Ryan Phillippe & Deacon In Beverly Hills


Ryan Phillippe, 35, and son Deacon, 5, were snapped walking to a medical building in Beverly Hills on Tuesday.

Splash News Online


  1. Anne says

    Really, who all stays married in hollywood these days? One actor does better than the other and then the love scenes with attractive women etc. It happens all too often-big deal. Better to stay single.

  2. anti says

    I don’t think he’s attractive at all – must be that adultery thing, yeah that’s it, taints his looks for me forever.

  3. P says

    Dirty pool. This is Deacon coming to his doctor’s appointment. You can see how worried he is, like all children at the prospect. Other sites have pictures of them coming out with Deacon clutching two candy suckers and looking more relaxed. I think Ryan is a fine actor and his career seems to be right where he wants it to be. He has stated more than once that he hsd never wanted to be a “movie star,” just a working actor.

  4. Dnice says

    Deacon is cute. He looks like Reese. I always thought Ryan Phillipe would have been a bigger name in hollywood. He’s so hot.

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