An Expectant Heidi Klum On Her Exploding Thighs & Butt!


Heidi Klum, who is expecting her fourth child in October (a girl!), opened up about the last month of pregnancy being the worst.

“The last month is unbelievable, how rapidly your stomach goes. It’s huge,” Heidi, 36, told Page Six magazine (out on September 10th). “The thighs, the butt — everything explodes in the end.”

Heidi, who famously sported a bikini at the 2005 Victoria’s Secret fashion show just two months after giving birth to son Henry, said she’ll regain her pre-baby bod.

“It’s bizarre. Just as it’s a miracle that you can grow a human being in your belly, it’s a miracle that your body goes back to normal again,” she shared. “I don’t think you ever get back to exactly the way you were, but you do get close. And I’m happy with that. Especially when you see your kid for the first time.”

Heidi also opens up about what makes her husband, Seal, “the one.” Heidi and Seal celebrated their fourth wedding anniversary in May by renewing their vows with a “white trash” celebration in Malibu.

“Aside from his sexy stature? He’s a gentle giant,” she said of Seal, 46, who is six-foot-three. “We’re very into family values. If you come to our house in L.A., you’ll see that it’s not a big, museum-like house where you can’t touch anything or sit anywhere. It’s a family house, where three children [Leni, Henry, 4; and Johann, 3] are living. We have toys all over the place.”



  1. dori says

    leila what an incredibly stupid comment…nice to see you have values and not too superficial… he’s a great man with a lot of talent you idiot!!!

  2. leila says

    Well, everybody is supposed to live like that,the house i mean.
    Also i do not think Seal is sexy at all,she is just imagining things

  3. Trisha says

    My body never went back to normal…she’s just lucky to have good genes! I wish them well…seems like a really great family and down to earth.

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