Taye Diggs & Idina Menzel Welcome A Son


Taye Diggs and Idina Menzel have welcomed their first baby boy, Idina has announced on her official fan Twitter page.

“Idina & Taye have welcomed baby Walker Nathaniel Diggs into the world, my friends! More details to come. Congratulations!!” read the message, posted early Thursday morning.

Taye and Idina wed in January 2003 after seven years of dating. The Private Practice star, 38, met the Tony award-winning actress, 38, on the original 1996 Broadway production of Rent.

At a Television Critics Association event in June, Taye told Us magazine that he was “asking every parent” for advice.

He also revealed they weren’t choosing a name until after their son’s birth.

“We have a couple [names in mind],” he told Us magazine. “But a friend of ours convinced us to see what he looks like when he comes out.”

Idina had hinted to Us magazine last January that once she finished promoting her third solo album, I Stand, she would consider starting a family with Taye.

“It’s definitely in the plans,” she said. “I’ll settle down and start popping out some babies.”

She said Taye has been ready for kids since “the day I met him.”

“He wouldn’t talk about marriage, but he’d talk about me having his children,” she told Us magazine. “He’s always wanted kids. He grew up with four younger brothers and sisters, so he’s very comfortable around children.”




  1. Dee says

    You know… everyone is intitled to their own beliefs and opinions, but I do love it when people say they don’t ‘believe’ in something.

    Interracial marriages do, really, happen people. As do biracial children. They aren’t the Tooth Fairy. Nor to they need anyone’s permission to exist.

    I just don’t understand why what people do in their own families has to do with anyone else.

  2. Dnice says

    Nobody treats me like s***. You are generalizing. Tell me LadyOne, what detergent do you wash your hood in?

  3. LadyOne says

    @R U Serious Black people have no control over being black but always have been and are still treated like s***

  4. R U Serious says

    Well, geez…Warm. Nice to know you wouldn’t be unkind to a biracial person… seeing how they had no control over being biracial.

  5. warm says

    I have never stated that my race is the best race. I don’t feel that way at all. In my church there are people of many different races and I respect them all. However, I do not and never will agree with inter-racial marriage and childbirth. I do not hate these people, just for myself, I don’t agree with it. So quit trying to peg me as this hater type person, because I am not. I would never be unkind to someone that is biracial, but I don’t agree with it. As I said, I am entitled to my opinion. That is all I have to say on the subject. To each his/her own.

  6. RachieUK says

    LadyOne, can’t you see though that by making the statement you made in comment 31, YOU are the person with the serious issue! You are exactly the type of person, NOT everyone else who wants to just get on with their lives without pathetic people like yourself, who is keeping ra*cism ‘alive and well’ by continually bringing up these issues! By simply making that one comment, you are highlighting the race difference between the two of them, and criticisng it. Therfore, it is you my friend, and not the rest of us, who is clearly the ra*cist. Now get over yourself and act like a compassionate human being.

  7. Dnice says

    Wow. When I saw that this thread had 44 comments I knew it had to be about race. I am a 31 year old black woman whose mother married a white man when I was 2 years old. My youngest sister is bi-racial. I thank god for my white father – my life was integrated with the experiences that I may not have otherwise had. Not to say that I wouldn’t have had those experiences had my mom stayed married to my black biological father, but I know having a white stepfather has made me a more well rounded individual. I have been exposed to all types of music, traditions, and travels. I have friends of all nationalities and when I’m dating…color is not a factor, compatibility is. It is sad to see this kind of ignorance in this day in age. Harder for the kids…It’s hard for kids because of the ignorant comments and thoughts of racists like Warm and LadyOne. Barack Obama is bi-racial and he is the president of the United States! Love is love…color doesn’t matter. Only a bonafide miserable person wouldn’t be happy for a successful couple welcoming their first baby into the world.

  8. Amber says


    yes, of course racism is alive no arguments there. I think what you said is so funny, it doesn’t make me mad…what is that again the whites stay with the whites, etc…. that reminds me of someone…oh yeah, a racist.. how can you say that you have friends of all colors but are predjudiced. That doesn’t even make sense.

    As far as what white people did to black people, yes, that happened and it was atrocious (sp) that has nothing to do with black people or any other race being attracted to someone with a different skin color. I can’t see how you can put those things together. Attraction is attraction pure and simple. If I find a man attractive I don’t care what color he is.

