Gwen Stefani & Sons In Bel Air


Gwen, 39, was snapped carrying Zuma, 1, while a nanny held Kingston, 3, heading to a Bel Air deli on Monday. Upon discovering that the deli closed for Yom Kippur the group headed back to their car.

Burglars attenpted to rob Gwen’s home in the Primrose Hill neighborhood of London over  the weekend while Gwen was performing in Singapore. Though the burglars stole items from the home below Gwen’s, they were unable to break into Gwen’s home.

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  1. Kassie says

    adorable little boys, i am not a fan of the mohawk on little kids though…or adults for that matter now that i think about it.

  2. molly may is 11 says

    Gwen i am your most favorite fan i love you!!!! Your kids are the cutest little boys ever!! My mom loves your husbends songs but i love your songs!!! Your the best!!! I hope i can come see a concert of yours or your husbends!!! Hope i can come see you someday!!!!!!!

  3. RubyJackson says

    …Upon discovering that the deli closed for Yom Kippur the group headed back to their car…

    That’s classic!


  4. It's Me says

    i LOVE Gwen Stefani’s style! She’s such a hip mommy! Her boys will appreciate that later on…*LOL*

  5. Niloofar says

    Zuma is adorable, he has a perfect round head and a plump little body! and Kingston has always been a very pretty boy…

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