatever inappropriate outfit she had picked out. I learned to pick my battles. She wore Disney princess underwear to preschool over her jeans a couple times, but she still looked cute, and something like that just won’t affect a kid in the long run! Seriously, almost everyone on this board routinely disgusts me.

  45. Nicole says

    Cowboy outfits, Gi Joe and guns are for boys. I hate it when people say “Oh, we’re trying to bring out his feminine side.” He has no feminine side Dear! He’s a boy!

  46. Honey says

    What a scary bunch of conservative and judgemental thinkers posting on this thread! “She should look like this” “ She should look like that” I feel so sorry for your kids with the stifling boxes that you are going to shove them in! I guess any freedom of self-expression is going to be quickly shot down And I feel sorry for you too for having to go through life so narrow-minded.

  47. Niloofar says

    I don’t say girls shouldn’t dress like boys AT ALL, but they shouldn’t do this ALL THE TIME!
    If A.J and Brad want to dress her like boys, at least do it in an acceptable way not so silly, she kind of looks like low class boys with that tie!
    I agree with Kassie…A “girl” should dress and behave GIRLY…and for boys is the same, I really can’t stand when a boy have long hair especially a little boy like René-Charles (Celine Dion’s son).

  48. nosoupforyou says

    “I have to admit….I’m one of those parents who wouldnt put their son in a tutu or nail polish either, nosoupforyou, even though as an early childhood educator I have been trained to know that it is appropriate, healthy and has no negative consequences for them now or later.”

    I’m a psychiatric social worker and have been for 20 years and my son will still never wear a tutu, even if he takes ballet. Who trained you?

  49. Jessica says

    In extreme cases of Tom-boyishness, the child is very confused and can even get depression issues. And that is my problem with all this ‘Shi dressed herself’ Those clothes look like they were given to her, especially the tie. Angelina is an attention seeker and she may be deliberately encouraging this child so as to cause controversy. Too bad she is harming a child along the way.

  50. Romeo Blue says

    I agree with most of the comments here. Shiloh is dressed terribly. For such a beautiful child, she always looks like a rag doll. And this isn’t once in a while either, she’s always dressed this way. And then having her front tooth knocked out because she was playing football with her brothers. Who ever heard of that happening to a 3 year old girl?

  51. Kassie says

    I have to admit….I’m one of those parents who wouldnt put their son in a tutu or nail polish either, nosoupforyou, even though as an early childhood educator I have been trained to know that it is appropriate, healthy and has no negative consequences for them now or later. But thats just me personally. I don’t care if my kid turns out gay or lesbian or quirky or anything like that…i just kind of believe in girls being girls and boys being boys…so sue me, lol! I don’t mind it for dress up so much, but to me anyways, out of the house is another issue.

  52. love it! says

    it looks like they were playing dress up at home, and their very smart mommy let them go out like that, good for her! what’s the big deal. it’s either that or she actually looks to me like she just came back from soccer practice, down to the cleats. only reason i went for the dress up is the hat! so she was being the daddy, Z was was being the mommy! and of course, that’s all they mostly know right now at this age 🙂

  53. traveler says

    Olivia’s Mommy:

    Just a couple of months ago, there were pictures of Brad, Angelina, Zahara, and Shiloh at a grocery store and both girls had skirts on. So, Shiloh doesn’t dress like that all of the time. My guess is that the girls were playing dress up right before they went to the store. Like I said in a previous post, you don’t redress a kid just for a quick trip to the store. It’s not worth the battle that will ensue on the child’s part. My sister took my nephew to the store in a tutu once because she didn’t want to redress him for a 15 minute trip. I don’t see any negative effects to his boyishness because he plays dress up with his sister. Children don’t bend to gender stereotypes when they’re that young. I say let them play however they want and dress however they want.

  54. Sassy says

    I grew up with my two boy Cousins..and I always wanted to dress just like them….I now wear dresses, makeup and married….I was a total tomboy…don’t worry about her she’s most likely wanting to be just like her Big Brothers.

