Katherine Heigl & Husband Adopting A Baby Girl


Katherine Heigl and her husband Josh Kelley are adopting a baby, her rep confirmed.

Kathrine, 30, and Josh 29, announced the news on Friday’s Ellen DeGeneres Show.

“It is a little girl and she’ll be 10 months at the end this month,” she said. “She was actually born the day before me in November, which I thought was really serendipitous and just kind of like a sign. I realized just recently that I basically forfeited my birthday for the rest of my life.”

RadarOnline.com, which first reported the news, said the 10-month-old is named Nayleigh.

On Ellen, Katherine explained the name.

“I am naming her after my mother and sister Nancy, Leigh,” she said. “So we call her Naleigh.”

Katherine, whose sister Meg was adopted from Korea, has said she “always planned” to adopt.

“I’m done with the whole idea of having my own children,” Katherine once told USA Today. “[It] doesn’t seem like any fun. I don’t think it’s necessary to go through all of that.”




  1. Nicki says

    Congratulations to KH and JK. And to the person who said she hoped she had quit smoking, I think she did. All the pics I have seen of her lately she has been sucking on lollipops lately instead of a cigarettes, so that’s a good thing.

  2. Skye says

    Everyone on here is weird on levels I would never even dream of. To any comments I directed at the wrong person because of someone else’s immature antics, I apologize. Others need to get a life, I am frankly a little bit creeped out.

  3. Cindy says

    Also, most intelligent people do not resort to swearing and use their vocabulary instead to express themselves…but I guess you are lacking.

  4. Skye says

    Wow, there’s a whole freekin novel on here. I frankly have lost interest and am moving on. LOL. Byeeeeee. I have my opinions and you’re all entitled to yours, plain && simple. Debating it any further with you seems a waste of my time.

  5. Cindy says

    Really Kasha, what is wrong with you? *sarcasm.

    You’re right. There are some people you just can’t get through to no matter what you say. Like you said, life is too short to keep on trying. Also some people can’t debate without getting all nasty. Look at us, I don’t think we agree about her personality (I don’t like her but I think you do, right?) yet we are not attacking eachother. That is what we call maturity in a healthy debate. Oh well, what can you do?

  6. Kasha says

    Yes, it is so RUDE of me to say that people who adopt also go through a beautiful experience and feel the same way about their children and the whole process as women who have biological children. Wow. I am really nasty.

  7. Kasha says

    And the funny thing is that my original comment was not even aimed at the one who keeps responding to what I said! lol Amusing indeed! My original comment was talking about how some posters feel that it is more “beautiful” and “amazing” when one has their own biological child versus an adopted one and I was saying that it was insulting to those who adopt and those who are adopted. I was NOT even talking about her personality! lol I was talking about the adoption issue! And then some poster decides to go off on me and act like I was talking about her personality and her being a saint for adopting……amusing. So amusing. And I wonder why I am talking about a lack of comprehension.

  8. Kasha says

    It is a waste of time to continue with some people. Some people do not have the comprehension that it takes to debate. 12 paragraphs later and they STILL did not answer what I was saying or actually debate the actual content of the posts. I will not argue with these type of people no longer. Life is too short. Although they are very amusing and they make me laugh with their inability to follow A to B to C.

  9. Cindy says

    I actually didn’t read it somewhere, I saw it on a Celebrity Bizz tv show – so I guess I did lie about that.

  10. Cindy says

    I can hardly believe you that!!! That I am attacking someone for adopting a child!!! In my comment I said it was great that she was adopting, she will be a fine mother and I was happy the child will have a family! Now go back and read and reread that.

    No one is questioning her for adopting a child. We are saying we don’t like her, completely unrelated. Why is that so hard for you to get?

    I actually did not name call – I said you were making yourself *look* like an idiot and I *asked* you if you were stupid. Read and rereading time. But since you brought it up, yes, I do think you are stu*pid and an idiot.

    “Fighting with some stranger for days upon days doesn’t seem worth it. ” And yet you do…

    Now really, give yourself a shake, grow up and think about what you say.

