An Expectant Adriana Lima


An expectant Adriana Lima, 28, was snapped arriving at a Victoria’s Secret store in NYC on September 10th. Adriana was there for a special meet and greet event during ‘Fashion Night Out.’ 

Adriana and her husband, Marko Jaric, are expecting their first child in late November/early December.

She has rarely been seen out in public during her pregnancy and fans were not allowed to take any sort of photos inside the store and were told they would be taken off the line if they pulled out a camera. 

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  1. Actually says

    Someone I know attended the event, and she’s very very thrilled to be pregnant, she was standing up and rubbing her belly with her fans, constantly talking about the baby and talking about how she loved her body now.
    She hates the paparazzi, and the rest of the photos from this set she looks perfectly happy.

  2. Kasha says

    She looks like she HATES being pregnant! Some women (well especially one whose soul career purpose is to use her sexy body) have such a hard time being pregnant and not looking perfect.

  3. ShinyHappyPeople says

    I think she looks fine, a little swollen but that happens to many women in the last trimester.

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