  55. Olivia's Mommy says

    Shiloh’s outfit would be OKAY if it were only once in a while, but all we see her in is tomboy stuff (that doesn’t match and would look bad on a boy, quite frankly). On the flip side, Z is almost always seen in girly attire. I would like to believe that it is subconcious on the parents’ part, but I really don’t think so.

    Weird. I want to like Brad and Angie and I think adopting children who need loving homes is very cool, but Angie’s not eating/dressing the kids like hobos/and not taking care of Z’s hair is a bit much for me.

  56. R U Serious says

    I cannot get over all the negative comments. The girls look happy and healthy….leave them alone. I mean, for you people who say that Shiloh can only put on what they by here, like another poster said “she has 2 older brothers”. I’m sure she got those clothes out of their closets. I have a friend whose daughter dressed like a boy from age 3 to age 12, then her hormones kicked in and all of a sudden she wanted to look at act like a girl. I applaud Brad and Angie for letting her kids express themselves, and by no means does Shiloh dressing like a boy mean she’s going to be a lesbian. Besides, even if she is….what is wrong with that?!

  57. Kassie says

    obviously the students i speak of had other issues going on, this reminded me of them however

  58. Kassie says

    All i know is that i am a teacher and at least two of my girl students within the past 5 years who dressed boy-ish TO THIS EXTREME on a regular basis, are both now recieving professional therapy to help them with gender-confusion issues they have. I’m not talking “tomboy” stuff…one of them is obsessive with the idea of cutting her vagina off because she wants to be a boy…the other seems to genuinely believe she actually IS a boy and gets upset if you call her a girl…to the point of tears. (ages are 10 and 8 years old now i believe) I dont believe their issues are caused by dressing like this, but i don’t think encouraging a girl to dress boy-ish to this extreme is healthy. She is still afterall a girl, and I can see this being confusing. I am not saying this is going to necessarally happen to Shiloh, but i would be careful

  59. constance says

    I’m glad someone is with me on Zahara’s hair. She is in American now. And we know Angie can take a class on how to care for a african american hair. I’m a africam american and its not tht hard to do.

  60. Niloofar says

    I just rememberd that Shi wanted to be called John, John or Peter, she is into Peter Pan…but wasn’t it better if she liked Cindrella or some characters like that! thank God she isn’t interested in Mowgli or Tarzan! Ok just don’t jump on me, I like Peter pan myself, too and don’t think it matters if she likes it , but you know it’s going too far, her clothes I mean…again it’s not her fault as Cindy stated she will wear whatever her parents put on her…She really looks silly here!
    just my opinion!

  61. traveler says

    Oh for the love of God. You people are nuts. I’m quite sure that Shiloh dressed herself that morning. If that’s what she wants to wear, then so be it. No harm. Just a couple of months ago, there were pictures of Brad, Angelina, Zahara, and Shiloh at the grocery store and both girls had skirts on. Perhaps, they were playing dress up and Angelina asked if they wanted to go to the store with her, they said yes, and she just packed them up and took off. No reason to redress a kid for short trip. My sister once took her son to the store dressed in a tutu. He and my niece were playing and my sister decided it was to much of an effort to redress him just for a quick run to a store. And guess what. The boy is no worse for it. He still dresses in tutus sometimes, but he also plays with trucks and is in love with his light saber. Kids don’t generally follow gender lines when they’re that young. I’m glad that Angelina doesn’t force gender stereotypes on her children.

    As for Shiloh’s tooth, my guess was that it was knocked out in an accident. Those kinds of things happen. My niece currently has a black eye. Such is the life of a child. It doesn’t seem to have affected Shiloh’s sunny disposition any.

  62. It's Me says

    also think its strange that a three year old has lost a tooth already…..hmmmm

    most dont lose their first tooth until about five or six years old…..

