Lourdes Recreates Her Mother's Famous Like A Virgin Pose



Dressed up in white wedding dress and veil, Madonna’s daughter Lourdes, 12, recreates her mother’s famous wedding dress pose in the Eighties hit song Like A Virgin. It is taken from what is believed to be a second version of Madonna’s Celebration video, which will include fans dancing to the song, to be released next week.

It’s not the first time that Lourdes has taken part in a rendition of Like A Virgin. In 2003, a 6-year-old Lourdes played a flower girl in the raunchy performance which saw Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera join Madonna on stage for the song at the MTV VMAs.

Last night Lourdes joined her mother on stage, on the penultimate night of her Sticky & Sweet world tour in Israel.
Lourdes came on stage as Madonna sang Give It 2 Me, and is likely to appear again tonight on the final night of the tour.

Below is video of Lourdes joining Madonna on stage last night in Tel Aviv.



  1. AnaMaria says


    Madonna never wrote her lyrics for teeny boppers or marketed herself to them (unlike Britney). She was an adult and wrote about many adult themes. Many young girls did follow her, but she was never manufactured or targeted to any specific audience, she was just herself and did and said what she wanted, and many girls (young and old) were drawn to her unique personality, look, and style. In the 80s she was more about empowerment, having your voice heard, being yourself, and enjoying yourself rather than overt sexuality which she later took on in the 90s (by then her the bulk of her fans were already adults).

  2. AnaMaria says

    Lourdes will not be singing “Like a Virgin” she’s only wearing a version of her mom’s iconic dress for a very small cameo that’s, as of now, not even in the original “Celebration” video (which included fans dressed as Madonna throughout the years). The original video has Lourdes wearing age-appropriate attire and doing some pop & locking dance moves with a backbend- the girl has some talent, no doubt! Madonna’s a really good mom, she really wants her children to be open minded and worldly, and not entitled or ignorant. Lourdes speaks three languages fluently since she was a toddler, she plays the piano, guitar, and other musical instruments. She’s in gymnastics, ballet, and other activities. She loves to read and doesn’t watch TV. The children are allowed a movie or 2 TV episodes on DVD during the weekend if they’ve earned them. Madonna makes the kids do some chores and pick up after themselves. The children eat really healthy, but occasionally have treats. There’s a really great balance. Remember that Madonna was “wild” as an adult (mainly in her 30s), but as a child, she was a straight-A student and earned a full scholarship to the Univ. of Michigan. And “sex” isn’t a bad word- as long as things are explained and are talked about when they are age-appropriate, there is nothing wrong w being open.

  3. Cindy says

    #22 – Ummm, it’s not a hard concept. Maybe you can get someone to help you since I don’t think I can make it anymore simple….

  4. Cindy says

    No, not all 12 year old girls will pay attention to the words but those of us who were truly interested in the music will. There were a lot of us out there. I believe if you are and know you are a role model for teeny boppers you will either adjust your image or lyrics accordingly or make it very clear to the public that you do not wish to cater to young girls and for them not to listen. Just my opinion…

  5. N says

    When I was 12 listening to this song….. I liked the beat and it was fun to dance to. I didnt concern myself with being touched. I dont think I PAID that much attention to the words. Comes to show that all 12 year olds are not alike. You can only speak for yourself.

  6. Cindy says

    …and big deal about her being so successful in her business, that does not impress me….protecting her young daughter from growing up too fast would though.]

    btw – Lourdes is stunning, so beautiful!

  7. Cindy says

    I am certainly not afraid of the word “sex” and quite frankly am all for it! I just don’t think that 12 year old should be pondering such ideas as “like a virgin, touched for the very first time”. I was also a 12 year old when she made it big and loved her…but I tell you, “being touched for the very first time” all of a sudden became an interest of mine when I should have been thinking about skipping rope and slumber parties. Life is hard enough as a kid…

  8. Kelli says

    With you here, Dnice. Madonna was a marketing genius and was 25 years old when she did Like a Virgin. And as one of those who was 12 when Madonna made it big, she was one of my faves. BTW – people here, have you actually ever listened to the lyrics of Like a Virgin? It’s not a pornagraphic song. Its about how this love she’s in makes her feel new, and untouched (like a virgin). It’s not about sex. And I think that as a woman who single handedly established a 25 year career and became one of the most powerful people in the entertainment industry, she is definitely a wonderful role model for her kids.

    Why, with 6 billion people walking the earth, are we so scared of the word “sex”?

  9. Cindy says

    In my opinion, the song”Like a Virgin” is not appropriate for a 12 year old to even listen to much less reenact.

  10. Dnice says

    Madonna went through her phases of rebellion and shock value just like most celebrities. Even though I don’t like everything she does I think she is probably an excellent role model for her children. She is talented, smart, successful, and generous. The kids aren’t even allowed to watch television and Lourdes has been speaking 3 languages since she was a very young girl. I think it’s cool that Lourdes admires her mom’s early work . I mean I remember one Halloween there wasn’t one girl on our block who wasn’t dressed up like Madonna. Of course her daughter would want to emulate her. I think it’s cool and I’m sure Madge is very proud.

  11. METOO says

    Its all sick to me. First of all Madonna was NEVER a good role model and to have her daughter follow in her footsteps is just sick.

  12. Kelli says

    WM if you happen to have a picture of Lola when she was a baby, you should post it. I happen to remember that she was one of the most beautiful babies I’ve ever laid my eyes on. She could give Suri and even Nahla a run for the money. She looked like a little Latin angel.

  13. Chelle says

    I always loved Madonna and thought she was interesting to look at–but Lourdes is a very beautiful girl!

  14. DMITZ says

    I think (and hope) that Madonna has good intentions behind this. I mean it’s not like Lourdes hasn’t already been exposed in some way to Madonna’s past. If Madonna is paving the way for Lourdes’ career – Great! Hopefully what Lourdes does is in good taste and will not find the need to be what Madonna used to be. Madonna now seems to have a lot of fans and respect. I personally never had a problem with her. I think she went thru the young Hollywood thing just like the rest of them. It seems that M will steer Lourdes in the right direction and will not let her be sucked into the Hollywood scam.

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