The Office's Amy Ryan Expecting Her First Child


Actress Amy Ryan, 39, is expecting her first child with fiancé Eric Slovin, a comedy writer, her rep has confirmed. The baby is due in October, shared a source close to Amy.

Amy is known for her role on The Office as human resources staffer Holly.

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  1. Joey says

    Great post by the way. The pregnant woman is the most beautiful thing ever on the face of the earth, and as I can tell this woman wears it beautifully.

  2. Patrick Coholan says

    Amy Ryan looks great here. Seven months’ pregnant, she has retained nice muscle tone, she has a very winning smile that matches her hilarious performance for The Office, and the cheekbones of her face are pronounced. Her calves look good and the match of her stockings and her dress is understated and elegant. Pregnancy has lent her an underscoring of sexuality that her confident but somehow misled characterization of Holly on The Office (in terms of her romantic relationship with Michael) is less direct about illustrating. Congratulations, Amy Ryan!

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