Kimora Lee Simmons & Children At Baby Phat Fashion Show


Kimora Lee Simmons, 34, was snapped on the runway at Tuesday’s Baby Phat show during the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2010 Collection in New York City with Ming Lee, 9, Aoki Lee, 7, (her two daughters with ex-husband Russell Simmons) and 5-month-old Kenzo Lee (her son with Djimon Hounsou).

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  1. Niloofar says

    And, why don’t you post on the other threads, Jess!??? come to other threads too, we will have fun!

  2. Niloofar says

    It was better if my comments weren’t moderated, they were the nice ones! you know, Iran has a way toooo long history and the civilization of ancient Iran was the FIRST and BEST civilization ever, about 8 thousands yrs ago!

  3. says

    That is so cool, the meaning of your name is just so nice!
    wales is always cold we don’t even have a good summer!
    it is so cool that i can talk to someone and learn about a whole new world! it is really interesting to learn about another place!

  4. Niloofar says

    the race of an original Iranian is white, people are muslim and christian, Iran is a cold country but in the south of it, it’s usually warm, I live in Tehran( capital), it’s in the north, right now it’s rainy and way cool, the lifestyle of Iranian people is like yours, not a much difference, Iranian have more in common with English than American, for example football has the most fans(lol) the football teams of Iran are usually the best in Asia…

  5. Niloofar says

    Oh I see, clearly it wasn’t you! and my name means the water lily flower, people call me “Niloo” …

  6. says

    Niloofar that comment was not me my name is in blue your name is very cool does it have a meaning? what’s it like the Iranian way of life is it different well what i mean is the uk and usa drive on different sides of the road and our money is different and over here it jelly not jello. you know stuff like that if you know what am on about!

  7. Niloofar says

    Haha…You’re very cool Jess, but you’re wrong, I’m all white! I said Iranian not African! LOL
    Any questions?

  8. Niloofar says

    Jess- To say ALL people here are one way isn’t right, but no need for saying sorry, we have many people who post way more offensive comments and don’t say sorry at all! haha…I’m Iranian, by the way 🙂

  9. says

    Nicole i really don’t care i am really glad your not my mother i would HATE it if you was just move on.

    Niloofar i am from wales in the uk 🙂 you? Niloofar i am sorry for my comment i was not addressing everyone i just got really mad about the people who pick on little kids when then is no need for it i know some people don’t like her thats up to them.

  10. Niloofar says

    To be honest Nicole, I really like your comments, you’re not like SOME OF these women who are emotionally immature and have their heads stuck up their!!! lol
    I think Jess is a nice girl, however her comment in #27 was rude…but she really doesn’t want to be mean! 🙂

    Jess- May I ask where are you from? =)

  11. Nicole says

    What exactly did I call you? A baby?? Well, you are. You’re as you would call it, unmature and you don’t have the foggiest idea of what the world is like. I have hardly judged you. I’m glad I’m not our mom because if I was and you talked to me the way that you’re talking to me, I’d make your life a living hell. As far as the “wo” is concerned- my mistake- I forgot the h. I think that I know how to spell who.

  12. says

    Nicole 1st off you are a bully and you show it by what you are calling me! 2nd I don’t live in America so no I am not learning to drive 3rd you don’t know me so don’t judge me!
    You are not my mother you are not better then me so don’t even think about addressing me in that way!
    Oh and by the way miss perfect it’s who not WO! now do i make my myself clear!!

    Niloofar I would have never have guessed that you are just 16 🙂 oh and sorry about my spelling I am not perfect but I do try yes I make a few mistakes but hey there is plenty of time left in life to correct them 🙂

  13. Nicole says

    Jess- #1- I’m not a bully, #2- I’m hardly going to take advice from an immature little baby like you who probably is just learning how to drive, and #3 if you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen. Kimora is fat and her kids are not cute. This is my opinion. Did I make myself clear? It sounds like you’re the one wo needs counseling. You know you can get a job at 16- it’s called a work permit.

  14. says

    Nicole people sit on here like YOU!!! and bully people who have learning problems and by the way just to let you know you are picking on a 16 year old so if that’s what you like to do all day is pick on people then carry on because you are really SAD. Bullies only pick on other people to make them feel better about themselves so why don’t you go get some counselling for your problems then come back to me when you have because i know i have some problems with my spelling but it’s not the end of the world so many people struggle with it. and by the way if your so well educated whitch you claim you are whitch i doubt very much then get of here and get a job or better still a life!!!!!

  15. Nicole says

    No, Jess what’s immature is someone who doesn’t know how to spell. You are making horrible comments about us so practice what you preach…and buy a dictionary while you’re at it. You sound ( and probably are) extremely uneducated.

  16. says

    This site is ridiculous full of horrible people, so unmature it’s pathetic of all of you who come on here to make horrible comment’s!

  17. Niloofar says

    Tia – That’s just for a more interesting read, it’s not all going to be sunshines here!
    I agree with this sentence “if you don’t have something nice…” but saying that the kid isn’t cute is not a bad or negative comment, however I’ve seen some posts saying that the kid is “hideous”, this is a negative comment and that person make such this comments deliberately…
    Actually, I really like your posts, they’re always friendly and so nice, it seems that you’re a very kind person, in fact all nurses are so kind, like my mom. 🙂

  18. Tia :) says

    Im sorry, I just think pepole can simply look over it if they don’t think the kids are cute. Remember the old saying ” if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all?” I’ve come across many children on this website over the years i’ve thought to myself “wow..she’s not very cute” but i keep it to myself.
    Im not here to start arguments, I just dont think the WM put these pictures up for everyone to judge on whose children are cute and whose children aren’t.