  11. Skye says

    And you ca call me an idiot, but you’re the one attacking someone for adopting a needing, child with special needs. If you search her name on this site, there is a whole article from a while ago about how Heigl is afraid of childbirth. And here people are questioning her for saving a deserving child as if she has alterior motives behind it.

  12. Skye says

    Cindy–I understand that you were just passing off information that you HAD HEARD (not necessarally believe, if you notice…i never said that)…when you made the comment that Heigl might be doing the adoption to steal someone else’s thunder. All I said in response was that I think that might be stretching it because before that post you had made it pretty clear that you aren’t a fan of Heigl. If I somehow misinterpreted your views, then for that I’m sorry. Fighting with some stranger for days upon days doesn’t seem worth it. What I STAND BY is that it seems people stretch the facts about things to make their point sometimes. He*l, even I am guilty of it from time to time, you know?

    And it’s funny that you are calling me stupid then proceeding to tell me to grow up. –Yeah, cuz name calling is so mature.

    And again, I have explained the name thing.I’m not getting into it.

  13. Cindy says

    btw Skye, caiden, Grace or whatever fake name you are right now – everyone can read and you have made yourself look like an idiot! hahaha

  14. Cindy says

    Are you seriously standing by your opinion that I said she did this to steal Ellen’s thunder? Are you that stu*pid? It’s in black and white that I didn’t. Again, grow up!
    AND it’s impossible to justify using a different fake name every time you post, one fake name is enough. You really are something else….very amusing!

  15. Skye says

    Cindy, again…I have read and re-read your statement and stick by my opinions.

    2ndly, I will not review my reasoning behind the name change again as I have already done so, and pretty clearly at that.

    You’re a waste of energy, so I’m going to leave it at that.

  16. Cindy says

    Actually Dnice, you make a lot of sense. I think you can debate productively too, but like me you are easily drawn into arguments. Maybe for the same reasons… 🙂

  17. Niloofar says

    Hmmm…I had many things to say…but I’d rather to don’t tell them!
    JUST, Have a good weekend and try not to make this blog, Kasharazzi again! lol =)

  18. Dnice says

    @ Kasha yet here you are still running your yap. It was never that deep and I am certainly not as upset as you seem to be. I commented on her personality and you keep trying to argue the point that my bashing her had anything to do with her adopting the kid. I said her comment was rude and I think it goes along with her general personality. You can disagree all you want. I welcome it. But to try to insult me because your mad about what I said is childish and so cliche of a blogsite. Agree to disagree or maybe find a more subtle way of making your point to me. Bashing someone is easy – to actually move someone to see something from a different point of view is what is commendable. You are saying you don’t have time to entertain me but you are continuing to leave these comments that are more like short stories. I even inserted a joke trying to lighten the mood of the thread that clearly went over your head. I’m not surprised -seems like that can happen very easily with you. You are so quick to co-sign with Cindy when she said she didn’t like Katherine’s personality either. I don’t see you jumping all over her.
    Kasha your quote was “And it blows my mind that after reading an article about a woman reaching out and taking a child into her home that others feel the need to bash her”
    I said good for the kid, I still don’t like Katherine and your all over me about it. Adopting a kid is a great act of love and generosity – but you seem to think that should erase the fact that I’ve thought she has been less than nice on many occasions. So get off of your high horse and try to think objectively about another point of view before start with rude comments. Hmm maybe that’s why you’re rooting for Heigl so much. You could be one in the same. Have a good weekend dear.

  19. Cindy says

    I agree with you Kasha, labour and delivery is not pretty and there were no roses, rainbows and butterflies for me. Once the baby is in your arms it’s pretty wonderful and makes all the horror worth it, but I can certainly understand why someone would want to skip that part. 🙂

  20. Cindy says

    It is frustrating, and I most definitely am not referring to you in my last post…you are one of the few I think who knows how to debate maturely.

