Heidi Takes The Kids To Karate


An expectant Heidi, 36, was snapped taking Henry, 4, Johan, 2, and Leni, 5, to Karate class in Hollywood on Tuesday.
When they were snapped leaving the karate school, Leni, Johan, and Henri had graduated from Taekwondo and were sporting yellow belts.

Heidi recently shared that she believes parents are responsible for their children’s eating disorders. She doesn’t blame the fashion and entertainment world for eating disorders as she believes that it’s the parents’ role to instill healthy habits.

“You can’t look at Hollywood and blame it, you have to make up your own mind whether you want to be fit, or super skinny. You can’t blame other people. It’s your own choice and if you have children, it is up to the parent to educate your children so they are healthy and they don’t go into a direction of anorexia or obesity,” Heidi said at the recent L.A. Confidential Magazine party to celebrate her cover. “It is up to you as a parent, it is hard to feed children right. I deal with it on a daily basis; it is much harder to make sure they eat right.”

Heidi and Seal also recently attended the Los Angeles launch of Bill Gates’s “Get School” initiative (designed to bring together students, families and community leaders to reform education across America) and Heidi shared that she has some concerns about showbiz careers.

“When you hear that every 26 seconds drops out of school you get worried. You want them to stay in school and you want them to have a vision of what they want to be and give them ideas and encourage them. I definitely want to get involved and do that, think about job ideas,” Heidi explained. “Nowadays children look at everyone in the magazines and they want to be a basketball star or on a television show, but there is only so many people who can do those things and not that you shouldn’t aim or dream for these things, but there are so many other fantastic jobs. So it’s good to talk about how to get there and how difficult it is to get there.”

Heidi is almost nine months pregnant with her fourth child and is busy trying to tame the other three who excitedly jump on her big belly because they “don’t really understand there is actually a real human being in there.”

Heidi shared that she doesn’t know if she’ll be back to her bikini body in time for the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in November.

“I have to play it by ear; I might be cutting it a little short this time. I’m still going to have my Halloween party, that’s okay because I can put a big costume on but walking in a g-string is a little hard,” Heidi added. “It’s all cute when you’re pregnant, but once you’ve had the baby it’s not so… well, it takes time.”

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  1. bay gurl says

    Gosh! Helene a.k.a Lenny loooks just like Heidi momma!! her gram a lot, johan is so gorgeous hair and all and lil Henry has an interesting look he is adorable too. can’t wait to see her lil girl when she comes……………………………

  2. lolla says

    Cute kids although Henry always have to be pulled on the arm to walk shame i think the poor kids is scared the paps give them a break already.

  3. momof3grownkids says

    She is full of crap to think it’s the parent’s fault if the children have an eating disorder… wait till her kids are teens… you can’t be there every second and when the move out you AREN’T there every second. YES honey… it is the fashion world’s fault for making teenagers think they aren’t good enough… you can teach your kids proper food habits till your blue in the face… it only takes one “model” to flaunt and you Ms. Heidi and your people have ruined everything! Mark my words… you will deal with what all parents go through NO MATTER how perfect of a parent you THINK you are!

  4. Niloofar says

    Heidi could at least take a brush to the boy’s hair. It looks dry and brittle, they’re SO CUTE though…imagine what they’d look like with a nice haircut

  5. Cindyo says

    The smallest boy is just the cutest thing ever! Yes, Leni looks just like Heidi, she will be beautiful when she grows up!

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