Jennifer Garner & Victor Garber Out Shopping With Violet


Jennifer Garner, 37, and good friend,Victor Garber, were snapped out grocery shopping in LA with Violet, 3, on Sunday.

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  1. Jordyn says

    Victor is very close to this family. But my personal opinion is it will one day come out, since Victor lets say…prefers the other side of the fence and will never have kids of his own, she bore his child. Victor/Violet…come on! They look identical from the ears to the gap between their teeth! Yes, she looks like her mommys baby pix, but she is without a doubt Victors baby!

  2. get a grip says

    Violet is carried places probably because there are paps stalking them at all times. I don’t understand why people can’t comprehend that. Why do you criticize them for protecting their child when they are being followed?

    Victor and Jen are probably like family to each other. Maybe he was coming over to eat dinner and they were grocery shopping for the meal….Ben is probably at home with Seraphina. Jen is the most involved mom in Hollywood and I don’t understand why people pick on this family so much.

  3. Joey is my name! says

    Victor and Jen seem awfully close to be grocery shopping together. I mean how many women go shopping with anyone other than their husbands???

  4. mm says

    I really do NOT understand why Jennifer Garner is on this website almost every day. She hasn’t really done anything lately and Ben seems to have disappeared.

  5. says

    heather I totally agree… I prepared a post for it too! My God the resemblance is uncanny!! All three of them! He can easily pass for Jennifer father and Violet grandfather!!

  6. Lisa Harris says

    I think that Vi likes to be carried everywhere … She only seems
    to walk up a side walk.. a lot of kids these days dart out in the
    parking lots and she probably doesn’t want that to happen..

    She is a cute child but have to wonder about her second child and
    that she is now on the set of Valentines Day..Where is Seraphina
    since Jen said that nursing is the most important thing in the world
    to her child..

  7. Romeo Blue says

    She is not cute all all. I agree with the other posters who said she looks like Victor. They have the same protruding ears.

  8. honey says

    lovely,classy,smart,charming and a good actress?
    you’re showing a lack of good taste for sure!

  9. Cindy says

    Lila is right, Violet look just like her mother! I saw a photo of Jen as a small child and thought it was Violet until I read the description. It’s freaky how much they look alike.

  10. mslewis says

    I guess Jen was in a hurry and decided not to bother ironing her clothes!!! Well, at least they fit!! One step at a time . . .

  11. jules says

    Pretty kid but when are they going to stop carrying her everywhere. It drives me crazy. Is there something wrong with her legs?

  12. Lila says

    heather- have you seen baby pics of Jennifer? Violet looks exactly like her…with blonde hair.

    Serefina looks like Ben.

    honey- Well, there’s no accounting for taste. I think Jen is lovely,classy,smart,charming and a good actress.

  13. Coco says

    Aww I love Violet pics– she’s just so cute!! I agree with the posters on here, Jen is definitely dressed better this time, while still looking comfortable! Love this family and how close they are with Victor Garber.

  14. Niloofar says

    Hi Cindy 🙂 Jen is abit sloppy, her clothes were usually too big for her, but this time it’s ok!

  15. Cindy says

    Hi Niloo! 🙂 (I’ve dropped the “o” in my name).
    I agree, Jen is dressed much better this time and I am sure she is comfortable. You don’t need to look sloppy to be comfortable. Violet sure is a pretty child and yes, it would be nice to see Seraphina too. 🙂

  16. Niloofar says

    Vi is turning into quite a beautiful child, I’d love to see some pics of Seraphina too…and Jen dressed better this time!

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