Halle Berry & A Sleepy Nahla At LAX


Halle Berry, 43, was snapped carrying a sleepy Nahla, 1, through LAX on Tuesday. Gabriel Aubry was also with them as they passed through airport security.

Splash News Online


  1. says

    I assumed Halle Berry was in a great caring relationship with hopes of a long-term marriage. Feels like there are not things like blissful marriages such as ours any longer – 20 years together and still happy.

  2. Cindyo says

    Wow, webmaster! You are on the ball tonight deleting amanda’s horrible comment so fast! Good for you!

  3. Lauren says

    Nahla is absolutely a beautiful child. Halle & Gabriel are going to have their hands full once she hits high school!

  4. Julie says

    There are much better photos of her than this one…this is a good one, but its not in my opinion the best one of Nahla.

  5. Coco says

    Nahla is absolutely gorgeous! Without a doubt one of the most beautiful celebrity babies of all time! She looks so much older than she really is, too.

  6. Dnice says

    Thanks WM. Ask and ye shall receive. Nahla is a beautiful little girl. Halle looks wonderful and has the prettiest skin.

  7. says

    First Halle is beautiful ,and doesn’t like 43
    i think is 38or 39 !!!
    And Nahla is sooooo gorgeous
    How come a little girl can cute and gorgeous like this

  8. Cindyo says

    She really is a cutie! What is it about sleeping baby things that is just so adorable? It’s not so cute when an adult sleeps, but when a baby does….awwwww!

  9. Lorna says

    In about 13 years Gabriel is gonna have to get a gun to keep the boys away. This child is destined to be even more stunning as she gets older. 🙂

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