  21. Cindy says

    Hate is a harsh word…comments are interesting to make even if your opinion on a person is negative. In fact, sometimes those are the most interesting comments because it opens up a debate, which can be fun. I must say it’s not too fun here though because people are too busy misunderstanding things, insulting people, attacking people personally and so on. It’s also easy to get trapped into an argument because it’s unbelievable how ridiculous people can be. Oh well, after a little while I am sure I will tire of it. Would be nice to discuss things with adults instead of petty little girls like this site seems to be full of.

  22. Kasha says

    I know Cindy! It is frustrating when people do not take the time to actually read AND try to comprehend what you are saying before they go off and post. It is really frustrating.

  23. Kasha says

    And one that I have learned (after doing the same thing) is that it is waste of time to spend time in a thread posting on a person that you freely admit that you hate. Whatever they do, say, wear, etc….is going to be hated by you anyway. I just find her to be a breath of fresh air; yes, her comments can be biting and she needs more of a sense of decorum, but compared to most actresses who are so afraid to say anything that is not sunny and bright and so superficial; she will say how she feels. I mean it is HER RIGHT to think that pregnany/childbirth is gross, disgusting, not fun and all of that and not want to be a part of that. Of course many will not agree, but she has a right to feel that way. Myself personally, I think the whole pregnany part is uncomfortable, long, and hard for the most part and the birthing part is no picnic either. I never have understood these women who act like, “I saw angels and light and roses when I was giving birth! I head a waltz and the heavens opened up….Ah, to be able to give birth every day!” Well, not for me.

  24. Cindy says

    Kasha – sounds like we are dealing with the exact same situation and people. It is so hard to read? I don’t think so.

  25. Cindy says

    Saying I wouldn’t put it past her for enjoying it is very different than saying I think she did it for that reason, which is what you were accusing me of! Doesn’t take a genius to see that. You seem to be very personally offended, is she your friend? Get a life.

    If you don’t want to be accused of disguising yourself then stick to one name. Do you think you are the only one who uses a fake name? You can use the same fake name all the time you know? Geez, you sound very immature, grow up.

  26. Kasha says

    Dnice: I am not going to “get into” a discussion with someone who does not know how to even follow the logical progression of thought with how the thread and our comments played out. I made a comment; you made a comment on my comments that was way off base and had NOTHING to do with my comments because you did not understand the point that I was trying to make and then I commented and once again you misunderstood it. So game over. I don’t have time to deal with illogical posts that don’t answer what I was REALLY trying to say.

  27. Skye says

    And before you jump all over it, YES i do realize that my name has changed from my last post. I don’t use a real first name on the computer nor do I use a real email address bc I was once a victim of identity theft that way, and had $5, 000 dollars stolen from me. (luckily the bank recovered it.) Anyways, yes, it is common for me to use false info on the internet instead of my real name as a safety measure. But the statements by CAELIN and SKYE were both written by me. So please do not even begin with the whole concept that I am disguising myself so that no one knows my identity when I express a thought.

  28. Dnice says

    Do you know how they say when you hang around another woman alot that your cycles will sync up? Do you think the same goes for people you blog with? Lol. This thread screams PMS lol.

  29. Skye says

    Niloofar its nice of you to stick up for her, but I read it quite properly. Her quote says she wouldnt put it past her. For someone who talks about not leaving parts out of other peoples comments, you sure left THAT out.

  30. Skye says

    And wow…if someone disagreeing with your statement is your idea of being “attacked”, you’re in for a rough life.

  31. Skye says

    Cindy, I did read your comment. And just to be sure I RE-read it. You ALSO say that you wouldn’t put it past her.

  32. ShinyHappyPeople says

    I hope for the baby’s sake she quits smoking.
    I don’t have any particular positive or negative feelings about this actress, I commend her for adopting a special needs child. And I like the name she created.

  33. Kelli says

    I don’t know – just guessing. Maybe what she meant with the “go through all of that” is the lengths some people go through when they have trouble conceiving. I feel similarly about it since I don’t think I can conceive but have always, all my life, wanted to adop,t so I won’t suffer through years of treatments and the heartbreak that often comes with them when I can simply open my heart to a little one who doesn’t have my DNA but needs my love. That said, I think it IS beautiful to grow a life in your body and I enjoy bump watching. I do also think, however, that some women can be snobbish about it. Just saying. 🙂

  34. Dnice says

    Kasha – Not once did I knock her for the adoption. Anything I said about her had to do with her personality. So perhaps it is you who needs to read your comments before you start spouting off.

