Denise Richard & Daughters Go Shopping

Denise Richards & Daughters Shopping
Denise Richards and her girls Sam and Lola were snapped shopping at Cross Creek in Malibu, California.

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  1. Cindy says

    Oh wow, I didn’t know about the c-word incident. That’s not good. It’s so true how someone’s personality can affect their appearance. I used to think she was beautiful too…

  2. Dnice says

    Yes Cindy – the lowest of the low. And then to see her call that journalist the c-word on her show. She’s so beautiful and I can’t even see it anymore through her actions.

  3. Cindy says

    I know what you mean Dnice, all that ruined my opinion of Denise too. The real kicker for me was when she dated her best friend’s, Heather Locklear, husband/boyfriend Richie Sambora (sp.) That was pretty low…

  4. Dnice says

    I wish my image of Denise wasn’t so skewed. I really used to like her but through her drama with Charlie and seeing her reality show, I think she is just dreadful. Beautiful girls though.

  5. sil says

    does denise have anything except tank tops and cut off jean shorts in her closet? She looks like she is trying to pull of the look of an 18 year old, but is pushing 40….
    kids are cute, but always looks sad- she is always mugging for the camera, has made a life of posing for the paps, but the sweet girls just look sad.

  6. Cindyo says

    No, she can’t keep them in all day, that would be wrong. However I’ve heard that she takes them places where she knows the paps will be, there are many places she could take them where the paps are less likely to be. A lot of the stars do this and we never see their children. I just think she could make more of an effort for her shy little girls and avoid the heavy pap-populated areas.

  7. Coco says

    Sam and Lola are such cuties! I think it is the paparazzi that they don’t like, as I have seen shots that Denise has taken herself (on Twitter) and they seem like perfectly happy, fun-loving little girls! Although it probably is the paparazzi that make them unhappy, I agree that Denise can’t just keep them inside all the time. I’m happy to see that Denise and Charlie are trying to give them as “normal” a life as possible. It’s at least better than some other celebrity children we’ve seen!!

  8. Jennifer says

    What is she sopposed to do though? She can’t just keep them in the house all day. Children need to get out and see the world, have different experiences, socialize outside of their family. Lead a normal life! And at least most of the time that we see them, they are spending time with a parent and not a nanny, although I am sure they have one.

  9. Cindyo says

    Whatever it is I feel bad for them. I have seen way more sad looking photos of them than happy ones…but could very well be the papparazzi, I agree. If that’s what it was I would shelter them more, but Denise wants the attention. Sad.

  10. sarah says

    lola and sam are both adorable and dressed so sweetly. and though before i would’ve agreed that they don’t smile that often and don’t seem like the happiest kids – i’ve seen pics of both of them when they’re with denise, smiling, laughing and having fun. Pics of them in the hotel that denise has taken, or pics of them fooling around in the pool or putting clips in their hair – there are plenty. maybe they just don’t like being followed around and having their pics taken. thats normal

  11. Sarah says

    The one in pink is Lola, but I actually am one of the few who thinks Sam is much cuter and has a much more unique look to her. Lola is adorable too though

  12. Cindyo says

    Don’t they look like happy children? NOT, but what else is new? They are cute but I can’t stand Denise.

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