1. calli says

    #16- Not true that ONLY adults do NOT like boys hair long, stringy and sissy. Just the other day my 8 year old daughter was waiting in line and my daughter started talking to her and saying “SHE.” The 6 year old girl then said “I’m a boy!” I thought IT was a girl too. Sorry- but long hair generally looks terrible on boys: Look at Celine Dion, Cindy Crawford, and Kate Hudson’s sons. They all look terrible, messy. Celine Dion’s son actually looks like a stunning girl.

  2. Cindyo says

    Sara – I am sure you son gets teased for looking like a girl. Just because you don’t see it or he doesn’t tell you doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. You say we need to grow up – well I think you need to wake up. And even if it were true that only adults cared, so? Then there’s the aspect of the parent being embarassed…I guess you aren’t, but I would be embarassed if my little boy looked like a little girl. I don’t think pink is adorable on little boys…men, well that’s a different story.

  3. Ronnie says

    I really have nothing against boys wearing pink and i think it looks totally adorable [and fits in with the whole prep thing theyve got going on]

    but i actually think that might be a girls hoodie; since there is a little heart in the corner of the pocket

  4. Sara says

    My son often gets mistaken for a girl (he has fairly long hair), and the only people who get their panties in a twist about it are adults. Kids always accept it when he says that he’s a boy, no one’s ever said anything about it – except for adults (“But pink’s for girls!”, “Only girls have long hair!”). Grow up, people.

  5. Cindyo says

    I think boys wearing pink should maybe be reserved for when they are grown up and there is no question of their sex. Whether we like it or not, pink is associated with girls and until a boy is on the verge for puberty they can easily be mistaken for a girl if they are wearing pink (or if their hair is too long), let’s not give kids another reason tease, it’s hard enough growing up as it is…just my opinion.

  6. Sara says

    SbK, I get that it’s a “girl colour”, just not why it’s a “sissy colour”.
    Following that logic, “real” girls shouldn’t wear blue, green or, heaven forbid, black since those are all “boy colours” and make them tomboys (which generally isn’t considered bad)?

    I say f*ck that. Colours are just that, colours, and if a boy wants to wear (bright) pink, so what.

  7. Niloofar says

    Pink is a pretty color for both girls and boys, who said it’s just for girls or it’s sissy for boys?! LOL that’s a funny statement!
    And his sweatshirt isn’t BRIGHT pink! do you prefer seeing him in black or dark colors?

  8. SbK says

    I’ve never seen an action man doll in pink clothes. And I don’t recall ever seeing any pink young boys clothes. I’m not against boys wearing pink, I quite like to see boys in pink. But as babies, boys and girls generally look the same, hence why boys are dressed in blue and girls dressed in pink, so that it is easier to tell if that baby is a boy or a girl. Which is why pink is considered a girls colour.

  9. Sara says

    @5: What’s wrong with a boy wearing pink? My 4yo loves pink, and he’s the first to play with cars all day and roughhouse with other kids. *shrugs*
    No one would think twice about a girl wearing blue. Why is everybody always so up in arms about boys wearing pink?

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