Colin Farrell & Girlfriend Expecting Their First Child Together


(The above older pic is of Colin, Angelina, Maddox and a bodyguard)

Colin Farrell confirmed that he and girlfriend Alicja Bachleda are expecting their first child together at the Toronto Film Festival on Saturday evening.

Colin, 33, and the Polish actress, 26, began dating earlier this year.

Below is a picture of Alicja.


This will be the second child for Colin. He has a 5-year-old son, James, with model Kim Bordenave.

Best Wishes!



  1. Jordyn says

    Im sure the Jolie/Pitt family is just as thrilled to have this picture under the heading!! Poor Max! What in the world was someone thinking? Bad taste.

  2. fee says

    Congrats to Colin and Alicja.

    I personally would have liked to see a pic of Colin with his son James instead of the one of Angelina and Maddox, but whatever.

  3. Cindyo says

    Amanda – people are just pointing out what doesn’t make sense to them…unless it makes sense to you? If so, please explain. I found it very confusing myself to see a photo of Colin Farrell and Angelina. I spent some time wondering what the heck this photo had to do with the story until I read the comments here and realized the answer – NOTHING!
    PS. I am with SbK – He’s hot!

  4. Amanda says

    Would it kill you people to be NICE once in a while and no so judgemental?? I mean get over yourself already.

  5. mslewis says

    So, I guess the webmistress could only find a 7 year old photo of Colin Farrell with Angelina Jolie to post here. After all, he had such a LONG relationship with Angelina (if at all) so posting a photo of her and her baby boy (who is now EIGHT) to illustrate a story about Colin and his new pregnant girlfriend is so relevant!!! Right??

    You are either lazy as hell or you want to start a controversy to get hits!! Either way, you show your ignorance!!


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