Katherine Heigl & Husband Introduce Naleigh!


Katherine Heigl and husband Josh Kelley have released the first photos of their 10-month-old daughter Naleigh, whom they adopted from South Korea.

“Katherine, Josh and Naleigh are together and doing well,” Katherine’s rep said in a statement.

Naleigh, a special-needs child, “was actually born the day before me in November, which I thought was really serendipitous and just kind of like a sign,” Katherine, 30, said on The Ellen DeGeneres Show last week.

Katherine said she named her baby after her mother, Nancy, and her sister, Margaret Leigh, who was also adopted from Korea.

Katherine and Josh, who wed in December 2007, have been preparing for a baby since late last year.

That’s when they applied to adopt from Korea — completing an exhaustive, 40-page questionnaire that grilled them on everything from personal backgrounds to parenting philosophies.

“Katie and Josh were aware it could take years, so they were being patient,” said an insider. Of their willingness to care for a special-needs baby, the insider said, “they are thrilled to have a child in their lives, no matter what the challenges.”




  1. Marilyn says

    As a mom of a special needs child I am so impressed with Katherine and Josh’s desire and need to give their heart to a child with challenges. What a beautiful family!

  2. Blair says

    That is great news.

    It never ceases to amaze me how hateful the people on this blog are. Of all the blogs I check daily, there are the most awful people on this one. Why? It’s a baby blog for pete’s sake? Not all are mean, but there seems to be a lot of hatred on this “baby blog.”

  3. Cindyo says

    Once last thing….that is the cutest baby ever! Even though I think Katherine Heigl’s personality is to be desiresd, she’s got the sweetest daughter!

  4. Cindyo says

    Actually, you don’t even need to be clever to know that the real Honey would never write comment #26. That would be a kind gesture and whether you are lovely or not in real life, you sure aren’t here. hahaha

  5. Sarah says

    Aliciasweets85: You say “whyy can’t she have a kid of her own? is she afraid of getting fat?” There is an article on this very website if you search “Heigl” about Katherine being afraid of childbirth.

    And in response to your comments about her adopting out of the country…as others have already pointed out, she wanted to adopt from Korea because thats where her sister was adopted from.

    BTW…this is one ADORABLE baby…there are more pics if you look up katherine heigl on Justjared.com . I couldn’t stop “aaawwwing!”

  6. Honey says

    “A heart made from ice”, “A mean spirited person”
    Who do you think you are?? A Therapist?
    It doesn’t assume that how I act on here is how I act in real life! If you knew me in person, you’d think I was lovely…

  7. Honey says

    I have decided to be nice to everyone from now on. I have posted some terrible things in the past and i am truly sorry for any offence i may have caused. Please forgive me.

  8. hkd says

    What a lucky little girl. It seems she is very much wanted and loved.How do Honey’s posts stay on here? Another person with a sweet name but a heart made from ice.

  9. Honey says

    babyrazzi junkie, I have a right to post here like everyone else does. If you don’t like what I say, don’t read my posts! Simple as!

  10. Cindyo says

    Wow, Niloofar! You’ve gone from super sweet to a little b*tchy. I dont’ know which I like better.

  11. R U Serious says

    I don’t come here that often, but often enough to know that Alicia”sweets”85, is kind of an ironic name for someone who is so miserable and full of hate.

  12. warm says

    Every woman does not have a need to have a biological child. If you do, that is fine. But some people feel they need to help out children who are already in the world. And many times it has nothing to do with getting fat. However, even if I did have my own child, I would positively pass on the breastfeeding. There are many good formulas out there.

  13. Lizzie Belle says

    Oh my gosh Naleigh is adorable!!! Katherine and Josh look so happy! Congrats to the family on the addition 🙂

  14. babyrazzi junkie says

    Adorable baby! Congratulations to them for adopting a child. One less baby in an orphanage so who cares where this child came from. Lucky little girl – it looks like they’re crazy about her already 🙂

  15. midge says

    Very cute baby.

    One reason lots of people do not adopt in America is because of the laws and it being very difficult to do so. Often birth parents are able to change their minds after a baby is in an adopted home. The process to adopt out of the country is easier in that regard. Also, as many others said, she has a sister who was adopted from Korea, and said she has always wanted to do the same. No matter, what a lovely family they make.

  16. Niloofar says

    For God’s sake, just poke your nose in your own business…and if you’re really worry about the American needy children, go and adopt!

  17. Brittany says

    Adopting American DOESNT neccesarily mean adoping a white baby! I’m white. My family is very Irish in fact. My [American] adopted little sister is genetically black/italian

  18. Spuffy says

    She has stated in interviews that she wanted to adopt from South Korea because that was where her sister was adopted from. And it shouldn’t really matter anyways, a child in need is a child in need, no matter where they were born. In my opinion Alicia and Honey you are both being ignorant.

  19. Sarita says

    Alicia, why do you think an American baby is more deserving of a family than a baby from another country? All babies are equal, just be happy this little girl found a family.

  20. Aliciasweets85 says

    eeewww. how typical. hollywood star adopt out-of-country-kid.
    1.) why can’t she have a kid of her own? she afraid of getting fat?
    2.) why couldn’t she adopt an american baby? there are plenty of underpriviledged(sp) kids right here in the U.S. that need loving parents…

    **rolling my eyes**
    like i said, how typical.

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