John Travolta & Kelly Preston With Ella To Promote Their New Movie


Nine months after their son Jett’s death, John Travolta and wife Kelly Preston took the stage with their daughter Ella Bleu, 9, to promote their new Disney film Old Dogs.

The family’s surprise appearance took place Friday at Disney’s D23 Expo in Anaheim, Calif. John held Ella’s hand as he helped Walt Disney Studios Chairman Dick Cook introduce the movie to fans. (All three appear in the comedy, which also stars Robin Williams).

“I always appreciate the audience’s love for me,” he told the crowd. “I hope they love Old Dogs as much as we do because I’ve got my baby in it.”

Jett passed away at the age of 16 after suffering from a seizure while the family was vacationing in the Bahamas last January.



  1. candy-0 says

    i recently lost my beautiful daughter on 4/2/09. until you have gone through this-you have no right to make any comments whatsoever. i will miss her and grieve for her til i die. you guys should stop and let these people just have some peace and quit with your comments-which mean nothing to them. i hope to see my daughter again one day. that would be a doesnt matter what religion you are -its still an awful heartache.

  2. mm says

    I agree with all the posts that Scientology is a rip-off cult and that it probably contributed to Jett’s death. Jett very obviously had Autism. Autism sometimes causes seizures. Enough with the B.S. claim that “carpet shampoo caused Kawasaki disease.” Kawasaki has NOTHING to do with seizures or Austism. The boy could not speak and had trouble moving. It would have been great if the Travoltas would have admitted Jett was Austistic- they could have brought more awareness to Autism instead of hiding it and denying it.

  3. Dnice says

    The point of the matter is that a mother and father have lost their son. Going before your child is completely un-natural. I don’t care about their beliefs, I am just sad for them.

  4. Cindyo says

    I am taking it easy, thank you…I was just saying sorry for “saying” what I thought instead just thinking it, sometimes that can be rude. That’s all.

  5. Niloofar says

    Yes, actually that’s the normal way my speaking! Not cruel, not nice! lol…And why do you say sorry?…c’mon, take it easy 🙂

  6. Cindyo says

    Actually, I was reading back. You weren’t that nice, but she doesn’t deserve even a little nice. 🙂

  7. Cindyo says

    Yes, a coupe of times. It’s ok, I just don’t get it. Sorry, don’t be mad at me…I think you are sweet.

  8. Cindyo says

    She’s charming, isn’t she? There are other types of drugs I could think of for Amanda and they have nothing to do with seizures.

    Niloo – why oh why do you insist on being nice to people like this??? Are you for real? I really think you are taking this peace, love and brotherhood too far.

  9. Nicole says

    Ha ha! Wow- so defensive! I really think that those seizures messed up your personality too! I wasn’t quizzing you psycho, I was just curious because my son has seizures.

  10. Niloofar says

    Personally don’t think that you lie Amanda! you’re just abit defensive and attack people who disagree with you!!!
    …I hope that you don’t have siezures anymore! =)

  11. Amanda says

    Dilantin, depacote, EEG (had to stay awake for 24 hours before hand) MRI and Catscans. I had both petite mal and grand mal seizures. Anything else you would like to quiz me on?? Give me a break. Get a life.

  12. Nicole says

    Amanda- juut out of curiosity, what are some of the names of the medicines that you have tried? What tests have been done? Were they partial seizures? What did you take when you had one?

  13. Niloofar says

    The fact is that they did what they “THOUGHT” was best for him…
    Amanda, if we were heartless, cruel, cold hearted or anything or we didn’t care about that a young boy has died, if we weren’t human and if we didn’t like this family, then we wouldn’t post lots of comments about Jett’s death here…
    He was as old as me when he died and I can’t believe to die in this age!!! the olny thing that I’m sure about it is that he COULD live longer, and ALSO this disease is not a disease that stays with your child for the entire life……unless organs were damaged from the high fevers. It sounds as it they have been very misinformed on lasting effects of the disease.

