Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes In Boston With Connor & Suri


Tom Cruise with Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise in Boston
Date of Picture: 10/04/2009
See the set: SPL130484
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Caption: Tom Cruise with Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise seen walking in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

Tom, 47, and Katie, 30, were snapped in Boston on Sunday with Suri, 3, and Connor, 14.

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  1. Anne says

    Tom Cruise looks great for his age but Katie desperately needs a makeover and not just for magazine photo shots because she looks close to 40 years now.
    Suri wears expensive clothes but they just don’t suit her and jeans and a turtleneck or pants co-ordinated with tops and proper shoes would look so much nicer on her. Her hair is a mess and there is no excuse and being a forum, this is my opinion like it or not.

  2. Mommy*of*2 says

    Tom looks a little upset! They are probably growing out Suri’s hair, but they should put a little clip to keep them from getting in her face!! Either way…she’s a cute kid!!

  3. Niloofar says

    HEY, that is Connor behind them? oh, I didn’t see him at the first sight! lol…he’s so tall (IMO) doesn’t he look older that 14?
    Morvicaud, How’s Arthur?…hope you’re doing well and thx for translatig by the way! =)

  4. calli says

    Katie H- please buy Suri some hair clips! In almost all of the photos of Suri, her hair is always covering her eyes like a dog.

  5. Dnice says

    It is my suspicion that Nicole is not as much a part of their lives as she used to be. I have rarely seen her with Connor or Isabella since they split.

  6. morvicaud says

    Niloofar, I think she is saying that Tom is a better parent than Nicole for Connor for som reason ^^

  7. bambamswife says

    Love this family and the Afflecks. Connor is a very handsome young man. Suri has always been gorgeous. So many people crucify celebrities for carrying their children. So many people crucify celebrities about everything when we don’t even know them.

  8. Niloofar says

    Suri is getting soooooo beautiful…
    Agreed…I’ve seen many pics of Suri walking!
    And can someone tell me what’s Mayra’s comment about? I just got the names! lol

  9. Dnice says

    If she is being carried she doesn’t really need shoes. And with papparazzi stalking their every move, I would probably be proned to carrying my small daughter too.

  10. Grow up Katie says

    BACKGROUND BEHIND CONNER…People talk about Violet
    being messy and hair unkempt…look at Suri who looks like she
    needs a good bath and a better shampoo.. ..

  11. mayra says

    connor es muy guapo de lo que se esta perdiendo compartir con su hijo,tom es mejor padre que ella

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