  35. Niloofar says

    Wonderful job!
    Too many needy children in the world today, I have no idea who is she and don’t care what she has said, but I admire them for adopting a child…

    P.S, “I HEARD ON SOME TALK SHOW speculation that she is doing this to steal Ellen Pompeo thunder” This is what Cindy said…So please read the comments completely and don’t remove some parts to “change the meaning”.

  36. Cindy says

    * I screwed up my last sentence…but then again, who cares? It’s not like anyone is going to actually read it properly anyway…

  37. Cindy says

    Excuse me but I did say that I had heard it on a talk show and that I didn’t agree with it. People need to actually read the comments they you react…or should I say before you attack. Geez!

  38. Caelin says

    Are u joking with the whole ~shes doing this to steal someone else’s thunder~ thing? come on…it seems like you’re really stretching for something to look bad just because you dislike her for whatever reason.

  39. traveler says

    I doubt she did it to steal anyone’s thunder. Isn’t Ellen Pompeo currently pregnant? Katherine Heigl and her husband started the adoption process a year ago. That was long before Ellen got pregnant, so I highly doubt it was done to steal the spotlight.

  40. Cindy says

    I think it’s great she is adopting too and I am sure she will be a fine mother. I don’t have a problem with what she said about giving birth herself. It’s not for everyone, that’s for sure and understandably so. However, like Leea said, it’s the WAY she said it. But that’s who she is, she’s not a very nice person. It’s amazing how she can turn almost anything into a means of insulting people, even having a new daughter. I don’t like her as a person but at least that little girl will grow up with a family.

    PS. I heard on some talk show speculation that she is doing this to steal Ellen Pompeo thunder. I highly doubt that was the reason when deciding to adopt but I wouldn’t put it past her to be enjoying that aspect.

  41. Leea says

    I think it’s great she’s adopting. I think people felt her comment about pregnancy that “I just don’t see why it’s necessary to go through all that” was dismissive and belittling of something they felt to be a beautiful experience in their own lives. It doesn’t seem like anyone had a problem with her saying she would rather choose to adopt than give birth; it was more the WAY she said it.

  42. Joanne says

    People.com says the baby is from Korea and is special needs (don’t know what). I’m not particularly a fan of Katherine’s but as the adoptive mom of 4 children from China (3 of whom had special needs), I’m thrilled with her decision!!! I hope this encourages other families to look into adopting.

  43. Granny says

    Some people want to “parent” not necessarily to “procreate”. How many times have we known women who just love being pregnant and do it often when they actually make sorry parents. I don’t have any trouble with someone preferring to adopt. I have a daughter who adopted her second child and she feels that the adoption was just as emotionally satisfying as when she bore her son.

  44. Lizzie Belle says

    He name has been confirmed to be spelt Naleigh. I can’t wait to see pics of her! Best wishes being sent to the Heigl-Kelley’s on the addition of little Naleigh!

  45. Kasha says

    Exactly Caelin! (Very pretty name by the way!) I just don’t understand people dissing her and calling her out for this. I know that a lot of people do not like her and I totally respect that, but not in this instance. There are millions upon millions of kids that need good homes and I applaud her for providing one. And I don’t view her statement as anti-pregnancy at all. It is a lot of work and it is hard and there are way too many children that need homes and bless the people who decide not to populate this planet with more mouths to feed when they have the means to adopt a child who needs a good home.

  46. Caelin says

    Wait, is it Naleigh or Nayleigh? The article contradicts itself unless one of the below is sopposed to be a nickname or intentionally shortened name or something…

    “RadarOnline.com, which first reported the news, said the 10-month-old is named Nayleigh.”

    “I am naming her after my mother and sister Nancy, Leigh,” she (Katherine Heigl) said. “So we call her Naleigh.”