  14. Cindyo says

    Instead of just coming on here like a normal person and just saying what you think, you came on here FREAKING OUT on everyone. Ranting and raving, giving everyone crap (go back and read it yourself, you should be embarassed) …and you just won’t seem to stop. I think you’ve said more than enough…why don’t you just shut up now…but definitely do grow up.

  15. Amanda says

    Cindyo- I feel sorry for you. You have serious trust issues. My medical condition has nothing to do with this family. It was pointless to bring it up. I do not need to defend myself to you or anyone. I know the truth and thats all that matters.

  16. Cindyo says

    Amanda – Yes, I do think you made that up. Most people in such a debate would have mentioned something like that straight away and you didn’t. And anyone who says “my bad” is childish. Grow up.

    I like John Travolta and his family very much and wasn’t bashing them. I don’t respect the scientology aspect. It’s my opinion and I am entitled to it.

  17. bambamswife7 says

    WTG Amanda. Truth is none of us really know what actually goes on in celebrities lives. I only believe what actually comes out of their own mouths. Poor family lost their son. I like John Travolta.

  18. Amanda says

    I didn’t mean anyone any disrespect or to start a scientology debate here, I am a Christian myself and I don’t believe in it at all but I do love John and his family very much and I feel their pain very deeply. I am sorry if I upset anyone.

  19. Amanda says

    Bottom Line Here Is Simple…… They lost their child. Instead of being supportive or sympatric, you sit there and judge. They loved him dearly, that much was clear. They do not deserve to be bashed or anything simply because you don’t believe in their religion. The whole situation is horrible. I pray for the whole family. It was their decision plain and simple what to do with his meds. No matter what they did or didn’t do, their child is dead. And that is all that matters now. Anyone should be able to feel their pain. You are not human if you don’t.

  20. Amanda says

    LMAO Cindyo!! Why on earth would I make up a seizure disorder?? Talk about stupid comments. Can’t take it that some MIGHT actually know more than you do??? But I am the childish one!! My bad.

  21. Granny says

    I suffer from focal seizures after being hit by lightening in 1995. Upon retiring I quit taking medication. I always hated the way I felt on it and choose to live with short term memory loss over living in the medicated fog.

    No matter what caused the death of their son, I’m confortable that they were doing what they thought was best for him.

    Has anyone from the family ever verified that Jett did or didn’t take medication for seizures? I don’t believe that I have ever heard.

  22. Niloofar says

    I remember seeing Jett’s mom on Montel and said she blamed carpet for Jett’s health struggles. She said they followed L. Rob Hubbard’s (Scientology founder) “detoxification program” to help Jett. HUH! Who knows what that involved! Really makes me wonder if Jett got the right medical care. I also believe that carpeting is very unhealthy.

  23. Niloofar says

    “At least I am not bashing good people…”
    Who bashed them!??? why do you attack people for saying their opinions?? everyone knows that they’re Scientologist and that Scientology doesn’t believe in medications as Nicole stated…

  24. Cindyo says

    PS. I know you don’t care but; I don’t really buy your whole you had seizures yourself and medication made it worse crap, that’s unlikely – I think you made it up because you had nothing left you could say.

  25. Cindyo says

    Amanda – Why do you bash people who speak their mind and then so vehemently defend your right to do so yourself. Are you the only one who has the right to speak their mind? Some people might say “at least I am not defending people who contributed to their son’s death with their cult-like views.” like you are doing. Anyway, you really do need to grow up.

  26. Amanda says

    I have used to have siezures as well, and every medication I ever tried made them worse. So I KNOW very well what I am talking about. Its you that assume to know it all not me. I will speak my mind ALL I want. At least I am not bashing good people no matter what thier faith!!