  9. Niloofar says

    “Narrow-minded” people are unwilling to accept or understand new or different ideas…and their mind would
    “never” change!
    Hey, we HAVE TO admit that ‘our race’ is NOT ‘the best’ race.

  10. R U Serious says

    While I agree that everyone is entitled to their opinions, it is opinions of people such as Warm and LadyOne that keep breeding hatred. Life is too short!! A person is a person regardless of their skin color. I am white and so is my husband. Our son is a beautiful blond, blue-eyed boy and if grew up and fell in love with an African American woman (or MAN for that matter)…as long as my son was happy, I’d be happy. My main goal and concern is that my son grow up to be an honest and kind person. I think anyone who is concerned more about what color their child’s boyfriend/girlfriend is, than what kind of person their child is…has their priorities screwed up.

  11. Cindyo says

    Btw, I am not pretending to be above ra*cism, I AM above ra*cism…you ought to give it a try, I guarentee it will make you a better person!

  12. Cindyo says

    LadyOne – I just noticed your ridiculous comment #19 and ding-dong you’re wrong!!! Entirely and completely wrong. I would, as would all the living family that I know, would welcome anyone my child brought home! I can only imagine the family you came from, hatred breeds hatred. And again, you’ve made no valid or intelligent point.

  13. meghan says

    ‘warm’ of course there is more response from people of mixed race or with mixed race children. they are the people you are offending. Get a clue scooby doo!!! Defending themseleves against your racism is not pushing it down your throat.

  14. sherbert says

    i really feel for ‘aliciasweets85’ please don’t tell me you were born in 1985. To be so young and so bitter. I cannot help thinking that you have been personally effected by an inter racial relationship. Did you lose your lover to someone of another race? Sure you can have an opinion and it is up to you who enters your home but nevertheless what you have wriiten is shocking.

  15. Cindyo says

    Very good points, Niloo! I can hardly believe the way some people feel, boggles my mind. 🙂

  16. Niloofar says

    A “open-minded” person isn’t supposed to have interracial parents or to have slept with someone outside her/his race! that’s a funny statement!
    People marry to eachother when they’re in “Love”, color, race, culture, custums, beliefs, religion…aren’t important for ‘lovers’, I don’t say we can ignore them easily, no, but “Love” doesn’t understand these things! We cannot separate people!
    Your “minds” are living in 1950s, make them “up to date” , the world is CHANGED!

  17. Emma says

    My parents aren’t of mixed race, i have never slept with a man outside my race, but i still found it hard to read some of the comments on this page. Yes, rac.ism is still alive, but it’s being kept alive by comments like this. Time has moved on, clearly, you haven’t.

  18. Cindy says

    I AM open minded even though I have not slept with a black man (having never fallen in love with one) and do not have an interratial child. It’s a completely FALSE statement to say that rac*ism is alive and well – it is not! It may still be here but it is looked at as an undesirable quality by most decent people. You people are the sick ones and far from decent. I cannot believe you would disown your own child if they married outside their race! That is the most disgusting thing I have ever heard. I am sure if your “coloured” friends could here you now the friendship would be over. I am not out to change minds, though that would be good, I am just saying what I think…and I think you ra*cists should be deeply ashamed of yourselves. One day you will have a lot of explaining to do, hopefully God is as forgiving as they say He is. Unbelievable!!!

  19. Aliciasweets85 says

    Oh, and yes Lady One…racism is still rampant in 2009.
    Sorry to shock you ladies…but if your husband is of another race, im sure there are some grandparents, great granparents, and so on…that would be completely disgusted by what youre doing.

    I am a self-proclaimed prejudiced person. I have no qualms about it, and do not apologize for it.
    I do not HATE anyone. Not by any means. I have friends of all colors. But none of them are in interracial relationships. I think that is beautiful!

    Blacks should stay with blacks. Whites should stay with whites. Mexi’s shouls stay with mexi’s…so on and so forth.

  20. LadyOne says

    People are wearing rose colored glasses, racism is alive and well in 2009, those of you who say “move on, this is the 21st century” just want to sweep what your ancestors did to black people under the rug. Well I’m not buying it. Nothing has changed not one thing!

