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Rebecca Gayheart: Pregnant and smoking?!

Tom, Katie and Suri in Boston.

Bunny love for Isla Fisher and Olive!

Suri strolls along Newbury Street in heels!

Mariska Hargitay and son at LAX.


  1. Ronnie says

    well, i’ll add the positive comment should i?
    Way to go Mariska; a celebrity parent who values the right things, and just how cute is little August??

    p.s. i also agree with cindyo

  2. Cindyo says

    All this fuss about Suri in heels and not one word about the pregnant smoking woman. That’s what freaks me out!

  3. Tia :) says

    Those are play heels. I swear my 3 yr old daughter has ones that look exactly like that!
    I let her go to the grocery store with me sometimes with ones like that on? what the big deal? They’re dress-up shoes!

  4. Sara says

    @Kasha: The heels sold at toy stores aren’t nearly as high as the ones Suri is wearing (at least here they aren’t). Those are actual heels, at least 1.5″ I guess. NOT appropriate for a 3yo.

  5. Kasha says

    The people who are “outraged” by Suri playing dress up and wearing heels are crazy. Sorry. But it is true. I wore heels when I was little. A lot of my friends wore heels. They sell them at EVERY major TOY (get the word) store! It is like these people have NO clue to what little girls like to do. Boys tend to like guns and little girls LOVE dressing up like big girls. Settle the heck down. Yes, wearing play heels is right behind wearing a push up bra. It is not like she is in heels 24/7. A little perspective is necessary in order to function. Seriously, people. Try to think about it.

  6. Wow! says

    There’re supposed to be dancing shoes! She is 3 and in that age they love to dress like a princess and all that stuff. Probably she’s got the dancing shoes and that day she didn’t want to take dem off. And sometimes you just let them wear all those things until they get a bit tired of them. I know lots of girls in my area who have princess dresses and shoes with heels and often they wear them while playing outside.

  7. denise says

    the picture of suir in heels is just terrible.
    i can´t believe they would let their child wear shoes like that out and about. but, it doesn´t surprise me too much, considering that they never seem to able to dress suri in weather appropriate clothes either.
    plus, i think suri is definitely running this family.

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