Ellen Pompeo Leaving Her New Home in the Hollywood Hills

Ellen Pompeo and Chris IveryAn expectant Ellen Pompeo and husband Chris Ivery were snapped leaving their new house in the Hollywood Hills.

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  1. fee says

    Am I the only person who thinks it seems like she has been pregnant forever now?

    I don’t think she is going to make it to October personally. She looks ready to pop now. Best of luck to her.

  2. Cindy says

    I’m sure those aren’t the only stairs she has climbed or will climb in her pregnancy, she will be fine. Most women are very careful when they are pregnant, I am sure she is too. She looks amazing and that’s quite an outie! I had a big outie too when I was pregnant, I didn’t like it…

  3. Jax says

    I would be so much more comfortable if he had his hand on her arm. Those steps and that dress look dangerous to me.

    If she has another two months to go then she is going to be so huge.

  4. Coco says

    I guess I was wrong because I just read on another site that they’re having a girl in October! So much for my theory of a baby boy due very soon!! Anyway, congrats to them! Katherine Heigl threw them a baby shower yesterday filled with lots of pink. Congrats to them!

  5. Niloofar says

    Well Julia, it didn’t get deleted! 🙂
    actually I agree, I saw some comments that hadn’t said anything offensive or inappropriate. just said the baby isn’t cute, or I’m sick of… but after some moments they had been deleted! lol

  6. Julia says

    What is the deal with the website owner deleting anything other than cotton candy sweet comments? I’m not saying allow people to throw out racial slurs and completely offensive content, but if I happen to have an opinion that isn’t sunshine and daisies, then why does it have to be removed? That’s why this blog/site will never be on par with others that don’t censor you.

    I wrote something that was intelligently stated, and yes,m purely opinion, which might have opened up a halfway interesting dialogue and conversation and it got deleted so we could read 95 people echo the sentiment “she looks great!” .

    I’m sure THIS comment will get deleted too, but that’s okay.

  7. Gizette says

    to Tam…. chill out no one said that younger Mom’s can’t be great mom’s I had my first at 18 he is now 24 he is a great young man but I was not prepared for all the changes in my life emotionally, financially and socially, An older woman is usually more established with a stronger support system in place and a child benefits from that. If you are doing it without a problems I congratulate you but that is more likely to be the exception not the rule

  8. Tam says

    to #1’s comment…… I got pregnant at 21 and now my tot is nearly 3… i am in no way a bad mom based on my age.. i am as attentive as a 30/40 something mom… thats a stupid comment!

  9. Amanda says

    she should be careful with those stairs and long dresses in my opinion….she might step on her dress and fall….i just pray that if that is to happen, she must have alredy gave birth

  10. Coco says

    She looks great! All belly! I’m predicting a boy for them and it does look like it will be pretty soon. Best of luck to Ellen and Chris.

  11. Helena says

    Wow! Any day now! She is going to be a great mom because in my experience they are the best moms. Much more attentive and all.

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