  21. Niloofar says

    warm- In #10, you said “it is very difficult for the children”, what is very difficult for children!??
    The ‘color’ of our skin is just the ‘cover’ our body, the importance is that we all are “human”.

  22. Cindy says

    The biggest response has come from Niloofar and myself. I am as white as they come and so is my only child. Niloo is a 16 yr old girl, I won’t say her nationality (that’s up to her) but she is not a young black woman. These ideas may be propaganda because of the suppression over the centuries but to me it’s more of a human issue. If you read the bible God created different races to teach us a lesson. It has taken centuries for most people to get it and some never will as we can all see. You are the ones who have a lot to learn…

  23. warm says

    And it seems to elicit much more of a reaction from people who are biracial or have biracial children. It’s your choice, but we don’t need it shoved down our throats.

  24. warm says

    I just don’t agree with dating out of your race, no matter what race you are. I am not stupid or ignorant. We all don’t have to accept the propaganda just because it is “politically” correct.

  25. Amber says

    I think that they are just saying those comments for attention. I don’t buy it. But if so, I am curious where u people live that have a problem with interracial couples

    Congrats to them… inter racial children are beautiful….I should know I have three of them. Get use to it people, first of all we are all already mixed with something in the U.S. and secondly more and more people are dating outside of their race and I can see why people have a problem with gays cause u all use religion as a n excuse but what’s ur excuse on this one?

  26. Niloofar says

    I agree with Cindy and Wow! 201%…
    LadyOne, warm , Aliciasweets85- You need to get your heads outta your a.s.ses, the world is changed, and I think there’s no place for ra*cists in it.
    Their “PERSONAL” life is none of your business! human is human, there’s no difference between races, what’s wrong with being “so black”, “so African” or “so dark”???
    If you find it extremely dissappointing to watch a black person, sashay down the street with another race, it’s “your problem”, close your eyes!

  27. RachieUK says

    Some people are so pathetic its untrue. Why dont you look at people as people instead of the colour of their skin and get over yourselves and your racist attitude. If a child is loved by both parents, its makes absolutely no difference whatsover what the colour of their skin is. Grow up!

  28. Wow! says

    I’m shocked that some people still have a problem with races! In our globalized world you have to see people, not colors! I met some stupid people of all colors and I also met wonderful people of all colors, so what’s the deal? I can’t believe that there is still an issue with that…

  29. Aliciasweets85 says

    I do NOT “enjoy” seeing interracial couples either. I don’t like when white men, date black women and think they are all of the sudden ‘ethnic’ or ‘diverse’…and i don’t like when black men date white women, and claim to have such a ‘treasure’ or ‘something special’
    It’s all superficial, and its all disloyal. after so much african american’s have endured as a race, i find it extremely dissappointing to watch a black person, sashay down the street with another race…it makes me sick, actually.
    Way to go LadyOne…I agree 200%

  30. LadyOne says

    My point is don’t act like you’re above being a racist when you know good and well if your white daughters brought home black men to marry you would all freak out. Point made.

  31. LadyOne says

    You can call me a bigot or whatever else you want to, but if you look deep in your family there are some bigots as well.

  32. Cindy says

    I can fault you and fault you I do. Sure, you are entitled to your opinions as I am to mine…and my opinion is that people like you should seek help for your bigotry. It’s a problem.

  33. LadyOne says

    You can’t fault me for having an opinion. I do not agree with interracial marriages in 1950 or 2009! Or gay marriages either!!!

  34. sherbert says

    wow – surprised to hear fuss over inter racial children. i have two bi racial children myself and have found it has enriched their lives no end.

  35. Cindy says

    LadyOne and warm – Very few people still feel this way, than God. People are people, not colours. This is the 2000’s, not the 1950’s.

  36. Maria says

    I cannot believe how ignorant and stuck in the past LadyOne and warm are. It is NOT hard for the children. I am an interracial child, and I LOVE the way I look and have never had a problem. This isn’t the 1960s Miss. anymore. Grow up and quit being racist.

  37. frd says

    # 3 that is the beauty of being black and cool – clothes wise you can get away with anything !!

  38. Coco says

    Yay! I’ve been waiting for this news! Many congrats to Taye and Idina. I love the name!!! I bet he’s already singing ; ) Can’t wait to see if they share any pictures of baby Walker

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