  27. Nicole says

    Amanda- my son has seizures. He HAS to be on medication. Seizures can only be controlled by medicine. We are not in the 1800’s anymore when they didn’t have any medicine. The only people who medicine is not the answer for are people like the Travolta’s who belong to a cult or people who want to die-period. God put intelligent, gifted Doctors on the earth who have done research and who work with medications everyday that are here to help people. And if someone says that they use “herbal” medications doesn’t make it any less of a medication either. I really think that you need to grow up and mature a little bit, or maybe have a son who has seizures and then maybe when you go to open your mouth you will make more sense.

  28. Cindyo says

    When people have seizures, they need medicine. It’s not a judging, critizing, badmouth thing to say – it’s a simple fact. As Nicole wisely stated, you Amanda are a hypocrite. You sit there judging and criticize us for having an opinion – what do you think you are doing? At least we are basing it on facts. If they are Scientologists Jett was not getting medicine. Anyway, there is nothing that can be done now and my heart goes out to them. It’s just too bad they are involved in this cult and have to go through the pain of losing their beloved son.

  29. Niloofar says

    Amanda- I do not doubt that John Travolta loved Jett, it’s “natural” a DAD loves his son… and I felt incrediably sad for this family, I “hope” they didn’t rely on Scientology
    “vitamins” for Jett’s medical care and that the Travolta’s denial of Jett’s medical problems because of wacko scientology did not contribute to his death…
    And Nicole, I totally agree with you.

  30. Lizzie Belle says

    There’s no mistaking who Ella’s dad is! She looks SO MUCH like John. She’s growing up to be a real beauty, too.

  31. Amanda says

    You do not know if his son was on meds or not. Its GOSSIP. And you saying medicine isnt a bad thing is your OPINION. Not a fact. The fact is meds are not always the answer for everyone. Who are you to sit there and tell someone else what they should do for thier child?

  32. Nicole says

    Amanda- the fact is, Scientology does not believe in medications and their son died as a result. If they would have done anything in the world for him, they would have found a medication to help control his seizures. Medicine is not a bad thing. The only judgemental blog that I see on here is yours. Please don’t tell me who I can and can’t judge hypocrite.

  33. Amanda says

    Man it must be nice to be so perfect to sit back and judge people when you do not even know the facts. You DO NOT know what went on in thier family at all. All you know is the NASTY and HORRIBLE gossip you heard about these good people. They LOVED thier son. They would have done anything in the world for him. How DARE you sit here and blame them for his death. I am sure John would have gladly taken his place. I cannot believe how absolutely heartless you people are. Put yourself in thier shoes before you are so cruel and cold hearted. RIP Jett!!

  34. Niloofar says

    Yes, medicine is not always the answer, but at least it could possibly have helped his quality of life.

  35. gh says

    there is a lot of speculation here. I hope that they did all they could for their son and believe still to this day that they did their best for him. If they don’t feel that way then it must be devastating for them. i dont know enough about the condition of their son to say weher they should have medicated more or not. i wish them all the best.

  36. Chelle says

    my word the negativity astounds me–John is showing his age a lot more since losing his son–that says a whole lot–medicine is not always the answer–in fact, forcing medicine on some to prolong life steals from the quality of life a person could have–the reality is that the Travolta family believes in an afterlife–in this country–people have just as much right to choose religion than to not choose it

  37. Niloofar says

    I have the aweful “gut” feeling that the Travolta’s belief in Scientology did more to ensure that their son did NOT receive the very best medical care that he COULD have had and SHOULD have had, if Jett was indeed Autistic…
    Anyways…I’m glad their life is on track now and wish them the best.

  38. morvicaud says

    Medication is one of many possibilities and it does not necessarily work for everybody … don’t know, don’t care, what is done is done and they surely loved their child. What I don’t get is why they didn’t get more small ones. They surely ought to.

  39. Nicole says

    Scientology is a cult. The reason that their son died is because they withheld any medications from him to treat his seizures. What kind of crazy BS is that? To me, it’s child abuse.

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