Malcolm McDowell & Family In Beverly Hills


Actor Malcolm McDowell, 66, and his wife Kelley were snapped out in Beverly Hills on Monday with their 8-month-old son Seamus.

Malcolm and Kelley live in Ojai, CA with their sons, Seamus, Beckett, 5, and Finnian, 2.

Malcolm was previously married to Mary Steenburgen and they have two children together; Lily Amanda, 28, and Charles Malcolm, 26.

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  1. Kasha says

    Just what I was thinking Dori! Just because a man can be bald, walking with a cane and wearing a diaper while you feed him oatmeal and he can STILL make babies does not mean that he SHOULD. It is beyond irresponsible and I have NO idea how these type of women hook up with men that could be their grandfathers. “He is just so sexy when he drools and losses control of his bladder”

  2. dori says

    and tell what is the physical attraction? Would you sleep with a man 40 years older??? ewwwww……..desperate and gold digging…come to mind

  3. dori says

    just because a man still produces sperm at this age doesn’t mean they need to keep fathering children …..This is nauseating

  4. Niloofar says

    Skye- That cold was nothing! lol…I was completely OK the next day…And I’m glad you’re better =)

  5. says

    I remember this guy. I am watching his movies before together with my dad when he’s still alive. I guess everyone has the right to criticize on someone. But I think their a happy family. Age doesn’t matter at all. As long as they love each other then what’s wrong with that. His baby is so cute!

  6. R U Serious says has a pic of Taye Diggs and Idina Menzel w/ their new baby. He is adorable!!! I would love for it to be put on this site, only I know there are some hateful people who would have negative things to say =(

  7. Lila says

    To those who don’t know who Malcolm is,you’re probably too young. Movies like “If” and “Clockwork Orange” made him very famous and are cult masterpieces.

    Samuel Beckett is a well known (to most educated people) Irish writer,playwrite and poet.

    Seamus (pronounced Shaymus) is a popular Irish name.

    …and that’s your lesson for today kids.

    Stay in school 😉 Love,Lila.

  8. nunya says

    You can tell the mentality of posters these days….He may be older. but if he wants children it’s his God given right. Men can have kids until the day they die.and women can’t…hmmmm….maybe there is something to think about!

  9. scarlet says

    This is gross a grandpa having babies . What was she thinking when hooking up with him? Yucky…

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