  47. Kasha says

    I forgot to add that my above comment was in reference to the poster who made the “saint” comment.

  48. Kasha says

    Nobody said that adopting a child made a person a saint. So you can put the violins away. The comment was made (and people really need to start reading for context) that it is a beautiful thing to have a child AND to adopt a child and it is not more beautiful when you bore a child than it is to adopt. Sigh. I wish people would take the time to read posts and not let their hatred over a certain celebrity cloud their ability to comprehend what someone is trying to say.

  49. Caelin says

    Kasha, well said…I couldn’t have put it any better if I tried! I have read and RE-read the quote over and over…and I cannot wrap my mind around how anyone has intrpreted it as “rude”…It’s not rude to feelt hat labor and natural childbirth isn’t fun…it’s incredibly painful and stressful! She’s not saying that having a child naturally is not beautiful, special or rewarding…she just does not want to go through the hardships that go along with it, when she can adopt a child who is more needing and desperate for a home and family without all of the pain and morning sickness and backaches, and moodswings, risk of complications during labor/birth, etc, etc. Need I go on? I think what she is saying is that she sees how adoption can really benefit a needing child, whilst being a little less complicated for her in some ways. Can’t blame her for that. But I don’t think it makes her anti-natural childbearing or anything like that.

    BTW, it mentions that Katherine’s sister was adopted from Korea…i wonder if that is where Nayleigh is being adopted from as well?

  50. Dnice says

    Oh please (violins playing) Adopting a child doesn’t make you a saint. Good for the child, she’s still a wretch sorry. Rude people are moms too.

  51. Kasha says

    The “most beautiful” thing that one can do is to LOVE a child. The act of having a child is not the most beautiful thing one can do. It does not matter if you bore him/her of if you adopted him/her. The beautiful part of the equation is that the child is wanted and loved and protected. Some people need to get over the notion that the most “amazing thing a woman can do is give birth.” It is insulting to women who CANNOT give birth and for those who adopt and for the adopted kids themselves. It also makes the women feel like they are less worthy than women who bare children. And it blows my mind that after reading an article about a woman reaching out and taking a child into her home that others feel the need to bash her. Yes, let us bash her for adopting a child that needs a home and let us bash her for not birthing her own child. Some people are so ignorant.

  52. Coco says

    Congrats to Katherine and Josh! I also love the idea of honoring her mother and sister in the name.. Naleigh is cute, too.

  53. Dnice says

    No one is knocking her for adopting, but her comment was rude and really just unnecessary. She is always putting her foot in her mouth and seems to think she is on this high horse that makes her better than everyone. She insulted directors and producers of Knocked Up. She insulted Shonda Rhimes during the Emmy’s for the show that pretty much made her. Google Katherine Heigl rude comments there are plenty examples to choose from.

  54. traveler says

    She has made a life with her husband. Now, she’s making a family with him. It doesn’t matter how a child comes into a family. That child will still be THEIR child. I have adopted siblings and biological siblings. There is no difference between them. We are all my parent’s children and not one of us is more important than another. Especially not because we came into the family in different ways. Perhaps, Katherine just likes the idea of adoption more than pregnancy. That’s perfectly fine. I feel very much the same way. Although I wouldn’t mind being pregnant, I’ve always wanted to adopt.

    Congrats to Katherine and her husband. I hope they get through court with no problems and are able to bring their baby girl home soon. I would love to see pictures of her and hear how she’s doing.

  55. scarlett says

    Good for her. However he comments about being done have her own baby is rude. She will never experience the beauty of making a life with here husband. Have a baby is the most beautiful thing any one can do.

  56. Trisha says

    Interesting, I had no idea she felt that way. Kind of snobbish I thought actually. Good for them and here’s hoping she has TONS of sleepless nights!

  57. Dnice says

    I absolutely loathe this chick. Her opinions are just miserable. Just something about her self-righteousness that I don’t dig. She is always bashing something. Even producers of her own movies. I wouldn’t be upset if you don’t post any more baby news about her.