    That being said, yes, this is a blog, i get that there are different opinions. I just don’t understand why the negative comments have to be directed towards the poor kids.

    Niloofar- I am taking it easy 😉

  19. Niloofar says

    “Kimora is not fat at all” !?? LOL
    Maude- Defensive aren’t we? “She’s fat”…that’s just a statement which is neither negative or positive, it’s just an observation! and yes I was thinking the same too, she’s a huge woman! Get over it!

  20. Maude says

    #2 What is wrong with you?!? Kimora is not fat at all.
    If that is fat, then most of us must be obese!! Use your eyes why don’t you.

  21. kasha says

    Women have hated each other and been catty with each other since the invention of fire. It is nothing new. Caveman #1 “Look, fire. We got fire! Fire! Did you hear me honey?” Mrs Caveman “Did you see her outift; she looked so fat in the light of the fire.” Women don’t change.

  22. Kelli says

    Well said Dnice. I’m confused by the “whore” moniker. I’ve only seen her name attached to two men in the past 15 years she’s been known. And when she was married to Russell, he cheated on her over and over again. It kills me when people criticize her on Russell’s behalf when he is so loving and supportive of her even now – standing next to Djimon at the fashion show as she walked down with their respective children. She has NEVER bad mouthed her husband and refers to him as one of her best friends and her mentor. I don’t get it. Women nowdays just like hating each other. Have you noticed that you can fill a thread on hate but never on admiration? It’s the modern catty woman.

  23. Niloofar says

    Tia, I can’t stand this woman too but saying that her kids aren’t cute or anything doesn’t mean bashing them…take it easy 🙂

  24. Nicole says

    Tia- what do you expect when you come on a blog where you’re going to see different opinions? SImply stating that her kids aren’t cute is hardly bashing them. Some people just don’t think they are. I don’t. I have nothing against you and I hope you don’t take this the wrong way, but I just find it funny that different opinions can’t be welcomed.

  25. Tia :) says

    Some of you people are so ignorant. I can’t stand Kimora Simmons at all…but im not going to come on here and bash her poor children.

  26. Dnice says

    I’m going to ignore the instigation of the racial banter above. Love Kimora’s family. She looks very happy. Aside from just having had a baby Kimora also has a thyroid condition that causes her neck to appear swollen from time to time. I don’t know how anyone can call her a gold digger. She modeled, met Russell, married him,learned his business ( smart ) , became a part of his empire and made it her own. She has full control of BabyPhat now. And a new more couture line called KLS. Kimora may be a lot of things, a stupid golddigger is not one of them.

  27. Gbaby says

    I completely agree with angel! whats wrong with having black people on here? i thought racism was no longer an issue in 2009! if i had all that money i would spoil my children rotten too! i dont blame her.

  28. LadyOne says

    I agree 100% with #9!!! Kimora is nobody special. She is so full of herself that she doesn’t know how to treat the people around her!! I don’t know what’s up with the two girls….don’t they have the same father??? They look completely different, I think Russell got stuck paying for someone else’s child!! That Djimon fellow must be pretty weak, because what Kimora says is what goes!!!!

  29. Aliciasweets85 says

    settle down, angel. LOLOLOLOL

    she’s mediocre, at best…and her daughters are complete brats (which diminishes their “cuteness” a GREAT deal)

    just hope Djimon is prepared to cough up megabucks for little Kenzo…cause when she leaves him for another man (which she will), he’s still going to have to deal with her diva antics for the next 18 years or so…


  30. KMS says

    What I can’t stand about Kimora is her attitude. She is just plain rude to people. It is sad that she has all that success (whether she created it herself or not is up for argument) and cannot treat people well. Have you ever listened to her children on her show? Oh wow, if my kids spoke to people like that – they’d be in big trouble! Sheh is raising two brats just like herself.

  31. angel says

    The site is for celeb mothers, kids, and babies. Does it matter what race they are? Is it too black now or something?

    To the other haters, it doesnt matter if you dont like kimora, thats fine, but at least before trying to call her a golddigger man hungry whore…like did you look and realize she dated russell for a long time before they got married, then they stayed married for like 7 or 8 years, then she met djimon, dated married him…unlike other celebs out there who have dated and dated and have gotten much from many differnt men. You dont have to like her, but the real reason is not cause shes’ a golddigger! Golddiggers dont wanna do work! example that kim heffa from real housewives of atlanta! Owning a bussiness yea that would make her a bussiness woman. Golddiggers tend to go from one man to the next with all of their finacies dependant on the next man.
    dont be mad because your biscut isnt buttered on the same side yours is. yea she married a man with money, but she’s the one who turned it into her personal millions, how many women marry rich men and never get a job or do anything? not that that’s bad, but really, kimora, a golddigger, haters!

    she is fly her children are beautiful and I just wanna pinch that babies little legs

  32. Aliciasweets85 says

    LMAO@Nicole and KMS

    I couldn’t agree more.
    Her kids aren’t cute at all, and I personally think she is a tr@mp.

    she only sleeps with men, who she thinks will advance her career…

    she was model, then got with simmons to dip into the fashion industry
    now she’s with djimon, and it wouldn’t surprise me if she tried her greedy hand in acting; either for herself, or one of her brat children…
    next, she will probably date a chef, so own a restaurant: “Gold Diggers Chicken and Kimchee! Get a free baby-phat purse with every 6-peice!”
    Next she’ll probably date an athlete, so she can infect the sports world with her tr@mpi-ness…


  33. hkd says

    the kids look happy and healthy. The mum bless her just had a baby so she will look slighty ‘puffy’.

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