Sam Mendes Walks Mia & Joe To School


Sam Mendes was snapped walking the kids to school in NYC on Tuesday morning.

Mia, 8, is Kate Winslet’s daughter with ex-husband, Jim Threapleton, and Joe, 5, is Kate’s son with husband Sam.

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  1. Verity says

    He signed a petition *demanding* the immediate release of child rapist/sodomizer Polanski.

    Why bother holding your daughter’s hand, Mendes? You aren’t “protecting” her from anything.

    It’s just a few years till she’s Polanski’s favorite target age. Send her on over to his house: he’ll be “artistic” with her.

  2. Madison says

    Sam looks like he’s considering strangling the paparazzi, but can’t cuz his hands are full of children. he actually looks personally offended at having cameras in his face. aw well, cute kids.

  3. b says

    Agreed, Joe looks very like his beautiful mother. The daughter takes after her father, not much of Kate obvious in her features, at least at this age.

  4. Sharrie says

    wow…Sam does not look too happy to be having his picture taken.
    Joe looks just like him though.

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