  63. It's Me says

    100% agree with:

    1.) Angie needs to learn how to deal with Afro-American hair. It looks DRY. Can’t just ‘wash-n-go’ like white children.
    2.) Shi did not “pick” that outfit to wear…more than likely, Angelina-just to prove how eccentric she is-pulls clothes from her older son’s closets, and presents them to Shi in a sense of “Want to dress like Jon (peter pan) today?”
    It wont kill her to dress her in something SLIGHTLY feminine!

    LOLOLOL @ “homegrown” kids

  64. Dnice says

    I think Shiloh is cute regardless – and if she really did pick that to wear then so be it. I just don’t think she did. I agree with Cindy where this seems like something Angelina is imposing. Love the Jolie-Pitts but I think Angie seeks attention at times. And I agree with Constance. Do something with Z’s hair. You have a black child, learn how to care for her hair don’t just let it run wild because you don’t know what to do with it.

  65. be nice says

    Where did anyone suggest that wearing tomboy clothes will make her lesbian? Have i missed something here? No one has written that. If they did it would be plain crazy.

  66. says


  67. Natalia says

    Aw I love Shiloh,she is so cute.But her clothes I am not sure,they can let her dress up like that at home ,but I am not sure about public place.I don’t Like Zahara,she is so ugly and her hair argh.I am sure Jolie do that to Shiloh because she wants all the attention to her adopt kid not Shiloh,she know everybody loves shiloh and want see shiloh and not ugly zahara.If she start dress up Shiloh like Suri she know everybody will say how cute e gorgeous she is and people will see how ugly is Zahara.And jolie always care more about her adopted kids argh.

  68. Jax says

    Yes, children wear what their parents put in the closet but it’s obvious these are handmedowns from Maddox and Pax so it’s not like they are buying boys clothes for Shiloh. She is imitating things she has seen in movies she loves and I applaud them for letting her have her way. How is it hurting anyone? And it is just plain silly to suggest it will make her a homosexual if she wears boy clothes.

  69. Renee says

    If wearing a tie is dangerous for Shiloh then wearing that necklace must be dangerous for Zahara too. I have a daughter who preferred to not wear dresses at that age, she was very tomboyish. She is a young adult now, and is very girly. I don’t think we can judge what Shiloh will be, or how she will act as a teenager or adult. I think those kids a well loved and well taken care of, well traveled, and will probably get a great education. They are both very beautiful.

  70. RubyJackson says

    Jayne~ that’s exactly the first thing I thought, too.

    Did anyone see the movie “Ma vie en Rose” about a young french boy who prefers to wear dresses? Beautiful story. I say let her wear what she likes, but I also agree the tie seems dangerous.

  71. Cindyo says

    Ok, now that’s a bit much! Shiloh doesn’t look like a girl at all! As #20 pointed out, three year old’s don’t “have their own style”. Most kids that age don’t care about clothes and “style” and will wear whatever their parent puts on them. And if they did care, it would only be for a second, and then off they go to play…wearing whatever is put on them. Ridiculous that Angelina will impose her own eccentricity on her poor children. Poor little Shiloh isn’t even aware of how silly she looks and that more people than not thinks it’s weird.

  72. nosoupforyou says

    Little girls that age don’t “have their own styles.” They don’t even buy their own clothes.

    They may want to pick out what they wear but mom and dad need to put it in their closet first.

  73. Kati says

    Those girls look just adorable. No matter what they wear they look happy and content. I don´t understand why people are so fixed on how Shi likes to dress herself. She still looks a very beautiful little girl. The way she dresses has NOTHING to do with her sexual orientation. She´s only 3 years old. She obviously loves that hat which so clearly is a miniature version of one of her dad´s trilby hats and that tie looks just hilarious. Zee looks absolutely beautiful. She is very much a girly girl. There´s nothing wrong with her hair. She has this most adorable naturally curly hair. She and Shi are really close to one another and that´s wonderful to see. Can´t wait to see these sisters out with their little sis Viv soon! That will be a cute sight!

