Spencer Pratt Says He Will Divorce Heidi If She Gets Pregnant


Spencer Pratt has indicated that if Heidi, 22, were to get pregnant they would get divorced. (Ugh…I am wincing just writing this!)

“He said, ‘That’s the quickest way to divorce,'” Heidi told MTV News. “I said, ‘No, sucker — you’ll be locked in. What do you mean?'”

Spencer, 25, says he isn’t joking.

If she gets pregnant, “I told her there’s a divorce or adoption,” he said. “If she’s not down with the adoption, I think it’s divorce.”

“I’m a baby. I’m not prepared,” he shared as to why he doesn’t want to have a baby. “And I’m not sure the world wants a Spencer Pratt spawn.”

Four months after getting married, Heidi — whom Spencer said is “trying to have a baby like it’s going to buy a new pair of Louis Vuittons” — says she’s “ready” for kids.

“I think I was born ready,” said The Hills star. “I’m very maternal. I’m very loving. I would be the best mom ever. [He feels] not quite the same, but maybe he just doesn’t know he wants kids yet. I think he never wants kids, but maybe I’ll have a surprise for him.”

Oh my…



  1. DMITZ says

    Hi Oriana! Hope all is well with you! 🙂

    You are right, these 2 are always talking about religion and to say these things are not Christian like of them (since they praise themselves as faithful Christians).

  2. oriana says

    HI Niloofar! How are things with you?

    DMITZ, hope you have a happy and safe holiday weekend!

    I agree with him on one thing, joking or not, the world is not ready for his spawn. He is so ignorant acting to me. And spouting off how religious they are, pathetic! Everything is about publicity with both of them.

  3. Rose says

    I realize he’s just saying all of that to get attention – but I still think he comes across as unbalanced for even joking about that.

    Knowing those two, they probably will have a baby soon, and they will spend every waking minute of their lives using that kid to get attention. It’s a very strange feeling to feel sorry for a child before it’s even born – and yet I do.

  4. scarlett says

    This site sucks..Everytime I write something they aways sensor my comments…Freedom of speech…

  5. Dnice says

    These 2 disgust me. Their whole fabrication of a relationship is troubling. Waste of human flesh if you ask me.

  6. DMITZ says

    Spencer is not an @$$ – he just pretends to be. He is a douche though, you got that right! He is absolutely head over heels for Heidi. The two of them concoct these stories for the media just to get attention.

  7. marie says

    damn right the world doesn’t want that asshole’s spawn!! pardon my language! she should leave. if he’s a baby he shouldnt have gotten married for goodness sake! he shouldnt be having sex if he is a baby!

  8. jennifer says

    omg these two were doomed from the beginning i hope she opens her eyes and sees what a doosh he is what kind of a man doesnt want kids i think we should stop giving them attention

  9. uk critic says

    Dont know these people- but.. if my husband made a statement like this.. as you in the USA say… l would kick him to the kerb.

  10. boo says

    YEP!! Attention seeker to the core this man/couple is!! Why bother wasting the time to talk about them?
    I’d much rather talk about how Halle Berry and Mark Walberg may be Preggers?! That’s exciting, Hopefully those stories are true 😀

  11. RachieUK says

    Stupid girl…she should never have married that actual prat in the first place! Never has a name suited someone so much…

  12. Tam says

    #1 there was a pregnancy scare with heidi in the first season of the hills when she was with her ex boyfriend

  13. Tam says

    this people are SUPER MORONS! yes… your husband says hes too young to have kids and you want to trick him and trap him niiiiiiiiiice thats a solid marriage lol

  14. Judy says

    #1 you are right… and I also think his comments and childish publicity stunts justify his comments that he is NOT ready.


  15. DMITZ says

    I don’t know why I’m wasting my time replying to this thread. This is just another cry for attention from Spencer. He would not divorce Heidi. This is all just media drama to hype up The Hills. I heard there will be a pregnancy scare/issue during The Hills so he is going to try to get viewers on edge for the staged reality show.

    This couple is only famous because they draw attention to themselves. They don’t care about privacy and love the paparrazzi. What husband in his right mind would make that comment, and anyone “famous” at that?

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