Jennifer Garner Hits Starbucks With Violet


Jennifer, 37, was snapped visiting the Starbucks in Brentwood with a pajama-clad Violet, 3, on Sunday. OMG..Violet has absolutely GORGEOUS hair! 

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  1. Cindyo says

    Maybe Jen should have kept her pjamas on too in stead of these sloppy dirty looking sweats.

    Amanda, senseless nagging? Where? I just see people saying what they think…which I believe is what a “comments” is, generally speaking.

  2. Granny says

    My youngest daughter while in college used to tell me that in the 8 am classes there were always people showing up in PJs. I myself never feel up for the day until I have my clothes on. But seeing others in them, especially kids, doesn’t boher me at all.

  3. Paulina says

    Yes, me too.

    The whole idea of pj’s in public is just so unheard of where I live. I suppose that if people saw someone shopping in their pj’s here, they would probably think that the person had dementia, Alzheimers or some other mental/psychological condition because they have forgotten to put on clothes… The shop assistant would probably ask they were feeling allright or if there was someone there with them who could take them safely home. 😉

    But it’s past midnight here and it’s time I went to bed. it was nice “analyzing” this phenomenon a bit! 🙂

  4. Jeannie says

    That’s exactly it, Paulina- like shopping in your underwear! But I’d much rather see a person out in their pj’s than in really short shorts or a really low cut top, where they are truly showing their undies (if they’re wearing any) 🙂

  5. Paulina says

    Thanks for the comment, Jeannie. I also find even the thought funny, and a bit weird – not that it bothers me what others do – but I would think that shopping in ones pj’s would make them feel… vulnerable? It’s almost like going shopping in your underwear!

    Well, whatever feels natural I guess. 🙂

  6. Jeannie says

    I’ve never seen kids out in public in their pajamas, but I have seen adults out in their pj’s on a Saturday morning in the supermarket, bank, etc… It’s funny to see a woman in a coat and flannel pj bottoms at the meat counter picking up chicken for dinner! It’s not something I would do, but it doesn’t bother me when others do.

  7. Paulina says

    Is it common in the USA to take kids to public places in their pajamas? Weird.. They are sleepwear. It seems very strange to me.

    I can’t imagine going to a coffee house wearing a nightgown and a house coat 😀

  8. Cindyo says

    These are sloppy looking sweats and look too big for her. I have a pair of sweats that actually look nice…she could too and you’d think she’d want to being in the public eye. Geez, I care more what I look like and no one is following me around!

  9. KayG says

    I saw her on Martha Stewart and thought she was so funny making pizza. She seems like a very down-to-earth type of person, who just happens to be married to a hunk!

  10. Jeannie says

    She’s making a bagel run on a Sunday morning. What’s wrong with wearing sweats? I admire her for being who she wants to be and wearing what’s comfortable for her. And she knows what it means to have cameras following her- harrassment, anxiety, worry for the safety of her children.

  11. joueala says

    it doesnt mean being down to earth is being unflattering..there are lots of down to earth moms who are still very stunning..she knows cameras are following her..she also needs to know what means being followed by camera..she needs to dress up

  12. Cindyo says

    What a beautiful child! I do think Jen could dress a little better and still be comfortable. I must agree, a little too sloppy.

  13. ali says

    I LOVE it when we see celebs behaving like normal people, just the other day my kids and I had a real clothes optional day, hung out in our jammies all day long! Go Jen, sport those velour sweatpants baby, no doubt you’ve earned it.

  14. LISA HARRIS says

    Well now that Jen is back at work..on the set…by herself of course
    and her mom..We won’t be seeing the Affleck children..

    Violet is turning into quite a beautiful child.. Glad she took after
    her dad..Love the model shots of Vi..she is such a natural around
    the cameras…


  15. says

    omg violet is so beautiful her hair is getting long it beautiful i cant beleive she will be turning 4 in december wow i like how jen is dressed she dosent seem to take like 3 hours just o get ready to go somewhere

    i would love to see the littlest affleck baby sera

  16. denise says

    i adore this family, and violet ist just beautiful, she always looks so happy.

    BUT, i really hate it when parents take their kids out in their pj´s.

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