Jenna Elfman & Husband Expecting Their Second Child


(In the above pic Jenna is pictured when she was pregnant with her first child)

Jenna Elfman is pregnant on the upcoming sitcom, Accidentally on Purpose, and in real life! Jenna revealed her baby joy Wednesday morning on CBS’ The Early Show.

“I have a baby in my tummy — but a real one, not just for my TV show,” Jenna, 37, said. “My character’s pregnant tevealed her baby joy Wednesday morning on CBS’ The Early Show. he whole first season, so I said, ‘It’s a good time to have another baby, because we won’t have to hide it.'”

Jenna and husband, Bodhi Elfman, who have been married since 1995, are already parents to son Story Elias, 2.

On her new series, which premieres on September 21st on CBS, Jenna plays a woman who becomes pregnant by a much-younger one-night stand.

Jenna joked, “By episode three, if you look closely once it airs, you’ll see … ‘Oh is she a little bloated? Did she have a big dinner?'”

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  1. Lizzie Belle says

    Congrats to Jenna, Bodhi, and Story! I can’t wait to see the little addition and hear the name! I love Jenna; she is so funny!

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