Tori Spelling & Liam Out Shopping In Malibu


Tori Spelling, 36, grocery shopping with her son Liam, 2, in Malibu on Saturday.

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  1. Anne says

    Why do people have to be beautiful to be in love and have a happy family? Dean is still with Tori and she loves him. Don’t always believe the rag magazines although I am sure Dean does rely on Tori’s paycheque more than his. Also on their realty show, Liam needs nanny 911 to straighten him out as he is a spoiled little fella and lacking the proper discipline needed.

  2. oriana says

    Liam is a mini Aaron Spelling. These kids are not adorable, sorry! Tori’s head looks too big for her body and her wimpy husband has a long horse looking face to me. I do believe they are happy, not fake at all and I think the marriage will last, as long as he remains the puppet that he is.

  3. Anne says

    Come on now people, she is not the only one who dresses like that. Stop picking on her and check out all the other actresses who dress like bag ladies.
    Hopefully the pool and swimming is the cause of the light hair. Crocs are ugly and not comfortable.

  4. Jenni says

    Crocs make me want to barf, but they’re on such a cutie pie in this instance! Her kids are so adorable!

  5. Dnice says

    Liam is adorable. Tori after all these years in the business and growing up in Hollywood – still is in need of a good stylist. Nothing ever seems to look right on this woman.

  6. Madison says

    I don’t think she dyed his hair. Both my sister and brother had hair that color when they were babies and it darkened a little over time.

  7. Misti says

    I love Tori, but those shoes are hideous! And her boobs are fake, that’s probably why they stay the same size.

  8. Niloofar says

    No matter how much weight she gains or loses, the boobs stay the same size, and that’s weird without bra! someone that skinny would not have boobs that big.
    Liam is really ADORABLE and I like his hair.

  9. Cindyo says

    You think she would actually dye her child’s hair??? I highly doubt that…!!! She’s a lot of things, but not totally wacked out…like Wacko Jacko, now that’s someone who I think dyed his son’s hair.

  10. Cindyo says

    Liam’s hair is just a little longer and looks like the sun has bleached it a bit. I think it’s cute.

  11. Cindyo says

    I don’t think she looks too skinny, some people are just naturally thin…but yes, a bra is in order!

  12. Rose says

    I’m never all that crazy about Tori’s clothes whether she’s on the red carpet or just going about her everyday life – but her everyday clothes are truly heinous – especially in light of the fact that she spends so much time on her show talking about how fashionable and chic she is. I understand that most people don’t look as good in casual clothes as dress-up clothes, but it’s there a happy medium. Couldn’t she find casual clothes that aren’t that hideous?

  13. Madison says

    Liam is ADORABLE! Awww! Natalia, what’s wrong with his hair? Or does it look different than usual or something? I think it looks cute.

    Mom needs a bra, I can see her nipples.


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