Queen Sofia Takes Her Grandchildren To Marineland


Queen Sofia, 70, of Spain was snapped taking her grandchildren; Pablo, 8, Miguel, 7, and Irene, 4, to Marineland park on Monday.  

Splash News Online


  1. Macy says

    Um, these kids MAY be cute, but they look MISERABLE in this pic. Too many manners classes. Sit still. Be quiet. You are royalty. Gag me.

  2. nessa says

    the children of Infanta/princess Cristina are cute cute & cute, the boys resemble to the king Juan Carlos.

    Irene is getting moch beautiful , they will be son living in washington United States, for their father work so, they will become very much a little americans!

  3. denise says

    i´m with you about the crocs julie. my kids each have one pair that is only worn if we go playing in the water at the nearby creek. they´re great water shoes, but other then that, i hate them.

    these kids are very adorable, i can´t believe that the queen looked the same the past 20 years.

  4. Julie says

    Very cute kids, but I despise crocs. Yuck. I don’t care if they are comfortable, they’re also ugly. Such cute children though!

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