Geri Halliwell & Daughter In St. Tropez

Geri Halliwell and her daughter Bluebell Madonna were snapped on holiday in St. Tropez.

Splash News Online


  1. theresa says

    finally! a celebrity mom that doesn’t look like she spends the majority of her time with a trainer and a nutritionist. instead, she is probably just hanging out with her baby!! she looks great! she looks real! kudos to her!!

  2. Cindyo says

    I hear ya, Lurker and you are right. I am just making an opinionated observation, unfortunately it’s in my nature (but I’m not mean, I’d never say it to her face). I am glad she is confident and doesn’t let people like me get in the way and affect what she does…she does look great!

  3. Lurker says

    I think she looks fine, period, but overall, I LIKE that she looks REAL. I just think it’s great that she is comfortable in her own skin, especially knowing that “the world” is looking at her and judging her wardrobe.

    And the one piece..I can see what you’re saying..but if SHE’S comfortable in a bikini, then really, who are we to judge whether or not she should be wearing it?

    I DO NOT envy these celebs out there when it comes to this kind of thing. Their money might be nice to have..well of course it would be.. ;o)
    But the ‘all eyes on me, all the time’ thing I could definitely do without!

  4. Cindyo says

    I think Geri looks great too! Like I said, I would trade bodies with her any day! The stomach skin just has a little more tightening to do but hey, she did just have a baby not too long ago. I didn’t mean anything, just that a one piece for now might be better.

  5. Just Me says

    Cindyo- I probably would wear a one-piece but I still think Geri looks GREAT. She is skinny but healthy and looks real.

  6. Cindyo says

    Even though I would trade bodies with her in an instant I think a one piece is in order. I know that’s mean but…

    Bluebell is a beautiful child!

  7. Chrysalis says

    Horrible name, beautiful child…the name will likely forge a sense of independence and uniqueness in her , moreso than if her name was “Jennifer” or “Anne” (no offense to anyone named that).

  8. says

    that little girl is so beautiful but if i was geri i would reverse the name as madonna bluebell but its her little girl and she loves her so that all that matters

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