Denise Richards Takes Sam & Lola To Ballet Class


Denise Richards, 38, was snapped taking Lola, 4, and Sam, 5, to ballet class in Malibu on Thursday. After ballet class Denise and her sister took the girls out for cupcakes.

Lola looks adorable in her ballet outfit!

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  1. Sarah says

    if you do any image search there are far more than 2 pictures of Sam smiling. She just doesn’t seem to like all of the paparazzi much.

  2. morvicaud says

    Hey girls, I have just googled “sam Sheen” for pictures and I got some pretty interesting result as 2 of the pictures showed a happy girl, while her mum look like pure crap. For me, it says a lot …

  3. Madison says

    I doubt they’re bruises. Looks like it could be a partially rubbed off flower tattoo or something. Let’s not jump to unfair conclusions without knowing anything about it, or without PERSONALLY knowing the family people involved.

  4. hkd says

    does look like a bruise but it is outrageous for #13 to say it looks like she has been grabbed !! No one has any idea how they happened. It could have happened a thousand ways all purely innocent !!

  5. Romeo Blue says

    I never thought these kids were cute. Yeah, and what is that on her arm. It looks like bruises to me.

  6. Niloofar says

    Denise wants the attention, she can avoid the areas where the paps are more likely to be…Actually her kids are very shy too, they’re not like some of other celeb babies, who are natrual around the cameras, like Violet.
    Btw, why does she always wear tank tops and cut off jean shorts!??

  7. morvicaud says

    Sorry Kasha but kids are the most adjustable persons in the world and the paps would have been able to take a pic where they are smiling by now. It just NEVER happened. All the other kids are (Hollywood) normal. Their parents should be able to give them the confort they need to feel safe around paparazzis. This woman can’t!

  8. Kasha says

    Sigh….the people who expect kids to be happy and waving when they are being stalked by the paps. Some kids adjust, some kids do not. It is obvious that her kids strongly dislike the paps. Stop picking on little girls; it really shows how sad your life is when you reach that level. And it amazes me that an adult would think not understand how stressful being followed is for a child, but instead acts like they are miserable little girls.

  9. Dee says

    They’re cute little girls, feel bad for them having Denise and especially Charlie as parents. Seems he only cares about the new baby boys now.

  10. Jordyn says

    I hope those are tatoos on Lolas arm, not bruises. Strange place for tatoos though. Looks like someone grabbed her hard!

  11. marti says

    Sam looks like the *demon child!! :O I’m sure all those cameras are frightening and confusing for a kid, but you’d think she’d be used to that by now. Smile Sam, you’d be so much cuter if you did. Denise has fabulous hair, btw.

  12. mallory says

    Both very cute girls, but sam looks like she’s goingto ki*ll (not sure if that word would trigger a ‘your comment is awaiting moderation” message, lol!) those darn paparazzis! I used to looooove taking ballet classes as a little girl. It says denise was taking both of them to ballet but sams not in a tutu.

  13. Niloofar says

    Way more sad looking pic of Sam, I’ve never seen her smiling, it seems that she doesn’t like being followed around and having her pics taken AT ALL! but Lola is so darn cute and adorable…

  14. Dnice says

    Lol. Sam looks less than thrilled in that pic. Lola looks so much like Denise’s mother – uncanny.


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