  74. Jayne says

    Z is turning into a looker. Shi, not so much, but she is cute and seems good natured. I hope they do not let her tom boyish streak go too fat. After a while, it is more annoying than cute. Also, as teenagers, tomboys tend to have a low self esteem and confusion about their gender which is not good for any child. I say try to steer her towards her girly side.

  75. Niloofar says

    Shiloh is so precious looking, she looks so much like Brad…..I don’t agree with Shi’s outfit, it makes her look older and she looks like a boy here!

    Ana- No, everygirl doesn’t need to dress girly, but at least it should be CUTE, Shi’s outfit is not cute at all as Morvicaud stated…or even it’s awful if you ask me! WHY a “3” yrs old “girl” should dress like that???

  76. constance says

    These girls are beautiful! But why don’t she EVER do Zahara hair. Natural looks aren’t made for kids. There is no way I would take my daughter out looking like that.

  77. maia taylor says

    Can’t you see the kid is dressed like John from the “Peter Pan” movie, which is her favorite character, as Brad said on Oprah.
    She is just “living it out”. Leave the kid alone.
    Not everyone has to wear high heels like Suri Cruz!

  78. Dnice says

    I don’t like the outfit and I really don’t think at 3 years old Shiloh decided she wants to be a tomboy and picked that hat and tie. It seems totally contrived in my opinion. She may not be a girlie girl like Z but I think they can do better.

  79. denise says

    i don´t find anything wrong with shiloh´s outfit. however, i really don´t like it and probably would not let one of my two girls go out dressed like that. but being a mom, i know that you have days where you just have to pick your battles.

    i do agree that these kids never seem to look cleana or kempt at all. i encourage my children to have fun with dirt and such, but still want them to look somewhat acceptable. ´

    z looks absolutely beautiful though.

  80. Ana says

    OMG. Look at these comments.. again!

    Shiloh is adorable as Z! All JP kids have their own styles! That´s what matters!

    “OK who thinks that we have another chastity Bono on our hands.”

    OMG! Look at this comment? Could it be more unhappy? Why every girl need to be girly? Why every tomboy girl will turn lesbian??? Who said that????

    Wake up!

  81. Nicki says

    How cute. Many more pics, both smiling and happy, at other sites. They look like they are playing house. Looks like Zahara is the mommy and Shiloh is the daddy…..Or it looks like they are playing “Brad and Angie”. They look happy, heathly and loved. Cute.

  82. be nice says

    It just feels like Brad and Ange are trying too hard to prove a point. Or to show how liberal they are. It’s like their kid has a preference to wear ‘boys’ stuff so they never put her in anything else. OK so you got a tomboy for a daughter …….get over yourselves. You are not the first couple to have a girl who likes to wear boys things and you won’t be the last.

    I agree with Anne that the kids don’t look clean.

  83. morvicaud says

    You cross the limits Anne saying that the children don’t look clean! Really!
    Well, I don’t think Shilos outfit is cute at all (I wouldn’t even like it on a boy) but Z is adorable

  84. nicole says

    BUT THE PANTS IS strange
    is shilog wear like violet !!!!! must be good!

  85. Anne says

    It is so sad to see a little girl dressed like that. Children pick their own clothes but come on there is a limit, after all these clothes are availed by the parent.

    The tie is down right dangerous. The children also never look clean. I hate being an arm chair parent but this family and the way they do things just bugs the hell out of me.

  86. Kassie says

    Ok, I know everyone is gonna jump on me for saying this…but come on, really? I get “tomboy” or just not dressing your child girly to the extreme. I also realize that many children like to pick their own clothes out and I totally encourage that. I think it fosters independance and gives the child a sense of pride and accomplishment. That being said however, Shiloh looks COMPLETELY like a boy in this photo. I get encouraging their likes and dislikes and considering their own sense of styling when helping them choose outfits. But this almost seems like it could confuse her. I mean is she wearing boys underwear as well for crying out loud?! I think the outfits fine and all, but maybe to soften it a little, they could have let her hair down. She could still wear the hat. IDK. If i hadnt known better, I would have thought that was a boy. She is adorable though, as is Zahara.

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